The nutritional value of berries

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Summer is a season full of all kinds of seasonal fruits. There are many varieties and many types of fruits available in this season. For example: mango, blackberry, jackfruit and litchi. One of the most interesting and delicious fruit is blackberry. People of all ages, young and old, love this fruit. This fruit is purple in color. It is very interesting to eat because it does not have a hard skin. The nutritional value of this fruit cannot be over stated. Every human being in the world today is suffering from diabetes and other diseases. So we must see which things will be good for our body and which will be bad. Since this fruit is so beneficial for our body, we must try to eat it.

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Today I will tell you about the nutritional value of this fruit.

A fruit that is very beneficial for diabetics. If we can eat enough of this jam every season, it will reduce the blood sugar level by up to 30%. This jam plays a very important role in protecting the liver from damage. Therefore, we must eat black jam every season. Due to the presence of sufficient amount of purple color in the jam plays an important role in the prevention of cancer in the human body.

Vitamin C helps in expelling toxins from the blood. Vitamin C prevents fever, cough and swelling of tonsils caused by heat. Eliminates the feeling of fever. And its contribution to make teeth, hair and skin beautiful is immense. Vitamin A in jam strengthens the eyesight. The village has tremendous power to destroy the cancer germs. Berries help prevent oral cancer.

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Helps to activate the organs and nerves of the eyes in old age. Black jam is very beneficial for patients with high blood pressure and high blood pressure. There is no end to the benefits of this jam to control blood pressure. If you have constipation for a long time, there is a possibility of tumor in the rectum. The outer lining of the jam contains sufficient amount of fiber. Fibrous foods relieve constipation. Jam prevents cancer of the rectum B colon.

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The presence of a type of acid called ellagic acid has been found in berries, which makes the skin strong. Protects skin and hair from the effects of harmful ultraviolet rays. Ilagic acid fights against harmful viruses, bacteria and cancer. Such as fighting against heart disease, uterine, ovarian, rectal and oral cancer. We eat other fruits every season, but since this fruit is so beneficial to us, we should eat enough of it. Especially diabetics should eat more.