Stop My Power Down Today

I saw @ciska encouraging us to stop our powering down on discord.

I have stopped my powering down today even though I only have a bit of steem power.

Stop power down.PNG

My account has about 69k staked tunes tokens and 20k staked sonic tokens so it has been supporting mainly the music creators with the music tokens on the Steem Scot platform.

I also managed to set up the auto voting using the tutorial that @steemingcurators have just posted today.

It is a learning process and I managed to set up successfully using the guide.

I hope to get back on track too by going back to support the music content creators on steem platform with my staked music tokens so that they can be rewarded for their music content.


Thank you very much for your support. Its tough, financially, being a musician :) although very rewarding for the Spirit :)

You're welcome. I am glad that you appreciate the support that I am giving. 👍

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