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introduction to myself

My Name is hassan Raza ,I am from Pakistan, i belong to middle class family , My occupation was selling of ball bearings in 2012 , in 2013 i fall ill due to this i start searching online ways to make money , i stay home all time and try to feed my family with the help of crypto money , crypto is my love and life ,
i also trade crypto and make some money . in 2016 i joined steemit , at that moment steemit was very famous and people love to buy steemit . i spend day nights on steem , and from that time i am still supporting steem , i love steem , i used auto voting service and manual service to curate on steem and from long time i am curating on steem with my personal steem power.

As a curator what will i Do

As i belong to Pakistan , i also have large community on facebook friends , i will support community from Pakistan , invite them to steemit , refer them and introduce them about steem, i will always support good posts , posts related to photography science , arts , creative designing , one of my friends from pakistan @shrazi also working very hard on steem from long time as a graphic designer.
my account never used for downvoting and i am supporting community from long time , i can read write about 5 languages like urdu , punjabi , english , hindi , Irani. As a oldest member of steemit , i served my account for curation , and i will curating for life ,
i was little busy from last few days so applied very late as a curator , did not completed all terms and condition as a applicator , but i hope @steemitblog and steem staff will support me and select me as a community curator.
so please sir give me a chance to be a community curator Thank you very Much


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Thank You for mentioning me :). I am not professional graphic designer but try to do my best.

Yes, You always support me by your valuable up-vote on my posts.
Thanks for your support

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