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My power is wasting

as my power is on wasting from last 2 days i have not upvoted anyone due to illness and i am weak and stayed at home please pray for my good health , meanwhile every one welcome to get free upvote from me just paste your like below to get free upvote from @lays .
Its hard fork me to write here enough content , i need lot of wishes , prayers and vibes from you all friends .
May God save you from corona virus and other deadly diseases , Kidly leave your link to get upvote , i am unable to write more here , Good Night ,

Follow me , i follow you back Thanks.


Get well soon @lays
Take some rest

You need to take some rest for your health. May ALLAH PAK give you strength and healthier life. AMEEN

Get well soon @lays. You need to take proper rest. Good and sound sleep help to restore your energy.

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