[Discussion Post][Steem Predicts] Who will be the next nominee for Supreme Court Justice in the US? (Liquid rewards giveaway)

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Anyone who has cable news or social media already knows that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away, yesterday, from pancreatic cancer. Personally, I'm not big on treating politicians as heroes, so I'm not going to say anything more about her, except that I wish her family and friends well as they struggle through this difficult time.

But, the aspect of her death that effects all Americans, and perhaps even people outside the country, is her replacement on the Supreme Court. Here's what PredictIt has to say on the top-10 candidates for Trump's next nominee at the moment (note that, as in any market, the prices are constantly changing).

Amy Coney Barrett$0.53
Barbara Lagoa$0.27
Allison Rushing$0.07
Amul Thapar$0.06
Joan Larsen$0.06
Britt Grant$0.06
Thomas Hardiman$0.02
Allison Eid$0.01
Raymond Kethledge$0.01
Margaret A. Ryan$0.01

Please discuss who you think will be the next nominee, and why?

One hundred percent of liquid rewards for this post have been designated to the experimental @penny4thoughts account. I will up-vote replies that are non-trivial and relevant in order to direct the liquid portion of this post's rewards to the authors of those comments.

I'll also enter a comment for each of the ten candidates above (which will burn author rewards), so please vote for the candidate who you think it will be.

I suppose an announcement could come at any moment, so vote for your choice fast, and feel free to also discuss your thoughts about the upcoming confirmation schedule. For example, will a nominee be confirmed before the election, or during 2020, or before the next inauguration?


The next nominee will be Britt Grant.

The next nominee will be Amy Coney Barrett.

The next nominee will be Allison Rushing.

The next nominee will be Amul Thapar.

The next nominee will be Joan Larsen.

The next nominee will be Barbara Lagoa.

The next nominee will be Thomas Hardiman.

The next nominee will be Allison Eid.

The next nominee will be Raymond Kethledge.

The next nominee will be Margaret A. Ryan.

The next nominee will be someone aside from these 10 candidates.

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