[Discussion Post] Tell us about a thing from your childhood that others might not know about (liquid rewards give-away)

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This discussion was actually prompted by a similar, but not identical question on Twitter, where I❤️80s wrote,

Without saying how old you are, name one thing from your childhood that young people today wouldn't understand.

In answer to that prompt, I immediately thought of SSP Racers, from the now defunct Kenner Products. Here are a couple of advertisements from 1972:

I had a bunch of different models, but "Ram Jet" is the only one that I specifically recognize in the ads. I do remember, though, that I spent many hours with a couple friends jumping the cars over ramps and crashing them into each other. And - almost 50 years later - I still recognize the distinctive sound of the spinning wheels.

The question got some engagement on Twitter, so I thought I'd ask a similar, but more general question for discussion here. So, here's the prompt:

Tell us about a thing from your childhood that others might not know about.

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Discuss away!


I remember that when I was a child I watched a lot of television, I loved to watch the Power Rangers, I remember their song perfectly to this day, there were many programs that no one will see today, with the existence of Ntflix and so many current programs, new movies, nobody He will travel to the past, but I do, I am not very old but I remember that the first time I heard "fly me to the moon" by Frank Sinatra, it was a Christmas and I was 7 years old, I remember that my mother said: the gifts are hidden, they must look for them throughout the house, that feeling of happiness had no equal.

My mother had given me some stuffed animals, I didn't like dolls because, I had seen Chucky and had been traumatized, I had seen all his movies. Right now there is more technology and children from an early age are distracted by their tablets, they know how to use the internet. I remember that at the beginning of my school days, I had to go to the library to do research, not all of us had access to the internet or we knew what it was. Now everything is much easier.

LOVED DISNEY PRINCESS MOVIES. Snow White, The Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, all those old animations I enjoy to this day, right now they have many current movies. THANKS TO DISNEY I AM PASSIONATE FOR SINGING.

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