Learning German from DuoLingo: Day 85

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Today is day 85 in my ongoing attempt at learning to read the German language through use of the DuoLingo application and web site. This post will describe progress made yesterday and today.


Familie: Pixabay license, source

As noted yesterday, my progress on new lessons has been slowing recently because previously completed categories are programmed to gradually decay away from completeness. When this happens, I have to go back and refresh the categories to get them marked as complete again. This happened with three categories yesterday and three more categories today. Nonetheless, I did still manage to complete the "Questions 2" category and advance up to level 2 (of 5) in the "Family 1" category.

In Friday's post, I included some information from the Tips secion in "Questions 2". Today, I'll include some Tips from "Family 1". I'm not 100% sure if I've done this before, but I don't think so.

The first tip is on the pronunciation of the word, Familie. To an English speaker, the pronunciation might look similar to our own "Family", but that's not the case. The German - Familie actually has 4 syllables, and it's pronounced something like fah-meal-ee-uh. Next up is the pronunciation difference between Schwester (sister) and Geschwister (sibling/brother or sister). It's important to note the distinction between west in Schwester vs. wist in Geschwister. Finally, it notes that regional differences in language arose when East Germany was part of the USSR. An example of this is that "mom" and "dad" may be referred to as Mutti and Vati in regions that were formerly part of East Germany.

Some of the words and phrases from the "Family 1" section include the following:

der Vaterthe father
die Väterthe fathers
Papa (Vati)dad
der GroßVaterthe grandfather
die GroßVäterthe grandfathers
der OpaGrandpa
die OpasGrandpas
die Mutterthe mother
die Mütterthe mothers
mama (mutti)Mom
die Großmutterthe grandmother
die Großmütterthe grandmothers
der Bruderthe brother
die Brüderthe brothers
die Schwesterthe sister
die Schwesternthe sisters
ich habe BrüderI have brothers
ich habe keine SchwesterI don't have a sister
ich habe keine GeschwisternI don't have any siblings
der Enkelthe grandson
die Enkelinthe granddaughter

And, here are my current scores in the application:

  • Streak: 85 days
  • Hearts: 1
  • Crowns: 135
  • XP Today: 149
  • Total XP: 15005
  • Crystals: 1153
  • Lingots: 404
  • League: Diamond
  • XP in league: 692
  • Place in league: 12
  • Time left in league: 5h 24m 28s
  • Followers: 4
  • Words learned: 530 in app, 663 in web site

I knew it was coming, but I have to admit it's a little bit annoying to see the "words learned" number stuck at 530 for so many consecutive days. I do have to recognize that the practice on previously completed categories is definitely needed, as it is uncovering many things that have slipped my mind.

No new special characters in today's post, so the full table (so far) looks like this:

Key presscharacter

At this point, I have managed to memorize the codes for : ß, ä, ö, and ü just by typing these posts.

If you want to learn a foreign language (or Klingon or High Valyrian), my recommendation for DuoLingo continues to be "thumbs up". According to the app, you can also use DuoLingo to learn dead or endangered languages like Latin, Navajo or Hawaiian.

My guess is that no one is going to learn to speak a language perfectly through DuoLingo, but I think it can provide a solid foundation that can be used to build additional knowledge through other, immersive techniques.



how difficult it is hahahahaha

I really find it very fun to follow your lessons and the patience you have to learn and not abandon the study of the language, be very patient and keep trying, you are doing great

I am studying English

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, I'm trying to be patient with it. It is slow-going...

I am studying English

Your English seems pretty good to me. Much better than my German, anyway! What tools and/or books are you using for your studies? You might think about participating in the new #learnwithsteem initiative to post about your progress.

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