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Hi steemit team @steemcurator01 I have successfully powered down for 1 week as promised and stopped my power down.

I want to say thank you for allowing me to do power down in this exceptional circumstances, it means a lot to me.

As promised I did set up all of my previous week post as 100% power up to compensate.

From now on I'll try to keep my posts on 100% power up as much i can so that account build faster then I'll be able to support users with a valuable upvote and then motivate others to do the same.

Additionally, I'll try to spare some amount of steem from this power down amount that I'll power up again here.

Thank you so much for your understanding and helping me out, much appreciated @steemcurator01


Hiii, I am new here, Can you help me, How to earn

How to earn in steemit, give some tips

That is great, thank you.

Thank you for all your support, it means a lot.

Please follow me. ı am new in steemit.😊

I am also New.
I want to strengthen too. I hope I succeed🤲👍