How much do the Country Representatives earn per month in Steem Blockchain?

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A general user in Steem Blockchain earns in three ways: Author Reward, Curation Reward, Interest Rate for holding SP.


Author Reward & Curation Reward comes under Proof-of-Brain(which is 65% of the reward pool), Interest Rate comes under the pool of Vested Token Holders(which is 15% of the reward pool).

If you are a witness you can also earn witness rewards which is 10% of the reward pool. The remaining 10% of the total reward pool is for SPS/Steem DAO.

In the existing framework of Steem Blockchain, the main focus is on 3R's- Recruitment, Reward, Retention. Therefore, the Country Representatives are pivotal to the existing framework and they are really doing a nice job in strengthening 3R's.

Then let's see how much the Country representatives earn per month. This analysis could be a motivation for the others to become a CR and in the pursuit of that, we could see healthy engagement and competition which is a win-win case for everyone in this ecosystem.

Although this figure could vary from one month to the other, let's analyze and take look on the previous month's (August 2020) earning of the Country Representatives. The rewards in Steem Blockchain is SP & SBD. I have also projected the equivalent figure in USD for general understanding of readers.

In the month of Aug 2020, the average price of STEEM was 0.23 USD. So in projecting the equivalent USD figure I have taken 0.23 USD per STEEM.

As stated earlier, a general user has three streams of earning in Steem Blockchain- Author Reward, Curation Reward, Interest Rate.


Author Reward of Country Representatives

Author Reward is basically either in SP(if selected 100% powered up) or in SP & SBD(if selected 50/50 option).


Although the actual realization of author reward is in SP & SBD, I have taken an equivalent figure in USD, so that it would give a better clarity for the general readers.



In terms of Author Reward, @anroja tops the table with $481.24 rewards, followed by @rishabh99946 with $321.22 rewards at 2nd place & @cryptokannon with $314.42 rewards at 3rd place.

This figure includes all the rewards earned from posts and comments during the month of Aug 2020.


Curation Reward of Country Representatives

Curation Reward is always in SP. Do note that all the Country Representatives get 5000 SP as delegation from Steemit Team. So alongside their own SP, they earn better curation rewards.


I have also projected the equivalent USD figure for better clarity of the general readers.



In terms of curation rewards, @cryptokannon tops the table with $64.81 rewards, followed by @anroja with $55.62 rewards at 2nd place & @kiwiscanfly with $34.19 rewards at 3rd place.

Please note that the curation reward earned depends upon the SP that you have, so more SP, more influence power, hence better curation reward.


Interest Rate earned by Country Representatives for holding SP

All the vested token holders(SP holders) earn interest rates for holding their SP. The current interest rate stands at 4.28% approximately. However, this figure is a very dynamic nature.


This projection is approximate. However monthly interest rate is so small(~0.36%) that, this approximation does not impact any big change to the overall earning fo the user.



The realization of interest rate is in SP, I have also given the figures in USD equivalent for the general understanding of the readers.

In terms of the interest rate earned by holding SP, it's again @cryptokannon who tops the table with $12.68 rewards, followed by @anroja with $10.75 rewards at 2nd place & @kiwiscanfly with $6.43 rewards at 3rd place.

Again if you have more SP, you can earn better interest by holding SP.


Total Rewards earned by Country representatives in the month of Aug 2020

The total rewards earned by the CR's somewhat look like this in terms of USD equivalent.


So in terms of overall rewards, it is @anroja who tops the table with $547.62 rewards, followed by @cryptokannon with $391.91 rewards at 2nd place & @rishabh99946 with $354.5 rewards at 3rd place.



Although some of the top CRs are really earning lucrative rewards, the overall picture of this projection does not look skew which is a good sign. And the average figure stands at $264.53.



Do remember that this earning is quite valuable even if the average figure of $264 is considered, it's a potential 3X to 5X(not financial advice) case from here on. Because STEEM from here has more probability to correct higher than going lower. Because from the last two years in the bear cycle STEEM has lost most of its value and also stood the test of a tough time in 2020. So just imagine the same average projection of $264(if a 5X value in the next bull run) will become $1320, or more.

As #the1000daysofsteem is in the starting phase we may not be able to appropriately project a consistent average figure month by month at this moment. However, as we progress, we might get more clarity on this.

Notwithstanding the fluctuating crypto market, which at times induce uncertainty(equally creates opportunity), the current framework of appointing CRs and expanding its base by Steemit Team is a potential full-time job for many. Not to mention, we are still in the pandemic, the average earning of $264 by CRs in today's reality seems very reasonable.

Thank you.



Cc to all the CR's:-

Ghana (@oppongk), Nigeria (@beautychicks, @focusnow), Uganda (@yohan2on), Venezuela (@anasuleidy, @mariita52, @tocho2, @edlili24), Bangladesh (@tarpan, @toufiq777), India (@rishabh99946, @neerajkr03), Indonesia (@anroja, @ernaerningsih, @radjasalman), Japan (@cryptokannon), Pakistan (@rashid001), Sri Lanka (@randulakoralage, @besticofinder), Ukraine (@alexmove, @olesia, @antorv) and New Zealand (@kiwiscanfly), Russia (@knopka145), Argentina (@fendit, @belenguerra), Cameroon (@njiatanga),


All the data are taken from and I used lightproject for consolidating monthly curation reward. Although I have taken the utmost care to publish the correct figure and data, any glaring mistake if you find, please bring it to my attention, so that I can correct it.


Unless otherwise stated, all the images, infographics, charts, tables, etc(if any) are my original works.



Excellent report. Most interesting to read this.

It will be interesting to see how this develops after the Diary Game ends. @anroja is a particularly strong diary author so a significant proportion of his rewards will be coming from that.

We are hoping to reward Country Representatives fairly and effectively in proportion to the amount of commitment and input they are able to give.

This in turn should encourage more good people to come forward to take on the Country Rep roles as we expand the network.

Thank you very much for preparing this report. If you are able to repeat this each month that will be very useful.

The Steemit Team

That is great to know. I'm mostly doing the background work and no more energy/time for posting my diary game for an extra reward. 😅

Yes, Sir @steemcurator01, that is exactly my current set up & I will publish such report each month. Thank you for your support. This will also create awareness(as well as motivation) among the other valuable potential CRs now consistently engaging.

I am also working on the second phase of the engagement league which will start in October. Now onwards this will be for all communities. Project Affable has a long term plan, It will create a reward pool for dedicated steemian, particularly in the context of value engagement(not just engagement).

The third thing is that I am planning to groom up a few best Indian diarists (at least 10 in numbers or more), who are keen and showing their positive intention, who can add value to Steem Blockchain in the long run. With #diarydoctor we the CRs will guide them at the local level so that at global stage there will be more competition, hence better value addition to Steem Blockchain.

Thank you again.

Steem on.

That sounds great.

Looking forward to future developments.

The Steemit Team

Getting a detailed summary like this every month would be useful and for sure many suitable will come forward to get the role of CR and other steem POD positions who are truly dedicated towards steemit.. Thank you @steemcurator01 and @sapwood

Great. I didn't even know how many dollars. I earned in August. I saw your post and understood. Your post has really been awesome. Thanks for creating such a beautiful post.

Now you know it, my friend:)

I will bring this report each month for you.

Thank you.

Steem on.

Nice report @sapwood.

It would be great if you could also add the source/tool from where you pull this information.

Or did I miss this already?

All the data are taken from and using lightproject.

Thank you, I will update that in the post.

Woah man I'm flattered to see this what a detailed and well presented report hats off man. Great work dude @sapwood

Из вашей статистики можно предугадать будущего победителя 2 сезона дневниковой игры. Честно я уже давно поняла, кто это будет.

Wow excellent analysis from you.

Wow! So even I didn't know how much I recieved before this. Thank you for this interesting report

Now you know it:)

Stay tuned to the official handle of Sapwood in Steem Blockchain.

Have a great day.

Wow, what a detailed information provided. This could be helpful for ever CR in this blockchain.
But how did you manage to gather all this information ?

I'm damn sure it took so much time and efforts.

All the data are taken from and using lightproject.

Thank you for stopping by:)

@rishabh99946, @neerajkr03 Many congratulations. Your report is very good. Many people have received the award.

Wow, sangat keren laporan anda.

That is splendid and great job with all these analysis, tabulations and graphic rep. I really like the details of this report and must say that this will motivate us to work harder. My pleasure hugging you for this great job🙏

That's exactly what it is for. Many potential CRs might find it motivating when they have some stats in their hand. It might make them engage more, add value to this blockchain to earn a spot of CR.

Thank you so much. I will bring such a report every month for you.

Have a great day.

Steem on

excellent explanation. Thank you

You are welcome.

wow @sapwood this is great work. Now I know how much earn for my work on steemit 😄

Thank you so much mam, it's a pleasure to have you in my blog.

Have a great day.

Steem on.

You have been upvoted by rishabh99946 A Country Representative from INDIA I am voting with the Steemit Community Curator @steemcurator07 account to support the newcomers coming into steemit.

Follow @steemitblog for the latest update on Steem Community and other writing challenges and contest such as The diary game

Also join LUCKY 10S

Thank you so much.

Wow ! You have researched a lot on this. I hope It will encourage others to come forward to get the role of CR

Thank you so much.

How about philippines we are more people using steem here the one is me

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