Hi Steeming Family!

Do you want to host your own contest on Steemit? Do you have a great idea for a contest?

It is YOUR time to shine!

Steemingcurators has run different fun contest and challenges in the past 2.5 months. We are SUPER happy you are here and have TONS of respect for all your support. It is like a marriage, in sickness, and in health, in hardships and in easy.

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We have a whale 🐋 in our logo because the vision is to think big. If you see your goal every day, you are more likely to achieve it 💪

@musicforsteem is going GREAT and the contest has 85 entries in the past 4 editions. If you know musicians, there is a referral bonus waiting! Check:


What to do?

Make a post about what type of contest you would like to host, now and in the future.

Think about a contest that appeals to a broad audience, or in a particular topic, its completely up to you!
What kind of contests? These are some topics but use your own imagination and creativity.

  • Engagement league's
  • Tutorials
  • SEO challenges
  • Super commenters
  • Country challenges
  • Write a poem or short story
  • ...

Anything you can think of!

The users with the winning ideas will be receiving upvotes from @steemcurator02 (until the end of the month July) to use as prize 🏆 for the winners of their contest!

We will be giving upvotes to the entries of your contest, as well as your own idea!

Time schedule

Write a post with your idea until Friday 20.00 UTC (8PM)
The winning ideas will be announced Saturday 11.00 UTC (11AM)
From that point, you can announce your contest and will be receiving support from @steemingcurators and @steemcurator02.

We will be giving these upvotes as prize money for your contest:
1x 100% upvote
2x 50% upvote
3x 30% upvote




Want to support GREAT CREATORS and the contest Music For Steem? Delegate some extra STEEM POWER to @steemingcurators and help us make noise!

¿Quieres apoyar GRANDES CREADORES y al concurso Music For Steem ? Delegue un poco de STEEM POWER adicional a @steemingcurators y ayúdenos a hacer ruido.


After clicking the link, you will be asked to confirm your username and the amount of SP you like to delegate. Please sign with your active private key. Remember to leave at least 50SP in your account.

Después de hacer clic en el enlace, se le pedirá que confirme su nombre de usuario y la cantidad de SP que desea delegar. Por favor firme con su clave activa privada. Recuerde dejar al menos 50SP en su cuenta.




Consider voting for us clicking on the image

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Wow I have a lot of ideas... thanks for this opportunity. Keep supporting these initiatives that add to and integrate the community. I'll get to work...

Wow tengo muchas ideas... gracias por esta oportunidad. Sigan apoyando estas iniciativas que suman e integran a la comunidad. Ya me pongo a trabajar...

We cant wait to see them coming! It can also be in Spanish only

If... Thank you for clarifying that point. I have two great ideas. I'm going to build the publications.

how about a set day of the month were we power up steem?? damm it we are already doing that..ok let me think some more

You're great.


steem on

I agree. Thanks for being so attentive.

Lol who thinks of something like that. I would chicken out :D

Super Great!
Please @ciska, never cease to amaze us.

Thanks! Look forward to the entries

I am sure there will be several entries.
I will post this initiative in my community to give it more exposure (there are 1.5K subscribers). "With a little help from my friends"

Wow. Wonderful initiative. I'd think about what I want and make a blog about it. Thank you very much @steemingcurators for this great opportunity.


Awesome! We look forward to that!

@ciska I have done my post. Where do I post the link please?

Thank you very much

Sir my entry is not legal?

Sounds like fun! There was a great challenge (more than a contest, I guess) a couple of years back called a "Community Engagement Challenge;" I'll see if I can dig up one of the old posts... it was something like a 10-day commitment to create one post and leave 20+ (meaningful) comments a day... it was really tough, but it sure upped the activity level, site-wide...


Ohhh nice one @curatorcat! If you can find it and like to host that, would be great! We love engagement!

I have also few idea for the future contest.i will share an idea which i want.thanks for giving this opurtunaty to think us. Have a great day.

giphy (4).gif

Look forward to that!

I have been running a Contest for a while, and you can see all the infos in the link that i left.
It is a contest that encourage engagement in the comment section but in a really funny way. Season 7 (last one that finish couple of days ago) have been mention in the daily post by @steemitblog and did receive as well a healthy upvote from @steemcurator01, but it's always nice to get some more sponsors to deliver even greater prizes...
I have given in Season 7 - 35 Steem in prizes and i am looking to increase the prize pool for Season 8 which i am planning to start this week-end. I choose the week-ends for the contest because in week-end usually the activity on Steemit is a bit lower then the rest of the week and like this to hype up a bit the activity on the platform...
Anyway let me know if you like the contest, and well... why not be one of the sponsors... till next time...Steem On!

Hi thank you for your comment! We will be taking your contest in the pool!

This is actually pretty funny stuff! You are included in the pool!

Please I did not understand what I was supposed to do so I made a blog about my entry.
Please visit it
Thank you


Thanks @becky96830 we will be reviewing your entry shortly! Thank youl

Thank you very much.


Súper emocionada con esta iniciativa, amigos de @steemingcurators! Aquí está mi participación. Espero que les guste:


Gracias! Check Saturday our announcement!

wow... i will share my idea for the contest which i like to host very soon.
thanks for supporting peoples who wants to host such type of contest.

Thanks! look forward to that

I come from Indonesia
I have made a post that is accompanied by an answer.
I hope you see it.
Thank you very much for your attention.🙏

Thanks a lot! Check Saturday for the results!

Thanks for the information! @steemingcurators

@steemingcurators this is a huge nice initiative. I so much love the idea. Though a newbie i am in for the contest, i am coming up with an idea. Thanks for hosting this contest.

Congratulations friends, great initiative. Thank you for sharing this idea with us.

Awww only until end of July? Oh well...

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