How To Set Up AUTO VOTING On STEEMIT + Curation Trail Set up (Easy)

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Hi Steemians!

In this tutorial, we want to teach you how to set up AUTO VOTES on Steemit. But also how you can follow the @steemingcurators curation trail again!

Auto votes are a great way to support your favorite Steemian, it votes automatically on their post whenever you want. So relax, make coffee, and follow along! Scroll down to the bottom to follow our curation trail!

The tool we use is: - a tool from Steem Witness @maiyude.


  • Change language to English if you do not understand Chinese
    autovotes on steemit.png

auto voting steemit.png

  • Click Register(ed) and put in your Steem username (1)

setup autovotes.png

  • Click on the authorization link and give POSTING permission to this app. Every app on Steemit has this procedure and is entirely safe to do. (2)

auto votes steemit.png

  • Close steemconnect and go back to the app
  • Click on "When done, click here". This will give you are temporary password. Copy that because we change that in the next step.

how to set up auto votes steemit.png

  • Uncheck "Registered" and click on "Change Password"
    steem autovotes.png
  • Type in the password you saved from the previous step + your own new password twice + OK

  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page where it says: "Here you can add or delete the list"
  1. Select add or modify
  2. Write down Steemian you want to support (Example steemingcurators) No @ in front of username
  3. The first option is "vote&downvote" = To auto vote Steemians POST)
  4. Slide bar to the RIGHT (100% gives full upvote)
  5. Set timing when you want to vote (BEST after 5 minutes)
  6. Click ok

steemit auto votes.png

Done! You can now add more Steemians to auto vote for! When you close the app, you dont have to "Registered" again. Just put in your username and new password to log in.

If you have questions about this or something isn't clear, just comment below or on any post of the @steemingcurators

You can also join us on DISCORD


Follow our curation trail to support the STEEMIT community! When your posts are #steemexclusive, you will get VOTES back!! Best way to support others and get supported on STEEMIT!

  • Follow previous steps to login and give POSTING permission to the APP. (if you have done it, you don't need to do that again for this step)
  • Scroll down to the section "Here you can add or delete the list"
  • Target Users: Put in the curation trail you like to follow (TIP: steemingcurators)
  • Click the second option: Folow_Vote
  • Click on follow users if you want to give the same votes as we do. This is suggested, the other option you choose if you want to follow with the percentage you want. So if you set 5%, you vote for every post we vote for 5%. If you set 50%, you vote every post we vote at 50%. This is not ideal for your account. If you select "Follow_Users", we make sure your Voting Percentage never drops below 80%.

curation trail steemit.png

When done, it looks like this:

autovoting on steemit.png

  1. This is the curation trail: FOLLOW_VOTE
  2. This is Auto Votes on Post: VOTE&DOWNVOTE

Thanks for joining @steemingcurators! We are a community that eat, sleeps, and breathes STEEMIT. From June we will be STEEMIT community Curator with an account of 500K STEEMPOWER!

Follow @steemingcurators for all the challenges, updates, and news on STEEMIT.


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This is good alternative to steemauto. Thank you for the tutorial @ciska. Love you a bunch for this hun! 🤗

Dear @SteemingCurators!! Thanks for the tutorial!! I was noticed by SteemChiller that Steemconnect ( will stop services. To sign and authorize after that, you only need to change in the url that part with

I've made a tutorial also on SteemRewarding, but as you say Follow.Steem.Top is more friendly!

Best wishes for all the projects!!

Thanks for that info! Really nice. I will contact the Dev of the tool and tell him to change the link on his frontend. Great tutorial on the Steemrewarding site. I just didn't use it because I am not sure if the website will stay for much longer.
We lost a great deal of the trail and don´t want that to happen again. As promised in my post for the community curator account, we got your project his back. Let us work together on more challenges and tutorials. I loved the idea of letting the community make tutorials on how to use steem tools, exchanges, etc.. We can expand that to the entire Steemit community.
You do a great job!

Thank you very Much!! Your help will be much appreciated!! Yes, we will seek for initiatives to expand possibilities for grow, learning and to have fun!! :)

I'll be in contact, need to search for three new Members and finally feel complete!!

Best vibes for projects and all important matters on life!!

I followed each step. Let me know if everything is ok with my account @steemingcurators @ciska Thanks a lot for your efforts..

I just joined the trail again

Awesome! Again! :D

Done both the do i control voting power its done automatically?

When I decided to join the trail unfortunately, steemauto stopped working.
But now I will do these steps to join the trail and I love the work of steem witnesses.
Thanks for the info.

No worries! This tool does it all. Thanks for your comment

@steemingcurators i just followed your trail let me know if any thing left to do from my side

Just be good and be nice, that's all we ask :D

I have tried it to visit that website, but my antivirus software blocked that site, and considering as malware. So is it safe to use it?

Hello @happyphoenix the website is safe, try using firefox to get a better result.

ok i followed the guide and now i'm ready too :3

Great walkthrough God bless 🙏 #steemexclusive

Not working anymore ?

I just joined the trail, the tutorial made it quite easy to follow. Thanks for that

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