Forget the past

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It is foolish to be behind the past. Because the past never becomes the present and the future. The past is lost in the past only from the past. .And will make the present frustrating. Will make life narrow.

  • Use 5 things before 5 things come.

  • Use the opportunity. Because (opportunity does not always come / repeatedly)

  • Use life before death comes. Because (this life is given by Allah
    The most expensive. It is a gift from God. So its right
    Can be used).

  • Use your youth before old age. Reason (Reason)
    What can be done in youth cannot be done in old age
    The blood is hot. Young people have a lot of courage in youth. Young people want this
    Society can change easily. All the wonderful things that have been done in the world
    It is the youth who have done it. So the youth have spent your life in the path of Islam in your youth
    Use it.

  • Use your wealth before your poverty comes. Because this wealth

  • Use your health for the sake before your illness comes.
    When we are sick. Then we have nothing to do. After being sick
    I realized how good the health was. Then I regret it.

  • Don't lie about what you have lost. Because you can return the sea to its source, the sun to its rising, the baby to its mother's womb, the milk to its breast and the tears to the eyes ??

  • So we will not stay behind with the past. The past cannot do good without harm. The past is a disease. We will not be affected by this disease. This beautiful life is a blessing given by the great God. We will use it properly.


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