ANNOUNCEMENT winner "Looking back/Look forward 3.25

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The community CCC hosts contest and giveaways on Steemit and we would love to see you join.
On Mondays @team-ccc asks you what CCC means to you. You can write about the community or words starting with a C. Lately I made a freewrite about it which makes it easier to join.

Once a week @freedomshift hosts "What does today mean to you". It is clear what the question is. You write about your day and for the time being you can add two entries a week. This giveaway is one of the first the community CCC started.

On Saturdays I, @wakeupkitty, host: Looking back/Look forward. From now on this will be the theme, no extra topic.

For each of these three contests you can write in advance because you know the topic. Do not publish it before the contest is online.
What these contests have in common is you write 200+ words and add the invitation underneath and post in the community CCC (hive-166850)
All hosts will upvote you and with invitation @team-ccc will upvote each post of you where the invitation can be found back too.

If there's a contest you like us to host please, let us know.

ANNOUNCEMENT winner "Looking back/Look forward 3.25

The contest Looking back look forward 3.25 ended.
If you didn't make it this time you can join
contest 3.24
which is online.

Please, read the rules, use the right tag and do not forget the CCC-invitation!

The winner is


Congratulations you won 2 Steem.


Winner: 2 Steem

Prizes are paid by me, please, see your wallet.

CCC = #hive-166850

This is an Invitation to join #ccc. The community CCC supports members by encouraging and upvoting each other and by hosting contests. Contests are hosted by @team-ccc and it's members. See @team-ccc for contests running.