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RE: It's Time to Decide the Winner!

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My choices are as follows: (assuming 10 is the high value score here and 1 is the lower value score.)

I based my judgement on who I thought would bring the most value to steem and the steem ecosystem by supporting them. These are the folks that I can see add value based on my best judgement. No one specifically addressed this question. No one gets a 9 or 10 from me. This is about my best ability to see how I think folks could make contributions that add to the overall ecosystem. Good luck everyone and thank you for your participation on Steem towards @steemfestdreams!

@por500bolos -5
@mrprofessor -6
@joshuaky -5
@robertandrew -6
@diebitch -5
@emjoe -6
@romafedorov -6
@neopch -7
@raj808 -8
@coruscate -8
@bboyady -6
@katrina-ariel -7
@felix.herrmann - NA
@aaronleang -6
@amalinavia -7
@danieldoughty -7
@fieryfootprints -7
@waybeyondthai - 7
@nomadicsoul - 7.5


Oh dear god, anxiety levels reaching 11

Hi @aggroed & @dynamicgreentk I've not been online since the weekend and haven't had the chance to look at discord since early last week.

I just wanted to say thanks for inclusion in the competition but I won a ticket in pharesim's competition and so I'd like to remove myself from the mix. Just in case I did end up winning, I think it is important that those deserving and with low opportunity get more of a chance.

Cheers and massive props for running the @steemfestdreams!

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