Contest #2—Win a Free Ticket to SteemFest 2017

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This is the second contest where I'm giving away a ticket to SteemFest. Our global conference for me was one of the most defining moments on this platform

Steemit is about giving and without people's generosity, none of this would have been possible. Do you know someone who has always been supporting your blog and bumped up your post by another couple of cents? Have they benefitted the community in any manner? Maybe they are a good friend, or maybe someone you met through Steemit!


As we all know, @steemfest 2 is coming up and some people are craving to join this great event but unfortunately do not have the sufficient funds to attend.

This is your chance to give something back to the community! I've been meaning to give something back to the person who has been always supportive of the Steemit community. Do you know someone who has been a great participant in the community or are you someone who deserves an amazing week in Lisbon during SteemFest?

Keep reading because I am sponsoring one SteemFest 2017 Minnow Ticket to the winner.

Minnow tickets currently cost as much as $264.40 or € 222.22 or about 296 SBD.
Contest #2 Participation Rules:
You can nominate yourself or be nominated by someone else.
To participate, tell me in a creative way why you think you deserve to win a free ticket to SteemFest 2017 in a new post or in the comments below.
You can create art, music, comments, video-vlog on Youtube or Viewly or anything else you can think of to this effect. If you write a new post, be sure to link it in a comment on this post.
Feel free to mention if you made any contributions to the community! It will add some weight to your response.
If you nominate someone, please inform them of the rules and have them take a look at this post to avoid missing out on it! A few nominated folks missed out on participation as they never saw the post.
I will manually pick a winner. You can be as creative as you like-the more the better-(vlogs etc)
Winner has to show up for SteemFest 2017 in order to collect/redeem the ticket and participate in our global conference.
Winner will be announced after 1 week. The winner can collect the sponsored ticket at the registration desk at SteemFest. This means that you have to fund the trip yourself, but the entry to SteemFest is completely free! You save $264.40 on ticket cost at the very least.


SteemFest is going to be packed with some of the coolest members of our community. @mihawk has put in a great effort towards organizing this incredible event and to support him Firepower Crew will be there as well. Win the ticket and come join us all for a great party with 300 people from across the globe! See you there!

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are you for real? I'd appreciate a steemfest ticket if i can get one.

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