I am determined to attend SteemFest2 no matter what! - But I need a bit of your help

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Steemfest2 is on my mind and nothing will get in my way. My name is Eric and this is my restless nomad story.

While traveling the Mexican Mayan Riviera I met @luzcypher and he introduced me to steemit by late April and since then, I became addicted. I have been posting almost daily since I joined and I have fallen in love with this amazing community.

I´ve been traveling for the past eleven months in a journey where everything has happened to me. I have visited pretty much every corner of México and had the opportunity to visit the US, Cuba, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica - right now I am blogging about my adventures in Nicaragua but a few days ago I decided to come back to México city to regroup and put my mind together because Steemfest2 got in my way, and I am decided to attend.

Don´t let the long term traveling fool you, I am not a rich steemian, I travel as low budget as it comes. I spent only 1,200 USD in almost four months while experiencing Central America as a local. I hitchhike most of the time, I camp everywhere I am able to, I stay with locals whenever I find a good samaritan willing to help me and I save money on every opportunity I get.

Most of my posts are travel-related but they are not your usual travel posts with a picture of a monument behind me, staying in fancy hotels or hiring tour guides everywhere I go.

I blog about hunting crocodiles in Norhern Honduras, searching for Boas in an almost desserted island in Honduras, I have six posts about my Hitchhiking adventures, bear in mind i did it in some of the most dangerous countries in the continent, I explored a batcave in Guatemala with nothing but a candle and I swam with sharks in Belize, among other adventures.

Long story short, I am addicted to adventures and I am addicted to post them on Steemit.

This addiction led me to an engagement with the community that made me forget about the other blue social media platforms and I made new acquaintances that helped, encouraged and guide me but most importantly, made me feel like I have a family here, these people became my first friends and I have nothing to add but a thank you @surfermarly, @dreemit, @bilbop, @tincho, @yoganarchista and @lizanomadsoul. If I don´t mention other people it is because I am closer to these pals, not because I don´t appreciate their friendship.

One month after joining Steemit, I published a post that went viral mainly due to the votes and resteems @acidyo, @ausbitbank, @canadian-coconut and @officalfuzzy gave to it, that exact moment I learned what whales are and the role they play in the community. Right there I knew I wanted to play a role like this.

I made $360 SBD with the post Why is it important to follow and upvote small accounts but lost around $80 USD due to a mistake made while converting to Steem. No big deal, I wasn´t even planning on getting $20 SBD for the post, I just wanted to spread the word and to make more people think like me. After all, if the small accounts become medium size, they will push the medium size to an upper level and so on, if we grow as a community we all grow together, there is no losing side if we support new users and small accounts. All of this happened on June the first this year, around 35 days after I joined steemit.

I have to get more involved with the community, but how?

Remember those 1,200 USD I spent on Central America? Well, most of that budget was based on steemit earnings. I was traveling, earning money while blogging and having a blast both in Steemit and in the real world.

I had to find a way to give it all back. I know a lot of steemians do not have all the support, luck and timing I had when I started - I made 80 SBD with my english introduction post and $60 with my spanish introduction one - but most people don´t have the same outcome as I did, almost anyone. I have to, no, I need to give it all back, but how am I going to do that if my vote is worth 5 cents?

Then, as if he heard my pledge, @acidyo started the @ocd project, a project dedicated to curate underrated content from amazing authors new to the platform. I nominated myself to become part of his team and made the cut.

Well, I didn´t make the cut as @anomadsoul. I made the cut as @mexico-trail, the alternate account I created about a month after hoining steemit with the sole purpose of welcoming new steemians from my motherland and encouraging to engage, post quality content and trying to reward them with this account. I got 1,000 SP delegated and started to curate my fellow mexicans. It was only 19 cents per vote but still, a lot of people showed @mexico-trail their gratitude and I was the happiest mexican with the outcome.

I got @neuerko on board with the @mexico-trail project and we have made so far 4 challenges with more than 100 SBD in prizes and more than 80 participants in total. We make reports about our votes to get a bit more SP every now and then but we focus mainly on challenges.

But where do I get the money for thechallenge prizes, you ask?

Well, in @ocd we dedicate to nominate underrated posts, then we all vote for the winning nominations and then, as an incentive, the rewards from every OCD comp post are divided among the curators. We use every SBD earned - and sometimes more than that - to reward our Mexican challenges winners. So by helping underrated authors with @ocd I am financing @mexico-trail´s challenges and rewarding more authors.

A few weeks passed and I became pals with some other @ocd curators like @chiefmappster, @mk40, @howtostartablog, @guyfawkes4-20, @elteamgordo and @ma1neevent. I appreciate all of the curators but I happen I am more like-minded with these folks. I became friends with newbies back then - right now they are not newbies at all - such as @derekrichardson, @therovingreader and @nomadnessie and eveytime I see a comment from them I get a smile on my face.

Life was going great, I was traveling, steeming as a full time job, working towards the community that has given me all I have - yep, I sold all of my stuff before starting this journey - and my body and mind was always craving for adventure.

And then I heard about SteemFest2and all my travel agenda changed

The initial plan was to travel through Central America, then South America and after that south east Asia but, the moment a lot of people told me everything about this yearly event my mind went 1,000 RPM and my brain went blank for almost a week. I didn´t know what to do. All of my foundations of stone were falling, I was not determined to travel South America anymore.

I started to look for options, how to change my traveling agenda, how to pay for a ticket to Europe, how was I going to pay fot accomodation, where could I stay but, most importantly, how to fit attending SteemFest2 on my short term calendar.

To be honest Eric, you can´t pay for it. Your mexican economy and your steemit earnings are not enough, scratch that from your list - I said to myself, and I was right.

But then I heard about the contests @cervantes and @stellabelle... two contests that were paying a full trip to SteemFest2 to the winner! I have to participate, I have to win! For a moment there I could see the light, a plausible opportunity to attend this event was showing in my horizon.

But - yes, another but - I wasn´t able to make the video for Stella´s contest due to my tight Central American agenda - If I didn´t keep posting about traveling I couldn´t keep traveling or even eating - and my participation in the @cervantes constest was compromised because...

@pgarcgo and @gargon offered me a position - which I happily and gratefully took - inside the @cervantes crew. I am one head of the two-headed @lince account alongside @walden, who has become a very good friend of mine. To put it simply,@lince is the @cheetah for the spanish speaking community. In Lince, a project that started not so long ago, we dedicate to encourage the community to post original content, currenlty we are posting the rules to follow to not commit plagiarism and abuse, we are starting to flag content - sadly, but it is a reality, the spanish speaking community has been growing so fast, mainly thanks to the work of @cervantes and its crew, that the user that post plagiarism has been growing at the same rate - because we strive to make the spanish speaking community the best version we can be.

Ok Eric, you only had two shots to go to SteemFest2 and now both are gone, but hey, you still have South America, perhaps you can change your plans...

I was about to give up but then a dear friend of mine told me about @blueorgy and his SteemFest2 ticket giveaway. Ohhh yes!! The stars smile at me!

If I win this ticket and I make a post about my obsession on attending, perhaps I can make a few SBD - or maybe more than a few - to help me pay for the plane ticket. My uncle works for a mexican airline and I can get a cheaper ONE WAY ticket to Europe.

Wait, did you just said One way ticket to Europe?

If I am asking for your help by voting and maybe giving me a resteem to achieve my newest dream of attending SteemFest - and perhaps winning @blueorgy´s contest - I have to give something back, I have to keep delivering adventures like those on my previous posts (I still have to upload all the Nicaraguan adventures) so, in exchange for your vote I promise to:

  • Buy the plain ticket to Spain, France or Germany - whichever is cheaper.
  • Hitchhike all the way down to Lisbon and post everything that happens on my way to Portugal.
  • Post live updates of my Road to SteemFest2the previous days before arriving to Lisbon.
  • Post live videos of my experiences about SteemFest2 (every day) on the @mexico-trail account and my personal account.
  • I will stay in a Hostel in Lisbon in order to save some green ones,as of now I am searching for hostel options and trying to make a deal with the hostel to get other low budget steemians to stay there for a cheaper price.
  • After SteemFest2, I will Eurotrip for as long as I can manage to live out of my savings and my steemit earning. Of course I will post about all of my adventures there.
  • The ticket back home, if this nomad ever decides to go back, will be on my account.
  • Have a blast, meet new people, get to know my online friends attending and to always...

Remember, Be Here Now


  • All of the photos used here are my own, you can notice based on my haircut that they are taken on different stages of my trip but they are all taken while traveling, the one where I am wearing a yellow shirt was my very first picture uploaded to steemit.
  • This is both a post to participate in @blueorgy´s STEEMFEST2 ticket giveaway and it is also my way of asking you to help me pay for my plane ticket to attend SteemFest2.
  • I didn´t ask permission to mention any of the users here, they just happen to be part of my journey so far, if you would like me to erase your username from this post let me know.
  • If I don´t get a Steemfest ticket, and if by any chance, money issues do not let me attend SteemFest2, I will use every reward, both SBD and SD (I am powering down so I have liquid SD) made by this post to help pay for another eager user´s entry ticket.

Your entry post now has a higher potential payout then my call for entires post! 😂 Great Job! Will be posting another call for entires shortly and may expand it to 2 winners! 😉

I did left some comments to some friends regarding my content but I never expected the rewards to be so high! Lots of resteems helped me along the way :D

If you want, I can translate the post to reach the spanish speaking community and you can post it under your account, I will resteem that and ask other people to RS. The post might not get a big payout because, as you can see, there are mainly minnows in my community but the contest might get some extra entries. If you decide to keep it only in english I understand, just a thought :D

Hell yes! Two winners sounds awesome!

Well, you got.my vote, buddy. Love your story and determination to get to this great event. I've got a feeling you will make it and when that happens, I look forward to meeting you out there.

Best of luck, buddy! :)

Thanks mate! I really hope to win this contest and get some green ones for the plane! Hell yes, it would be amazing to meet there, the moment Im sure Ill make it, I will let you know :D Well, feelings most of the time are correct, let´s hope your hunch becomes a reality hehehe

@anomadsoul This is great news. Nicely carried out!.

What a great read, Eric!
That picture with the yellow shirt - I remember it so well. I resteemed your intro because I felt you'd be an amazing contribution to this community - and (selfishly thought) also for myself :-) I was completely right. You are a wonderful creative mind who totally lives the steemit spirit every single day. Besides, you've become my friend, and you know that I don't use that word very often...:-)

You know that we wanna have you with us at Steemfest, do you? :) I really want to you win that ticket!!!!!!!!!!
Resteemed, let's get you some more of these nice heavy votes...

I am so happy you liked this post Marly! It came from the heart :)

Oh yess, I remember it too, you were one of the first people who welcomed me and I thank you for that, you made me feel like I made the right decision by joining steemit.
I also consider you someone very close to my and a dear friend :)

Thank you so much for your vote and resteem!! Oh my, we are going above and beyond!

Of course it came from the heart - like all of your steemit articles :-)
Fingers are crossed!!!

Here are two faces I want to see together in pictures from steemfest!

Oh yes I want that, too 😍

We will send tons of pictures making ugly faces :D :D

@anomadsoul - I hope you make it buddy. I have given you my full upvote, which is hardly anything but all my blessings are with you. I will also send some SBDs as soon as I get some liquid SBD (unfortunately I have been powering up with whatever SBD I accumulated).
All the best. I am proud of you .


Hey man! Thank you for that! No no, as much as I appreciate the SBD transfer please don´t, with you commenting, voting and resteeming it is more than enough help mate! It is not like I don´t want you SBD´s but we both as minnows should not take green ones from fellow minnows :D The resteem to help me reach more people is all I want, thank you very much for you kind heart and thank you, the words "being proud" are mentioned very few times around the web, I appreciate that.

This feels like you are in the flow for another grand adventure. Of course, you have my agreement and support!
My wife and I are keeping the best thoughts for you to reach this lofty goal, my friend.
This may sound crazy, but ask your dog friends for assistance, since they had your back during some perilous times on your recent travels. Funny how things like that happen at the precise moment, huh? :D
Resteemed! Also will on your spanish version!

I hope so! I really hope to achieve both this goals, to win @blueorgy´s contest and also add some green ones to the plane ticket jar :D

Oh no, it does not sound crazy at all, we vibe in the same waves and definitely canines have always been there for me. Did I tell you I got a Belgian Shepperd as a present in Mexico? I will make a post about him, he is only 2 months old!

Thank you very much and please thank your wife, is she back from the tight lesson schedule?
I know! Timing is always important and when everything aligns then you know it aligned for you, right? Thanks for the resteem my friend :)

You're entirely welcome my friend. If you post this in Spanish I will surely resteem it also.
Cool man, a Belgian Shepperd they are usually really tuned in beings. I have several friends with them and all are exceptional pets.
My wife Eileen, says you're welcome too. She's back on her sort of regular schedule as Kitchen manager and Chef at Camp Tatayee doing 4 days last weekend and 3 this one. She should be off until next month because nothing is scheduled so far. Yeah!
You've got it, stay aligned with the flow for best results.

Such an amazing life, @anomadsoul! Your post was inspiring and motivational! I'm not sure I can end any sentence in this reply without an exclamation point! (Nope. I can't.)

I will support you with my upvote and follow, and look forward to your future posts. I'm wishing you good luck and Cheers!

Hahaha I do that, I don ´t know if you are the same or you were speaking about me lol. I tend to end every sentence with an exclamation point but that is only to express my emotion! Hahaha
Thanks for the vote and follow, I will make sure to go by your profile today, I hope you have great posts mate!

Vas a ver que se te va a hacer!!

Espero! Sería una aventura increíble! Además nunca he cruzado el charco entonces absolutamente todo será nuevo para mí jeje. Saludos Mau y gracias por tu voto!

Resteemed! Best of luck getting there!

Yesss, thank you very much new colleague :D I hope I will accomplish this! Thanks for your help :)

Lookin' good brother! Love watchin' you're adventures my friend! Upvoted and resteemed.............. Let's make this happen ;)

Thanks man! Oh darn, should´ve mentioned you, you are always commenting on my content :(
Yess, let´s make this happen, thank you very much for the resteem mate. On my way to become almost famous ;)

@anomadsoul The online market place is a wonderful industry for truth of the matter and lies. Now it is actually quite challenging to acknowledge where by the reality is.

Of course! I plan to make a post with declining payout showing how much was the ticket and how I payed for it! Thank you very much for the resteem and your vote pal!

You got this. Good luck man, I hope you win, you have to win, this post is freaking amazing.
See you at SteemFest3 :))

Wait wait, was it a typo or are you already planning on going to the one next year? :D
Thanks man, it was from the heart, thanks for the support!

Well, since I'm not going to this one, maybe by next year my earning from Steemit will rise so I'll be able to go. If that happens I'll probably go. :)
Sure dude, always. We're a team :D

Darn, you are so close to Portugal and yet so fa. I really hope you could make it there, would be amazing to meet ocdbros in person. :D

Agreed, that would be really awesome. :)
OCD meetup :D

A great entry into any Steemfest 2 competitions dude! I hope to see you there!

Thanks pal! I hope so too! Can´t wait to put faces to some names! So, are you definitely going?

I'm actually mid way through a blog not so dis-similar to yours!

I was planning to go to nepal to do some charity work, but i'm thinking SF2 would be a great place to network and showcase this - drive it with Steem Power!

So as yet, not confirmed, but i hope so!

Yeah man! A lot of people are going there to make some netwroking and maybe pitch some projects.

I am going to meet in person a lot of people I already met online, also I do want to get to know some of the famous users on this platforms but hell yes, SP driven projects are awesome!

And Nepal sounds awesome! I bet more than one whale will get behind this project, that is, if you pitch it correctly and offer a strong idea, lots of scammers out there and it is a pity because we all suffer the consequences of the acts of a bunch :/

Good luck with that @abh12345, i am following you, I hope Nepal comes through.

Thanks for the supporting words man, best of luck with this one - i got a good feeling!

good day friend, well here we are, I finally completed my post regarding steemfest and nepal. I'd appreciate your thoughts!


Wishing you all the best, and have a cracking day!

I just voted and resteemed my friend, I hope these words get to good harbor and you find someone to back the project!

Thank you very much, and I hope you are a winner waiting to happen!

Hey! It made it! so glad to be one of the first people resteeming it and voting it :D

All the best in getting funded for SteemFest 2! Upvoted and resteemed.

Thank you very much my friend, did you see your mention? :D :)

Oh yes, mention = full upvote

Hope to see you there buddy. Voted and resteemed.

Oh yess, @ocd buddies meet-up. Thanks for the support Muxxy

You caught me in the right moment, as being now online. 100% upvoted and resteemed. Wish you lots of luck to be able to attend the STEEMFEST 2.

Thank you very much Peter, hehehe well, you always need a bit of luck on your side, right? Appreciate the RS and vote mate!

You are welcome. I am just on the way to our monthly steemit meetup in Munich.

Ohh thats sounds amazing! Yess, I saw your first post about the meeting and also saw @lizanomadsoul´s intro she made for you! Have fun mate

Hi, the Steem Meetup was terrific! Here is the link to my meeting-report. It is only in German though: https://goo.gl/mwbhGB

Ohhh I can practice my learning skills then! I am still on a rookie level hehe. I will go directly to it, thanks for leaving a link here man.

You are welcome!

Sounds like an amazing journey. I hope to see you in Lisbon my friend!

Are you also going? Soo great! Lots of new faces! I really hope I make it, if I do it would be a blast to meet there!

Yes I plan to be there, hope to see you there!

Great post my friend! You have become a bonafide Steemweaver. I knew you were going to love it here. Hope you get a ticket!

Upvoted and resteemed.

Thanks for the vote and the resteem my friend! Yes, I now am addicted to it :D

Algo me dice que si se te va a dar el viaje. Espero de corazón que ganes y por eso te dejo lo más que puede dar un pecesito como yo: resteem.
¡Éxitos Eric!

Hola Jessy!! Siii, espero que sí! Espero en unos días llegar con buenas noticias :) Muchas gracias por tu apoyo! Todo voto y resteem cuenta!! :D
Estamos platicando!! Saludooos

wow .....amazing pic and the pic is very nic

I wish you all the best with this contest and the ticket, this post is very sincere and dynamic. Your passion to travel will get you far away for new adventures, I'm sure of that!

Thank you very much Andre! I really hope I can continue to travel and to share these amazing adventures with you! I promise to never get boring! :D

O weeeeee so pumped for you my brother. You got this God willing.

God bless.


Ayyyy :D :D :D
Thanks man, I hope to see you there, you have to make somehow!

Ayyyyy. I have faith whatever is supposed to happen will happen my brother :)

This is an awesome post, I really hope you make it there my friend!
What a man, lol!
So glad I caught your introduction, a definite thanks to @luzcypher for bringing you aboard :)

I really hope so!! It would be so amazing to finally put a face to so many people :)

I am happier you caught it, hence the honorary mention right on top.

@anomadsoul I like your submit. I have followed you.

Hahhahah so good man! Im in the same way to the Steemfest! Hope to see you in there! Porque el pasaje desde SudAmerica es caro para mi tambien Cuateeeee!

Oh yess!! More latino power going to Steemfest! Every day I find out more awesome people are going and I get more excited, I really hope I can attend! Esoo, el pasaje para cruzar el charco es muuuy caro!

Asi es mi latino..vamos adelante que llegamos!

Hey @anomadsoul :) I wish you all the luck and hope you win those tickets! I haven't come across your blog before but your journey sounds very interesting and I can't wait to learn more about your adventures! I cannot help you too much with my upvote since it's only worth 10cents, but I will resteem your post.

I also dream of going to steemfest but this year I am doing a exchange in California, so going is not an option. I will try to go next year! I bet it is a lot of fun!

I think it's great that you are a part of ocd, you guys are doing a great job helping people who are committed to making high quality content. :)

I really help you win the tickets, wish you all the luck and can't wait to hear how it goes!

Oh wow, I thought I left too many comments on your content but I woke up to yours and thought "well, we both are also heavy commenters" haha.

Thank you so much for the luck! I reeally hope I win! The resteem helps my cause a lot, thanks for that! Really? California sounds amazing, I read some of your posts and what you are doing there is great, I really hope you learn a lot and grow as an actress. I have a comment about the psychology part and the mental health part but that i will leave on another post of yours :)

I promise to keep you updated with all the SF adventures!

Yeah, I try to comment as much as have time to. Especially if people take the time to write meaningful comments to me :) California is really amazing! I would blog a lot more about it but I'm really quite occupied with my studies. Looking forward to the updates :)

I look forward to reading more posts from you! I promise to keep you updated the moment I find out if I won :)

@anomadsoul Steemit is gonna adjust a great deal of lifes, it's transformed mine and several Other folks but that is certainly just the start..

Amazing! What a way to live, you are so inspiring!

All the best! Upvoted and resteemed :)

Heeey! Look who´s back! I hadn´t seen a post of yours for the past weeks! Now I saw you started posting again 2 days ago :) I went and voted, I particularly agree 100% with the homeschooling post, nothing better than your example for the kids, besides, you can control what they learn and how they do it, I plan on doing the same and have little math machines by the age of 6 hahaha.

Thank you very much for the Resteem! I hope I get to a lot of ears and eyes!

Awww thanks for noticing! It means a lot :)

Not surprised that you'd be interested in homeschooling as well, it usually works well for those who enjoy their freedom and creativity!

All the best with your entry and your current adventures, much love :)

@redrica got you a $1.62 @minnowbooster upgoat, nice!
@redrica got you a $1.62 @minnowbooster upgoat, nice! (Image: pixabay.com)

Want a boost? Click here to read more!

Awesome adventures! That's the way to live life!

Love it! If you haven't checked out Steemit Worldmap than you should! You just add the code at the bottom of your posts and it adds you to the map

I will check it out asap :)

I am glad you liked this and thanks for the tip.

Hope you make it! Great post! Like your pictures, tells simple stories of your adventures. Good luck!~

@anomadsoul We need remain informed and concentrate on things that are hidden from the majority.

You've been a huge boon to the Steemit community, and you totally deserve to go to SteemFest! It looks like I'm going to be in Morocco at that time - so close yet so far - so I'd love to hear your experience if you make it.

It cost $250 for my one-way ticket from the Seattle to Madrid, so if prices are similar from Mexico it looks like you'll be well on your way to that!!!

Can you tell I'm excited? Schwee!

What a great post!!

Your grow on Steemit is remarkable. Hope you can win that ticket! Good luck :)

UP& RS!!

I really hope I can see you in Portugal!!!

Thank you for the RS :D I knew you´d like it :)

Hi @anomadsoul, I see you have mentioned me.
This is automatic response so that I may respond to your mention later.

Thank you kind bot.

Thank you very much for your entry! I'm too busy to rad through the entire thing now but I will be later on, from the rough overview it looks amazing!

Yes! It came from the heart, spent quite a bit of the night doing this, I hope it is up to the expectations! Hope to hear from you, and thanks for doing this!

Hells-yeah, you got my vote to go to steemfest2! Can't wait to read all your European hitching adventures. Oh, by the way, I just found out that you are behind @mexico-trail! That's awesome, I didn't know. Thanks for organizing it, and for all your curations. Are you planning to fly out from the D.F.? (I know there are cheap flights from Cancun as well.) If so, let me know when you are here, and we can go out for some chelas before you leave. :-)

Mate that sounds great! Actually there is going to be a meet up next saturday in México city, perhaps we an drink a chela there, or maybe two ;)
Yess, I hope you participated in the challenge #5!
I plan on flying from México city with one of those tickets where, if there is space, you hop on the plane, if there is no space, you have to wait til the next flight. Gonna be a good adventure just getting in plane hahaha.
Hope to see you next saturday man!

Awesome! I'm psyched. Saturday is also market day, so if you feel like coming to Tlalpan in the morning (or before 3pm) I'll treat you to a probiotic refresco. And in the evening, chela time! Is that gonna be a Steemit meetup? Sorta like a local steemfest? Can't wait!
Ah, so you're air hitching? That's cool! I didn't know that was still available. I've done it a few times myself, and it was always a trip. Either that or a story worth telling.
Oh, so you haven't seen that horrible post I submitted yet! I was really hoping to publish something better, but it was just too dark for photos. Which didn't stop me from trying, but... you'll see. Anyway, at least I'll get to participate.

Hey man, plans have changed unfortunately. The market is cancelled tomorrow because of the earthquake we had, I'm sure you've heard. Or you may have felt it if you were here already. I hope you are all right, and all your loved ones as well. If the meet up is happening, I'd still be interested though, or if not, but you feel like it, the two of us could still meet. :-)

Yeah man we are planning to do it next week that everything calms down a bit, it just doesn´t seem right to do it now... I am in Puebla and I am not planning on coming back to DF til next friday but market before the meeting sounds great!! Thanks for that, all good on the family side, I hope you didn´t suffer any material damage , I can see you are alright, good to know mate.

Yeah, all is fine here, thanks for asking. Okay, so next Sat sounds great. There should be market again, like normal.

If you want to check out the market, here are the details:
Mercado Alternativo de Tlalpan
Casa de Cultura de la UAEM
Triunfo de La Libertad 9, Tlalpan Centro I,
14000 Ciudad de México,
Looking forward to seeing you there!

wow that is really a nomadic lifestyle and mindset ;)
I wish you all the best and hope that you can attend the steemfest and have a blast while hiking through Europe ;)
Maybe we see us at the fest, because I am thinking about attending it too ;)

Gran aventura¡ tendrás éxito y veremos todos esos videos de ese gran viaje

nice friend for our post there ok
Follow my @imamalkimas

Ey Eric. It would be great to meet you in Portugal!

Thanks my friend! I hope to get to meet all of you! Tha would be a blast, looking forward to it.

Really hope you enjoy your steemfest.

@anomadsoul I hope you make it there. I plan on trying to make it there somehow too!

Mate I really hope to meet you there! If you end up going hit me up on discord and we can meet"

Excelente, muy buena tu historia, dejo mi voto para colaborar con tal fin y porque me pareció buen post! éxitos!

Muchas gracias amigo! Tomó un buen ratote escribirla pero que bueno que disfrutaste leyendola. Ahora esperemos que sea seleccionado, prometo tomar muchas fotos!

Muchos éxitos, Eric, genial tu post y muy dedicado. ¡Te deseo lo mejor!

Hey amigo! Como dije en discord, un placer verte de nuevo por acá! Muchas gracias y si, hubo mucha dedicación! Espero llegar con buenas noticias pronto!!

Espero lo mismo, muchos éxitos!!

You are a doer and I'm so proud of you! You are living the life brother you are doing what most people would love to do, you have had so many adventures so many interesting things and I love to live them through you! Keep on trucking and steeming brother may God bless and good luck!!❤️

Ohh yes!! Look who´s back!! I am so glad to see you around Ceci! Are you going to start posting again? Please say yes! :D

Thank you so much for your kind words, they mean a lot to me coming from you! I hope I make it there, I promise to deliver a lot of adventures and pictures!

Hi @anomadsoul, I see you have mentioned me.
This is automatic response so that I may respond to your mention later.

Oh noo, I just edited a typo I found while re-reading :(

Good, i nice you

Really inspiring story. I hope you can visit SteemFest2, its actually in my country, you will love it.

Hey man! Why don´t you make a guide with all the attractions in Portugal for those who are going to steemfest and have a bit of extra time to explore? I bet it will make good rewards, tag it with steemfest and travel and for sure i will vote and RS it!

You can do it bro, and of course: YOU DESERVE IT. I hope to see you around Europe showing your good vibes

Thank you very much Efra! I am really excited about this, I hope I get selected!

I will be an ungrateful fellow, if i dont support your desire to better the steemit community and the spanish community at large. The spanish community made me stay on steemit. They really encouraged me. Anytime i come accross the @mexico-trail i upvote all there content. The contest by @Mexico-trail i have participated is 2 out of the 4 they have organised. I am participating in the independence day contest too. @anomadsoul i give my upvote and resteem.

Turpsy this is great to hear from you, you know we work towards the community and always try to give something back! I look forward to reading your challenge entry! Viva México amigo!

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Thank you @abh12345 I trully appreciate it!

“Not all those who wander are lost.” Go for it! Wish you all the best.

@anomadsoul Excellent... Motivating and it will make me joyful to check out effort and resolve prevail. Adore it..

I envy you for how much you have travelled. Good post too!

You are amazing your life is full of passion let never end. When you slow down ( I doubt :-)))) your mind will put the words all together to write an excellent adventure book for younger generations. Good work my friend. Up


Hi Eric = anomadsoul

Anyone that upvotes and replies to me


A newbie joined steemit August 2017

I upvote for upvote Reply for Reply ☺♫

Seeing as we both missed steemfest 2
27 April 2017

  1. Is there going to be a steemfest 3?
  2. when and where?

@anomadsoul Very well performed for sticking at it! It's really a new technique for lifetime therefore you are modern-day pioneers. Adore it..