My road to SteemFest2 - Step one: Believe

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Let´s face it: Steemfest2 is expensive for a minnow, especially for one that must to cross the Pacific Ocean in order to attend. But it is worth it.

Ok, shall we put aside all the conferences from well respected names of the crypto-world and also from some of our fellow popular Steemians, special activities such as the Hackaton or the Snooker tournament and all the food & cocktails we´ll have?

Yep, let´s put that aside.

Can you imagine being part of steemit since April and having met a lot of amazing people with which you connect and feel part of something bigger? Well, I can.

Since I became part of this awesome community all I have done is engage, engage and engage. This has brought me to a stage where I feel that some of this strangers - because we haven´t met in real life - I´ve known them all my life.

I´ve been watching some videos from lats year´s event and I´ve been speaking with some of my SteemFriends that went last year and I am convinced it is an experience I don´t want to miss, I must do everything I can to achieve attending!



In case you don´t know me, let me tell you something about myself: I travel with the lowest budget it comes. Whoever you´ve met that states they save money on the road, hasn´t met me. This is not bragging, it is just a challenge I put myself into and now I can´t stop.

While traveling through Central America I visited 5 countries in the span of almost 4 months and I spent less than 1,200 USD. Total.

Now, let´s get to the numbers it will take me to attend Steemfest:

  • SteemFest2 access ticket: 250 USD
  • Accommodation for five days in Lisbon: 150 USD (Of course I have to stay in a cheap airbnb or a hostel)
  • Plane ticket: 700 USD (So far I´ve been scanning (No pun intendend) and that is as cheap as a 2-way ticket comes.
  • Extras: 100 USD
    Total: 1,200 USD.

So, what I spent in Central America in three and a half months I will be spending in one big weekend.

But not just any weekend, SteemFest weekend!

I believe I can achieve this goal.

A few days ago I won a SteemFest2 ticket sponsored by @blueorgy, I won his contest where he helped three Steemians to fulfill their dream..


Now, I will be making a series of posts about how am I getting ready to attend this yearly event and, I humbly ask you to help me fund my plane ticket with your vote and, in exchange of that, I promise to:

  • Buy the plain ticket to Spain, France or Germany - whichever is cheaper.
  • Hitchhike all the way down to Lisbon and post everything that happens on my way to Portugal.
  • Post live updates of my Road to SteemFest2the previous days before arriving to Lisbon.
  • Post live videos of my experiences about SteemFest2 (every day) on the @mexico-trail account and my personal account.
  • After SteemFest2, I will Eurotrip for as long as I can manage to live out of my savings and my steemit earning. Of course I will post about all of my adventures there.
  • Have a blast, meet new people, get to know my online friends attending and to always...

I already have my SteemFest2 ticket, my next goal, is to pay for the plane tickets as soon as possible to get the beest price.

I will keep you updated, my Steempals.

Remember, Be Here Now


Hi @anomadsoul, I see you have mentioned me.
This is automatic response so that I may respond to your mention later.

Congrats on winning the ticket!!

Thank you so much! I was lucky to find out about the contest and l was inspired that day! I am so glad i got it!

You've got my two cents! Congrats on winning the tickets and I can't wait to see your next adventure unfold. Schwee!

Thank youuuu! It is not about the cents it is about how happy your comments make me :) Schweee!

Nice, getting the ticket was a big score!

You'll get there brotha. I've no doubt.. & then I will see you there ;)

Sounds like an interesting plan, do your thing!

Oh Damn, more and more people i know telling me they will be there! I guess i have to stop saying we should have a drink there or i will end up quite drunk but what the hell, let's have a drink there my friend!

haha, that's great news. I think it's gona be a wild one this year!

And ya, i know what you mean... u probably will get sloshed.. sounds good ~

This is such great news!! I'm resteeming now, hope you get that ticket soon :)

Thanks for that resteem dear friend :) I hope in a few days I can shout outloud that I am definitely going! :D

No problem, I hope you can too!!!

Felicidades! Apenas me entero de esto, estoy seguro de que lo vas a lograr. Suerte!

Your documented solo hiking experience would not be something i wanna miss out!

Be sure to buy your tickets as soon and possible!

Congrats on the win and see you on Steemfest2!

Good post! I'm going to follow you to see more post like this and for support us!

Congrats for winning the tickets! :-) Now let's get you over to Europe. I just powered up, and my upvote is worth seven cents! Whoo-whoo!

Mate thanks so much for this! Also, the meetup had to be cancelled and dat TBD due to all the fuzz in Mx city but I will let you know :( I am still in Puebla though. Whoo-whoo! Hahaha

No worries. Let me know when you're in the city and we'll have a little meet-up.

Felicidades! Que buenooo