Sad thoughts from a Krakovian Laundry room

in #steemfest2 years ago (edited)
I'm an emotionally detached person. Moving around countries so often, meeting new people - and bonding with them - every other day, sharing experiences and having meaningful conversations with freshly made friends over the last two years made me be that way.


Think about it, it eventually gets old, you get tired of saying goodbye to a lover, a friend, a place or an experience so often. One can only endure so much pain or ache of constant farewell and, it gets to a point where you simply stop being emotional about it and take things as they come, try to get the most out of the experience and move on as soon as it's over.

I've been able to do that for the past year - yep, my first year of traveling was full of heartaches and sad goodbyes, I had to learn for the 2nd year - and somehow I'm able to compartmentalize emotions (or not feeling them at all) when it comes to saying goodbye. I focus in being here and now and I don't even think about the past or the future regarding friends, family, lovers, places or experiences.

I was doing a great job until I met you, you bunch of weirdos.

I was expecting this Steemfest to be different than the one I attended in Lisbon but man, I didn't expect it to be completely and astoundingly different.

First of all - and this is only my point of view, I have no data to back this up - last year was a Whales, devs and investors Steemfest with the occasional dolphin and minnow; this year, everywhere I looked I saw a minnow having a conversation with a community leader and a small dolphin. This was the people's Steemfest if you may. All the community focused Steemians, the engagers, the high quality content creators were here.

If you ask me, that is one of the most positive things I take from these 5 days. The Core of the community - not the coin - came from all over the world to create new relationships, strengthen old alliances, share a project or idea and especially to meet all the people behind the username.

This five days felt as meeting old friends, I even felt among family at one point.

As long as we, the community core stay committed and focused in growing Steem, I don't care if another million users come and go, because we'll still be here thriving to make Steem the best version of itself it can be. The quitters will come back eventually.

On the other hand, I feel sad. I couldn't be emotionally detached regarding this event and the people who were part of it and right now, while I'm doing my laundry in front of my hostel a few blocks from the Qubus and the main bar area (you wouldn't know about what area I'm speaking about, right?) I realized I'm going to be very nostalgic about these week with you, Steemians.

I would say I miss you, but one can only miss something or someone that can actually come back or be again. But Steem Fest 3 is never coming back, is not a girlfriend you miss because she left for a month, it's not a city you'll come back to. SF3 will never occur again; Krakow will never have 350 Crypto crazies roaming around the city with a Yellow scarf around their necks; Poland can't ever be the same and I will never be the same.

So yeah, I can't say I'll miss you. What I can say, and I think its way more painful, is that I'll feel nostalgic about these few days with you. I will wake up some days feeling a chronic nostalgia about Krakow and about how we changed paradigms and proved that yes, even a bunch of strangers whose only interaction is through a blockchain based social media, can become friends and to some extent, become a family.

Thank you all for attending, thank you all for the beers shared, thank you for the conversations and most importantly, thank you for the daily tens of hugs I got from you.

You are awesome, weirdos.


same for me! Working in tourism will do that, you meet so many people and after a while it gets old and you stop making efforts. This was different though, we leave but in a way we stay in touch on the blockchain, so the effort was worth it! I', sure we'll meet again some place else. Enjoy the coffee =)

Wow beautifully written man. Too bad I wasn't at SF3, from what I have seen from the reactions so far the community aspect seems very huge. And I am glad to see that, because I have always said that I have faith in our community, that goes beyond the tech.

Have a safe trip home man.

Hey FT. Eve said she sent you a pic of us having a selfie moment. Dad you couldn't be there. I often wondered if you were hiding in plain view ;-)... But then I knew a few people there who were at sf2 and they did they couldn't see you. You're secret id is safe ;)

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Hahah I saw the picture, it looked fun! Hahah had to laugh about this. I wouldn't hide from you guys if I were there. Or would I? ;)

Beautifully articulated and heart warming post Eric. It's also interesting to hear your perspective on how last year and this year were different.

This was the people's Steemfest if you may. All the community focused Steemians, the engagers, the high quality content creators were here.

I felt like I was surrounded by people with community at heart all the time at SF3. Also, @roelandp locations had me wide eyed with wonder many times... That final banquet was something I'll never forget.

Nostalgia can be a bitter sweet pill to swallow for sure. But the memories, the friends we make and the good times are worth all the nostalgia in the world. Hey man, I somehow never got to have the deep and meaningful with you about nomad travel. If you have time the question I just wanted to ask was 'what your most inspiring adventure was?' if you've already wrote a post about it link drop it to me here as I got a few hours to kill on the flight ;-)

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I was doing a great job until I met you, you bunch of weirdos.

This got me in the feelers.. so fitting. Awwww we will all see each other again.. we need a damn weirdos convention. This week was amazing and it was a pleasure to get to know you a bit.. even though we never got to have a late night just talking about our Steemit crushes 🤔.. there is always SF4 for that.

😘 see you soon

I'm distressed enough and I only really did the day times, you must be distraught. You had to pick the most depressing setting didn't you!

NB if steem takes off that'll be the last fest of this character.... 3000 attendees would be a completely different beast!Nostalgia could well be the most appropriate emotion.

I couldn't handle being the last steemian in Krakow. It's better being back in the UK trawling through new peops' feeds and planning the next year on steem.... on and off the chain!

Don't forget to catch up on sleep asap! Everything seems better after proper sleep.

And I can recommend a flight back sitting next to a Norwegian underwear model... cheered me right up!

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And I can recommend a flight back sitting next to a Norwegian underwear model... cheered me right up!

You lucky sod!

I was born lucky.

Unfortunately my social incompo means I frequently fail to take advantage of it.

Still processing the week!

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How did you find out she's a model?

450 Ginabot's await me, this is going to be brutal!

Strangely, I feel your nostalgia and sadness, as I sip my morning coffee on the left coast of the US of A. I think it's a "nomad" thing, although I am a former nomad.

Yes, you learn detachment, because the endless parade of goodbyes makes it so. But there's also the truth that "you can never go back." I tried "time traveling," back to old haunts... but they can never be the same because WE can never be the name; then the realization that we're not trying to return to a place or people, we are trying to return to a feeling, and it's a fleeting and gossamer thing that drifts away on the winds of passing time, blown out to sea somewhere to fall as rain into an ocean from which it becomes inseparable.

Then, occasionally, there are "landmarks" that take us by surprise... clearly SF3 was one such. So thank you for sharing this.

My nomadic days ended around 2003, but I would not trade those experiences for anything, including a more stable set of life circumstances.

Fuck, this is sad. As is the picture - what is it about empty laundry rooms that is so depressing?

I would say I miss you, but one can only miss something or someone that can actually come back or be again.

Hmm you think? I would say you can miss a dead person, but that would liken Steemfest or even us to something that's dead and that's just so fucking sad.

It can't come back, but maybe that's why it was so beautiful? Because it was this very finite period of time that we shared? :)

Shudang that was a poweful babble lol.

Ya mon, any1 who attended is/will be feeling similar nostalgia .

I realy enjoyed when we met in Toronto & you made this comparison of finally meeting steemians in person as similar to catching up with old friends.

For me That really describes the sentiment between this comunity and it’s stuck with me as a great way to explain the interaction to my peers who aren’t on steem since then.

Looking forward to the next time we can all hang!

awwwww I'm saddd reading this. I was actually thinking today how i missed the last few days and wish everyone can be together every weekend. I'm sure we will meet again and may become a weirder bunch with extra fun!!

All the community focused Steemians, the engagers, the high quality content creators were here.

I love this observation @anomadsoul and spending time with you.

Please consider yourself massively hugged and don't forget to look me up should you ever pass this way. 😍

Damn, you got emotional here man. However, I can totally related with you. When I walked into the registration area of the Qubus the first day, it felt like meeting some old friends rather then meeting some strangers from the internet.

As long as the annual SteemFest is only close to the experience I was lucky enough to be part of in Krakow, I will try everything I can to attend every single one!

Hope to see you again sooner than later!


You're such a soy boy but, I feel the same so, I guess I am a soy boy too. We took over the city, and we'll do it again next year!

Hahah manly soy boys.

Just wait till you see Eric in real life. :))) Jk, he's cool.

Hard on the outside, soft on the inside.

Jk @anomadsoul xD

Haha, yeah, pretty much it. :))

Aaww. I will miss it all too but I am glad to have a good night's sleep in my own bed behind me. Safe travels mate.

I feel the same. I just said goodbye to the remaining DDaily crew this morning and it was tough! It has been such and amazing week. Thanks for your kind words at the bowling.

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What an awesome article. I couldn't have explained it better. :) And sorry about the "horse-woman" joke at the Salt Mine bro :)


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There's always next year.. it will happen again and you can call us all wierdos all over again :)

It can be described perfectly as Saudades, the portuguese word for missing something/ someone with a nostalgic feeling of happiness. Glad SF3 happened!

That was so touching. I am also feeling blue and as you said SF3 will never come back to us again, but I did loved those hypes moments with all my heart. Enjoy your journey and hopefully see you again in SF4

Estimado amigo Eric, sé bien como te sientes... Por años he asistido a Festivales de Música Coral, en diferentes ciudades de mi país, Venezuela; y siempre es lo mismo, es extrañar lo in-extrañable, porque (como tú dices) no volverá; siempre una vez al año un grupo de locos cantantes de música Coral se reunían a cantar un poco, de día y de noche... Era lindo, pero ahora esa ilusión cada vez se esfuma, por las politicas de estado de mi país, las cosas han mermado, tanto que hasta los organizadores de dichos festivales musicales, se han ido.
En cuanto al SteemFestestoy contento por la experiencia que ustedes lograron vivir, y que seguro debió ser hermosa, espero estar con ustedes en 2019 o 2020, no debo de dejar de soñarlo hasta llegar a vivirlo.
Un abrazo, @anomadsoul.


everything was so intense, I kind of feel we didn't have the chance to talk more though, but I'm grateful enough to have met you and all the lovely fellows I got to speak too, yes, somehow that moment has passed but we are shifting with it...
that's the magic of fleeting things... but gather one thread to another and you have a solid rope.

Although it was my first SteemFest i absolutely had the same thoughts like you. It felt more like a feast for the people, the community and also for a lot of new steemians like me that attended SteemFest this year. I hope to see everyone again at SteemFest 2019.

Dude.. is that your sad face, because I'm pretty sure you make the same face for all your pictures?! Saying that, I fucking love this post. I get it man, this was my first Steemfest, but it was so obviously special as fuck, it will never happen the same way ever again. So I just feel honored to have been a part of this whole experience. It was all so meant to be. Anyway, Eric, you're awesome, if you ever come to London again, TELL ME!!!

It was awesome to finally meet you! And so funny that it felt like we already were old friends, just catching up after not seeing for a while.

Very nice post! Very well said as well. It always amazes me to think about how people like me who are just a little minnow are some of the biggest movers and shakers of the platform. We may not have any huge projects going on, but we are the ones putting the content out there every day. It is pretty exciting. Your reflections on your time at Steemfest 3 have been very poignant and make me regret even more that I was not able to attend. Maybe next year...


Chin up... shake it off........ ;) ............ We're all still connected. Though I must say, without what you do.......... I'd have missed loads. Thank you.

be careful with detaching feelings like that, you can end up inside your head a lot questioning stuff. i think some good sleep, maybe aligning of calendars with other people are required, no reason why you can't keep bumping into or bouncing into each other's energy in the near futures.

special memories are meant to be locked in like this, the comfort of strangers that become perfect memories of a life well travelled is a not a bad head state to be!

I was watching SteemFest3 live via YouTube livestream and I had a very positive feeling watching the evnt from the distance. I can only imagine how uch fun it was for you guys, who were there in Krakow.

i wasn't there or in any other Steemfest but i think i understand what you say pretty good. What i am always trying to do is to keep maintaining a relationships either this is directly by steemit or through discord. I don't like to meet people and then cut them off because of distance. I prefer to keep these relationships and grow them from that same distance and you never know what awaits in the future, you or i may meet them again!

Oh I know something about detached emotions while traveling. (Almost) all of the relationships with people you meet are temporary, you start to miss some kind of constant regarding people in your life. Not strong feeling of meeting and saying goodbye to people everyday, but this kind of low level, but building everyday emotional bond that we can construct If we live in one place. This is what is the hardest to me while travelling, this is the biggest cost of this way of life.

Welcome bsck from steemfest,hope i meet you when its steemfest4

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Perfectly stated brother. It was my first one and I loved each and every second. It was very much family and I got a bit teary eyed leaving for the last time. Saying goodbye to each and everyone of you for the last time in Krakow was difficult but I’m trying to view it as a new beginning instead of the end of something. I made such amazing memories and fantastic friends that no matter what happens with this platform, those bonds will still be there...hopefully for years to come.

Beautiful one! Its one of the treasures of life, meeting strangers that eventually turn to friends and families. It is such an honor to read this heart warming experience. Thank you :)

Damn you. You should have warned me that this post will be contagious. Now I feel nostalgia even despite the fact that I was not even Krakow. But steemfest 4 will be soon right? Right?
makes an imaginary day mark on my table. 1 down. x to go...

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Was really good to meet you man. I really try not to say goodbye and lean more towards see you when I do. Helps with the detachment 😎

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It must be very difficult to live with that feeling of nostalgia every time you get to a place where you feel good but you know inside that not last long, the important thing is that you enjoyed the experience of being in the SF and that the next time may be much better

Oh, wow! That causes me to want to plan to attend next year! Thank you.

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que bueno debe haber sido estar ahí...ahora estoy un poco alejado de postear pero no de steemit...estoy trabajando con mi equipo de steemitficcion en un proyecto bastante ambicioso y que esperamos traiga también valor a la plataforma y el poco tiempo libre que tengo la gran mayoría se lo dedico a eso, buscando apoyos y fondos, entre otros en donde también presentamos el proyecto...quien dice si todo sale bien nos conozcamos en las próxima steemfest

Man I didn't even know you and you gave me nostalgia now !!!
You're absolutely right saying it was the "Steemfest of the People", my trip was funded and I wouldn't have been able to go without the support of a kind soul.
It allowed a dude like me to really connect with people I wouldn't have the chance to , so for this I am very grateful.
I really felt the love, and lot's of brilliant individuals with such remarkable stories...

In the carnage of SF3 I did not meet you - but I was advised to talk with you as I think it is you who has taken steps to build a new portal for onboarding Steem users - is that correct? I have also started such a project a few weeks ago and have strong support now.. Let me know if you would like to collaborate. :)

@anomadsoul, I am one of those minnows you talked to (just for few minutes) on Friday in the evening in front of the lift. :)

Btw, very well and interestingly written post. I've read it 6-7 times and constantly think about it. Also, I've found in your post very intresting and useful info about the SF2. Having read it I am even much more optimistic about the bright future of Steem blockchain ecosystem.

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Ok that first part is just sad.
But the rest - the way we all connected I think is one of the positive effects of the bear market. When there’s no hype about money, people remember what’s really important: relationships, friendships, community, emotions and also creativity and productivity.

In a bull market everyone is distracted, but right now, people are creating the most incredible apps on the Steem Blockchain (and other ones) and focus on what really counts.

I once found a ferret in a laundry room. It bit me later that day so I returned it to the laundry room.

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