Would you like to you help this Nomad fund his plane ticket for SteemFest2? (ENG/SPA)

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So I took leap of faith and bought a one way ticket from México to Brussels, Belguim for 180€ !!

Yes! Only a one way ticket! In a few days I will see how this Nomad manages to buy the return ticket but for now, I have a ticket to Brussels for October 24th and I can´t begin to tell you how real this is starting to feel like.

I know, I am not a graphic designer, I only managed to do this picture in Power Point :P

Two weeks ago I won my ticket to SteemFest2 in a contest organized by @blueorgy and now, @acidyo with whom I work with in @ocd, let me borrow some green ones to seize this bargain I found in skyscanner.com

I mean, 180 euros to get from Cancún to Brussels? I had to take it while it lasted!

It is a ticket that only allows me to bring one 10 kilo bag, so it is going to be quite the adventure to bring my heavy laptop, profesional camera, GoPro, enough clothes for cold weather (Belgium and Germany) and also hot weather (Portugal). Include in the equation formal attire for Steemfest2 and also casual clothing for normal days after Steemfest. I know, it not doable, I guess I will be heavily clothed while boarding the plane. It is going to be a very funny situation watching me board looking like I weight 120 kilo but hey, it is all for a good cause: Saving money.

And you know what´s the best part?

Here´s the confirmation I got from TUI fly and the proof my ticket was 180 Euro :)

I am flying to Europe 7 days before Steemfest so, as I promised, I will be able to hitchhike all the way down to Lisbon! At first I promised I would do it from either Germany, Spain or France but, I think Belgium is a better challenge, especially because it is already cold up there that time of the year, so that means it will be a harder challenge, I can´t wait!

So the plan is to stay with @roxane in Brussels 2 nights and then hit the road and try my luck, I´ve been told hitchhiking in Northern Europe in late October is the real thing, it is harder than winning the lottery.

But if there´s no challenge, then what is the point of doing it, right?

Besides, I´ve already hitchhiked in Central America more than 20 times, I know it is a different kind of challenge but still, I don´t it´ll be harder.

It is one of the biggest challenges I will ever have, because I plan to hitchhike in a Continent I have never been to.

But right now, my main concern was to get the flight, that´s been done and I´m asking you If you would like to lend a helping hand for this Mexinomad and help out to get a bit of refund for the cost.

I will see you there!

I can´t wait to meet you all and to take a picture as awesome as this one!

¿Te gustaría ayudar a este Nómada a financiar su boleto de avión al SteemFest2?

Hice un salto de fé y compre un boleto de ida desde México a Bruselas, Bélgica por 180€ !!

Sii! Solo es boleto de ida! En algunos días, veré como le hace este nómada para ingeniarse un boleto de regeso pero por ahora, ya tengo un boleto para el 24 de Octubre a Bruselas y no sé por donde comenzar a decirte como me siento.

Ya sé, no soy diseñador gráfico, lo único que pude hacer es esta imagen en Power Point :P

Hace dos semanas gané un boleto al SteemFest2 en un concurso organizado por @blueorgy y ahora, @acidyo con quien trabajo en @ocd, me ha prestado algunos billetes verdes para poder aprovechar esta oferta que encontré en skyscanner.com

Es decir, ¿180 euros para ir desde Cancún a Bruselas?to get from Cancún to Brussels? Tenía que tomar ese precio antes de que desapareciera!

Es un de avión que solo permite llevar un equipaje de 10 kilos, así que será un gran reto llevar mi laptop, mi cámara profesional, mi GoPro, suficiente ropa para clima frío (Bélgica y Alemania) y también llevar ropa para clima cálido (Portugal). Ahora incuye en la ecuación ropa formatl para el Steemfest2 y también ropa casual para los días después del SF2. Ya sé, es imposible, supongo que tendré que usar mucha ropa al momento de abordar el avión. Será una situación embarazosa y divertida a la vez, el verme abordar viéndome como si pesara 120 kilos pero hey, es por una buena causa, ahorrar plata.

Y sabes cual es la mejor parte?

Esta es la confirmación de vuelo que me mandaron los de TUI fly y la prueba de que el boleto costó 180 Euros :)

Volaré a Europa 7 días antes de que comience el SteemFest así que, como prometí, tendré tiempo para hacer dedo todo el trayecto a Lisboa! Al principio dije que lo haría desde Alemania, España o Francia pero, creo que Bélgica es todavía un reto mayor, en especial porque en esas fechas ya comienza a hacer frío por allá en el Norte, así que eso implica que será un mejor desafío, no puedo esperar!

Así que el plan es quedarme con @roxane en Bruselas 2 noches (gracias Roxane!9 y después atacat el camino y probar mi suerte. Me han dicho que hacer dedo en Octubre en el Norte de Europa es más difícil que ganar la lotería, pero no importa.

Porque si no hay reto, entonces cual es el punto de hacerlo, ¿no?

Además, ya he hecho dedo en Centroamérica más de 20 veces, sé que es un tipo de desafío diferente pero aún así, no creo que sea más difícil.

Será una de las mejores aventuras que he tenido, ya que planeo hacer dedo un Continente en el cual nunca he estado.

Pero ahora mismo, mi principal preocupación era conseguir un vuelo barato y eso ya lo he logrado, ahora les pido que si quieren echar una mano al financiamiento de del vuelo de este nómada mexicano, voten o den resteem a este post.

Allá los veré!

No puedo esperar conocerlos a todos y tomarnos una foto tan increíble como esta!


Here is our 100% upvote to help you get there. We will be there as well, and look forward to meeting with you.

Holy guacamole! Thanks so much for the vote fellow adventurer! Well, then look for me! (I mean, I would look for you but i dont know how you look like :( )

@johngentry and @karengentry will be there representing our group.

congrats @anomadsoul My vote is not worth so much yet...but i upvoted and followed...as this is a worth thing and i love you are going for it. I am a neighbor in Guatemala. I live at Lake Atitlan...if your nomad soul ever makes it down this way...dont hesitate to look me up in person!

Hey buddy! Damn! I just came from there a few months ago! I went to Atitlan, San Pedro, San Juan, Panajachel and climbed Atitlan! Would have been awesome to meet over there :(

Thanks for the vote, it is not about how much is worth but about you helping a fellow steemian and for that, I am very grateful.

You rock brother! Love your journeys! up voted and resteemed!

Hey man! So glad to read you! Thank you so much, i promise to keep blogging about every adventure :D I really appreciated the vote and resteemd :D

Put your laptop into your backpack so it doesn't count in your logage or build a big pocket in your jacket

And it isn't so cold in Germany right now. It is way over 10 degree Celsius

Yeah man I do hope it is not that cold by mid November or I´ll realy be in trouble :P haha

Que lo pases bien !

Muchas gracias amigo Crow! Espero se recolecte un poco por acá para que no me quede pobre allá en las Europas! Jajajaja

I look forward to seeing your journey @anomadsoul!

Thanks so much aussie friend and colleague :D I will definitely post everything about his adventure of a lifetime!!

Thank you so much my friend, I hope this post helps me a bit in the funding! :D

180 euros from Mexico to Brussels....... So much cheaper than Brussels to Lisbon :D How this is even possible ! ? :D

I know right!! I was thrilled when I saw it!! I have to fly a few days earlier but still, missing that price would be a sin!!! :D I can´t wait to meet you all!

Great news! You're in the flow my friend, and rolling with it. Resteemed with intent.

Hey my friend! :)
Thank you so much for the resteem and all the support you´ve given me, It does not go unnoticed. I haven´t seen another great song from you, when are you going to? :D I hope everything is smooth back at the ranch.

You are most welcome my friend! I love your adventures and stories, all while being in the flow. And of course, many times having good dog help along the journey. :D
You started by going south and now you will head east. There must be a meeting with destiny pulling you in this other direction. Adventures await you, Brussels to Steemfest 2 is another important chapter. Keep your eye on the prize and I am keeping good thoughts as well.

Life is busy on the ranch. Just installed a new metal roof and now cutting firewood for the coming winter. We are at over 1600 meters elevation so it gets quite cold especially at night and on stormy days. Wood is our main source of heat and also for some cooking during the cold months.
I look forward to having the time to record more music for #openmic and @dreamrafa's new #guitar-trail. Thanks for asking Brother.
After 56 years as a musician I better keep composing.... so I'm not decomposing, eh?!
:D :D :D

O heck yeahhhhhh congrats on winning and you are going to do great things there. Have faith and do the right thing and everything will work out :)

God bless.


Thanks so much my friend! I was lucky winning the ticket so now I am being selfish and asking for a bit of help for the plane, I hope I get some support!!
Faith is there, let´s see how it rolls, thanks buddy!

Yeahhhhh budddddy sending you positive energy :)

Keep doing great things my brother o weeee

Hi @anomadsoul, I see you have mentioned me.
This is automatic response so that I may respond to your mention later.

Awesome buddy! What an adventure! See you in Lisbon!

Resteemed :) Hope you see you there <3

Thank you so much! You are one of the person´s I´m looking forward to meet, you were one of the first persons I met here :) Thanks for the resteem :D

ya hice UP, esperemos que pronto se completen esos euros
ánimo viajero aventurero

Muchas gracias paisano, agradezco el apoyo! El post va increíble, no esperaba obtener tanta ayuda! Prometo publicar todo sobre el viaje para mantenerlos actualizados con las aventuras :D

That's awesome! Good luck with the hitchhike and especially with packing only 10 kg ..looking forward to read about your experience.

You can do it!💪

Ya estás más pa allá que pa ca!
Mucha suerte compañero 💪 ya casi se acerca el día, todo saldrá bien!

Steem on!

Muchas gracias querida y apreciada paisana, te mando un abrazo!

Que bien una gran apuesta a la meta. Éxitos

BOTTY wishes you a safe journey :]

Do not count on hot weather in Portugal :D It is warm right now, but it is freezing at night, so don´t worry, you´ll use your warm clothes :)

Ohhh, so, hot and cold in the same week? :O gotta be prepared then!

If I can find the money for a ticket to Steemfest, I wouldn't mind joining in hitchhiking from Belgium! Hit me up in discord man!

Ohhh this is gonna be awesome :D :D

It most definitely will be, I can't wait!

Me encantaría verte con mucha ropa para viajar, todo es válido para hacer realidad los sueños, y tú lo sabes muy bien. Este viaje será increíble @anomadsoul , y es que tú le pones un toque especial a tus publicaciones que se vuelven hasta emotivas para quienes te leemos. 😊

listo amigo espero y te sirva de algo :)

Muchas gracias paisana querida :D :D :D

buen viaje hermano y te veo alla, buen post

En serio irás al fest amigo!? Que increíble! Más y más personas me comentan que irán y yo solo puedo emocionarme más!

Mis mejores deseos y buena vibra para ti, se que te irá muy bien y no te preocupes por el boleto de regreso, estoy segura que conseguirás la ayuda necesaria, un fuerte abrazo y espero que todo salga muy bien. Disfruta!

Awesome that you got the ticket!!! And that's so much fun that you will be hitchhiking down to Lisbon.

especially because it is already cold up there that time of the year, so that means it will be a harder challenge, I can´t wait!

I really love your attitude! It's gonna be such an adventure ^_^ Can't wait to read all about it!

The hitching rides part will be amazing! I´m so excited and a the same time a bit nervous, but I have to do it! I promise to post a lot about it so you can come with me at least in soul :)

I'm sure it'll go great :) looking forward to those posts!

Glad to see this taking off, and that you found a great deal to Belgium (with meals included!) Traveling with formalwear would definitely put me over 10kg of baggage, oof. Buena suerte y schweeeeee!

Yes yes yes! It is taking off and I am so glad it is for the best cause ever meeting a lot of steemians I´ve become friends with, I really wish the boyfriend agreed for you both to escape for a while there! I knoooow, the baggage thing will be reaaally to accomplish! Schweeee!!!!

Buenas suerte amigo. Mucho éxito.

I do so hope to see you at Steemfest2!!!!!

Stopping by to give you a head's up on ArtAtSteemfest!!! I hope you'll jump on this opportunity as an artist and a host of a Steemit Art Initiative!


Yo de mayor quiero ser como tú @anomadsoul :D
Ánimo que ya tienes una gran parte lograda.

If you need ANY help with lodging, finding a ride in Holland, get in touch!
Got a lot of contacts here!

Sounds like it will be a very memorable trip. Take lots of pictures! I've never been to Europe but I know the land scapes and architecture are just breath talking. Have a safe trip!

Dude that's such an awesome one-way plane ticket deal :) - warms my heart when there are people who've figured out ways to get long distance flight tickets for cheap. So jealous you'll be attending SteemFest Lisbon, wish I could be there ... but I'm making it my priority to be at the SteemFest 3 - hopefully they announce that next location at the event haha. Enjoy!