Announcing: Golden Steem Awards @ Steemfest

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In November, all eyes will be at SteemFest. And I'll be there, honoring the best authors from Steemit with the Golden Steem Awards.

The Golden Steem Awards is the first award created to promote both the most accomplished and the yet to be discovered Steemit authors, picked by you!

Over the next four weeks, you'll nominate and vote for your favorite authors in five categories:

  • Best Photography
  • Best Original Art
  • Best Original Fiction
  • Best Life Advice
  • Best Undiscovered Author

How to nominate?

To nominate, just post a reply to the top level comment on this post that describes the appropriate category containing a link to a Steemit post that fits that category.

On October 25th, the top 20 nominations in each category will move to the Ballot phase and will be announced in a new post. From there, our judging committee will select the winner between the four top voted posts in each category, and I will announce them live at Steemfest.

The prize pool will consist of all the SBD & STEEM generated from all the posts and comments related to the Awards, divided equally for each category.


Only content posted on Steemit up to the date of this announcement is eligible for this edition of the awards. The poster must be the original author of the work.

For the Best Photography, Best Original Art, Best Original Fiction and Best Life Advice single posts should be nominated from their respective categories. Only one post of each author will move on to the voting phase in each category.

For the Best Undiscovered Author category, the author should not have had a post worth more than $200 SBD up to the time of this announcement. Authors should be nominated through a post representative of his work.

Finalists will be selected by votes in the Ballot post. The winners will be selected from the top four voted works in each category by a judging committee composed of @burnin, @roelandp, @jesta, and @kevinwong.

Help promote the Golden Steem Awards! Resteem, tell your friends and nominate your favorite authors now!

EDIT: Nominations are closed! Check back later to cast your vote in the Ballot thread.


Best Undiscovered Author

Submit your nominations for the Best Undiscovered Author award as replies to this comment.

I want to nominate (58 followers, 55 posts)

  • musician
  • artist
  • programmer

Ink-Drawing by @thj for #inktober

Check out @thj´s music here

Unfornately he has a post that earned $623.42 so it doesn't fit the criteria. Very nice nomination though.

I nominate @saramiller for the best Undiscovered Author!
She has been a very consistent contributor to the Steemit Community with truly life enriching content in both her many in depth Yoga Posts and her contributions to many posts of valuable knowledge by @gardenofeden
She is also going to be teaching Yoga At Steem Fest, but has yet to make a $200+ post.
If you check out her profile you will see consistent value in posts and regular interaction with the Steemit community on a daily basis and support of her would bring exposure of valuable content to more people!
It is difficult to choose one post as it is her entire time on Steemit that is worthy of being recognized beyond what she has gotten for her contributions. I link this one in particular because it is recent and relevant.
My hope is that even if she does not win as I am sure there are other worthy of awards that she gets some recognition through this process!
I love this community!
Full Steem Ahead!

I second this--@saramiller lives, eats and breathes Steemit--spending the majority of her day behind the screen pumping out valuable content, commenting, upvoting and sharing posts. She delves into the deeper realms of Steemit too, and I would love to see her generously rewarded for her efforts. She shares Steemit with everyone she meets (literally) and her exuberant passion for yoga (which will also be shared at Steemfest) is how she shares her love of life. Thank god for @saramiller!

I love @saramiller's style of writing. I second your nominating her @quinneaker. I actually really love this post of hers and wish to nominate it:

Sara has gone through an incredible journey and to see her flourish with such an alive spirit is truly inspiring. This story is a great read--her soul shines through! Thanks for considering her.

What a fantastic idea! The originality keeps on flowing in Steemit and I'm loving it!

I'd like to nominate @getonthetrain for his "encyclopaedic quality" articles. Totally original ideas, very well presented and bursting with detailed, relevant info about the subject matter discussed.

Fantastic blog and, IMHO, one of the best on Steemit.

Thank you for the opportunity to nominate. This probably a catagory in itself that is in its infancy however @doitvoluntarily is doing a great job of reporting versus opining. Reporting pertinent news for Steemians.

Fairly new to Steemit, his short stories are really amazing in their depth, emotion, and quality. I nominate @johnjgeddes

I nominate @everlove for best undiscovered author! Every aspect of this woman's life is art. She is truly inspired, and she shares her unique and valuable perspective through creative communications. Children are her passion, and I think this "children's book" she created is a great representation of her abilities as a writer, mentor, and free spirit.

Imagine the Potential for Life If Children Grew Up with True Freedom, in a World of Self-Design: Here is a Real Example of Children Living Such a Life We're Creating A Whole New Paradigm In Honor of the Children!

Well deserving indeed!
I would have nominated her for this also but I already nominated her for another category award!
I think she is nominated in 4 of the categories!


I knew this will come in handy at some point...

I know a few people who need to be in this!
I am now following you!

Best Original Fiction

Submit your nominations for the Best Original Fiction award as replies to this comment.

I was going to nominate @ezzy too!

I would like to nominate @ezzy. Love reading this guys entertaining tales. Good use of English and well paced throughout.

I nominate @benjojo as "Best Original Fiction" I nominate @benjojo for this not necessarily only because his fiction stories are good but because he has done something really awesome with his fiction series linked here by INCLUDING the Steemit Community in the project by not only holding a competition for artists to create and submit artwork for the series but also PAY out of his own pocket rewards to the winners and FEATURE their art in his series!
I really love this because he is contribution to the Steemit Community is not only with a cool fiction series but by including and sharing his success with other Steemians!!

How to ruin an empire lord vader performance review

Agree, great series of posts by @lordvader :)

I'd like to nominate @macksby for his original fiction. I've watched his material for some time and find it real, sometimes raw and so beautifully described. He pulls you into his world.

“All the stuff our home is made out of - all the steel and the stone - it was all because the Colonial Authority and the Mining Company got together to make mines and forges and foundries. We’ve got light, and heat, and a roof over our heads to keep out the rain when the storms come. Even the pages in all of your school books are from something that the Mining Company makes. All this stuff, Jimmy, is called building an infrastructure, and if we didn’t have the Colonial Authority and the Mining Company we would still be living in the wreckage of the Aristeia

Best Photography

Submit your nominations for the Best Photography award as replies to this comment.

I nominate @eric-boucher for his contribution in photography as a whole; non-manipulated photographs, they are an ode to the one true artist. NATURE. Minimal and unique, his abstract Waves of Sand.

Shouldn't you have a photographer on your panel of judges? I suggest @pfunk :)

@sharker, not one single post, but all of his posted work as a photographer.
If it has to be one link, then any will do.

I agree with the judge of the amazing photographer @pfunk. However, wouldn't want to exclude him from being nominated for this award, as we all know of the valuable posts he continually shares. Without a doubt a gifted contributor.

I agree - I think @pfunk and @mindhunter are the two maddest posters on Steemit!! I love @mindhunter poetry reviews - he is the best poetry critic on Steemit bar none!

Tough to separate these two - love them both - @pfunk is a bit madder than @mindhunter - @mindhunter appears to have a classier edge despite not having been on the platform as long as @pfunk

I nominate @cardiff.
Jackie has taken some amazing photos in field photography. She and I share an account and I believe her photos deserve more recognition.

I nominate @everlove for "best photography" not because her photos are HD CG crisp photos but because she has a TRULY artistic perspective that comes through in her photos and she also shares truly valuable wisdom within her photography posts that are often even more valuable than the beauty of her artistic expression!
She is a true artist and there are many that I could nominate. I nominate this one as it is a beautiful photo but also convoys some of her artistic qualities!

Blessed @quinneaker for your sharing my photography and nominating me for this award. Photography is one of my passions because it gives me an opportunity to share my unique and unusual perspective of life.. My life truly is art, and I am grateful to share so many artistic aspects of my experience here on Steemit. I grateful to be a part of such a dynamic platform. Thanks for the recognition.

HOLY COW - That's the ONE!!!! Great work @everlove!!! :-)

Thank you for showing up here @robyneggs. I'm really grateful to share my gift with you and love what you have to contribute. We're making a great community together. I appreciate your appreciation.

Agreed, @everlove has a truly unique and ALWAYS inspired perspective, and she is ever gracious in sharing her unique view!

I feel @pfunk is worthy of a great photography award. His photographs are not only beautiful but varied!

I nominate @quinneaker for his photography posts. Not only does he capture beautiful shots, but I particularly love his commentary! This choice selection is of "A very happy bumble bee just buzzing around all day sipping sweet nectar, having his way with life."

It's about time this man gets the recognition he deserves. So very happy you have nominated him. Not only is he an amazing artist he's an outstanding humanitarian.

This is truth @saramiller. @quinneaker is a master of wise words and everything her is a part of is incredibly dynamic, including the beauty that comes through in this bee post. So glad you are nominating him.

Since there doesn't seem to be a restriction in the number of nominations we can make, I would like to nominate @dpapadimitroylas for his exquisite photo "I walk alone"

Best Original Art

Submit your nominations for the Best Original Art award as replies to this comment.

I wish to nominate @opheliafu for her wonderful artwork contributions.

I wholeheartedly agree with @shaka. @opheliafu brings so much to this platform, is such an encouragement with her bright spirit, her interactions and her generosity. Great nomination!! I may one day be blessed to collaborate with this artistic genius!

I wish to nominate @pixielolz. It's hard to choose one work, but I'd go for this -

Sublime :)

OH My Gosh---you guys make my heart sing!! I'm honored that you are honoring me and am so grateful for your appreciation. This blessing by @opheliafu is but one more gift she bestows upon Steemit. Thank you dearest opehlia for your recognition.

@everlove is truly a magnificent artist!
Thank you so much for the support @opheliafu as you are probably the most well known artist on Steemit!

@opehliafu--your support never ceases to amaze me. Not only are you a great artist, but you have welcomed me into this community with much love, and my experience here has been greatly enhanced because of you. So grateful for you and your dedication to this artist community. <3

Best artist: @opheliafu - Best art critic: @mindhunter

I was going to nominate @everlove but I see it is already done, by one of the most renowned artists on Steemit no less!
Thanks @opheliafu !

Thank you for seeing the world through my eyes. I'm truly grateful to share with you.

She's certainly my favorite artist. Without a doubt.

Yay!! I'm so glad you appreciate my gift. Thanks for your presence here with me.

Amazing my friend. This is very cool!

+1 for @trueart, great feed and original works

I would like to submit as a nomination one of the artworks I (@anduweb) posted a while ago, of an artist I later also convinced to sign up: @graphicmarble

I support this 100%.

Much appreciated!

I nominate @fairytalelife for her beautiful artwork, including lots of work made exclusively to tell stories on Steemit: and for her efforts to teach the community a thing or two about her craft:

This is a great piece.

I vote for my mother´s art! :D She is really talented and Im happy that she presents her art here on Steemit:

If I am allowed to nominate twice, I nominate @mariandavp. Not only is she an outstanding artist, but she is good for the community as a whole.

I nominate @fairytalelife for her amazing art instruction posts! The amount of time she dedicates to each post is almost unfathomable.

For some reason I havent seen any posts of theirs. Thanks for turning us/me on the this true artist.

You're welcome!

I nominate @fairytalelife not only for unmatched drawing tutorials, that go way beyond anything I've ever seem... But for her depiction of "fairies" in - - her illustrations reach out touch your imagination, effortlessly.

I nominate @ric for his original artwork. Thrilling and frightning at the same time.

This is great!

Props to the individuals that created the nice intro video for the awards! :)

You're probably already working on it, but having awards for the best steemit technical & non-technical ecosystem enhancements would be awesome as well! It would be parallel to something like the Sci-Tech awards that are given out by the Motion Picture Academy (Oscars) .

There were many additional categories I wanted to include but we decided to start simple for the first edition. Let's see how this one goes and adjust for the next edition. Technical awards are a great idea!

Thank you for posting. Do you have a separate catagory for poetry or would one put a nomination under author? Is one allowed to nominate multiples or only one?

Undiscovered author if it fits would be fine. You can nominate for multiple if appropriate.

Best Life Advice

Submit your nominations for the Best Life Advice award as replies to this comment.

I nominate @everlove for "Best Life Advise". Though she is not dispositioned to "giving life advise" she lives a prime example of a healthy, honorable, and happy life. What better advise can someone give than living such a life every day?
She has written a few posts on parenting/education of which have been unnoticed, but yet are profound and important to real change in our world. I wish more people could have seen them and hope that maybe through this more people will.
As I look through her posts to find one to nominate I realize that she has far more posts of inspiring insight into life than I even realized. Even her photography and art posts have valuable life wisdom within them. I honestly cannot think of someone who I could nominate that is more worthy of being recognized for real examples of a healthy, happy and honorable life!
So grateful for this opportunity for recognition and for more Steemians to become aware of such content!

I am so passionate about children!!! They are our future. For me, pretty much everything, including our future and our past, is dictated by our ability to tune into the juicy life introduced by our children. I love to share my perspective, and much of what I write comes back to our relationship with ourselves and the children. Thank you @quinneaker for sharing my writings. Kids are the best life advise we can give and receive.

I nominate @wadepaterson his 20 question interviews give us life insights with some really interesting characters

I name my last two posts that deal with personality defects. I believe it is an extremely original work, which deals with issues that never comes when we talk about life and fleeing from what we are used to seeing being written to the tag life in Steemit. Of course, with a dose of humor in each paragraph.

I nominate @sirwinchester for his positive and optimistic articles on self growth, action and consequence awareness, and the overall impact of our decisions to love or destroy within our community, and controlling our emotions responsibly.

Well, I'm virtually unknown, but I would like to submit this for consideration. Thank you!
Of Pennies and Humble Pie - A true story inspired by a post from @bendjmiller222

@quinneaker is without a doubt the most vibrant, aware and charitable man I have ever known. Through his own personal experiences (not from something he read in a book) he shines the light on the darkness. He sat in meditation until he became aware of the infiniteness of the Universe, and remembered connection to Source Prime. He has a perspective that is not only profound, but he has dedicated his life to sharing it and helping others to also remember. From a sickly, introverted boy to an extremely healthy and greatly revered author and consultant, Quinn is my recomendation for this award. When you meet him in person at Steemfest, I'm sure you will agree!

Yes, I would nominate @sirwinchester too

Cool idea! Is it possible to nominate yourself?

Sure. Ultimately you need the support of other voters so that's fine.

What a fantastic post!
I have several people in mind I want to nominate and am excited for those who will be recognized via these awards!
Full Steem Ahead!

I think this is great!!!
But, I also think there should be a category for "think pieces" or "nonfiction" or something like that. That's my favourite content on SteemIt!

Interesting! I'll ask for feedback for categories for next time.

Hi @burnin, I just stopped back to let you know your post was one of my favourite reads today/yesterday and I included it in my Steemit Ramble. You can read what I wrote about your post here.

Great idea!

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I think you should consider adding a food/cooking award.

Good idea. Next time!

Ah, very nice initiative! Unfortunately, all my articles don't fall in these categories as I write mostly about philosophy.

Just plug in and looked too small ...
But if something like it - be sure to vote.

Best life advice: @stellabelle and @mindhunter - these 2 hots heads of Steemit and both masters of wisdom and Steemit bullshit! They both have finely tuned BS detectors!!

Largest blogger with the best advice for life is @mindhunter for me. Best undiscovered author: @ericvancewalton , a bit of irony there I know!

I wish to nominate maddest Steemer @pfunk as best life advice and @dakini-dion as 'The Steemit's Sexiest Minx' (Oh! There isn't a category for that!)

Hi @burnin, I just stopped back to let you know your post was one of my favourite reads today and I included it in my Steemit Ramble. You can read what I wrote about your post here.

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