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RE: SteemFest³ Updates - First names announced - Ticketshop open - Let's fire it up!

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I don't quite get what's de deal with the tiket types, why are they a percentage ? who covers what's left up to 100% in case you buy a 60% ticket? why would anyone buy a 200% ticket?


Hi Cala! SteemFest tries to be as inclusive as possible and wants as many as possible to attend regardless of income, status, origin, beliefs etc. Not everyone has the same income. SteemFest believes in people doing good, people being honest. This is why thanks to sponsorships we can offer a ticket rated at 50% of the costprice of that attandance. However we count on honesty of the buyer. If you did well, we ask you to kindly opt for a higher priced ticket, because, to be honest, we can't pay 50% of the budget with sponsorships (because at current sponsorship income forecast we can pay about 100 of the cheapest tickets, and then we also need the rest of the people to buy a 'Regular / Break-even ticket'.

Why would anyone buy a ticket at 200%? Because you then sponsor the attendance of someone else's ticket completely. By buying a 200% ticket, you fill up the missing costs of 2 Minnow/plankton people and sustain the event.

Up till this year this all worked out pretty nicely. Ofcourse if everyone would buy the 50% discount ticket we would have to take measures but up till now, people are still very kind and honest and it seems to be working out.

Thank you for taking the time to answer in such a complete way. I thought the price might be linked to how much steem you have in your account ( i.e if you are a whale you can't buy a plankton ticket ). Also I didn't imagine we had such a wonderful community which doesn't try to abuse the ticket system. Really impressed to be honest.

Well that's idea indeed. Could obviously put in automated preventions but still going out from people's own judgement. So far there has not been cases of abuse.