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The SteemFest 4 App is out and you need this - even if you think

Na, not another app...

This one is a real cool tool and the masterminds behind that app added all the stuff you need before, during and after the event.

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Roeland says....

to have the right content I went to the @steemfest account and grabbed the words from @roeland himself about the features of the app.

The app contains:

  • Offline maps: Don't get lost in Bangkok, because this offline map has got you covered.
  • DIY Sights & Audioguide: Bangkok's best sights and walk the integrated offline stored audioguide
  • Notifications: Enable notifications and receive realtime updates during SteemFest
  • Interactive timetable: Check out the program minituosly and read details about speakers!
  • Connect & Remember: Scan fellow attendees' badges and follow on Steem!

My strong advice ---> Download now



Whenever I search from STEEM on my smartphone

it looks like this


Messaging in the app

For many activities you will get some extra messages aka notifications within the app, so make sure you allow your smartphone to receive and view this important information

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Maps in the app

Bangkok is huge and you might get easily lost if you have a "Dory brain" like my friend @elizacheng wrote in her post the other day.

The maps show all the venues and even more...

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Map with main location and event hotel

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Connect with all the people

The highlight from the SteemFest 3 in Krakow was the easy communication and this damn smart way to come into contact with the real people you might never met in person.

Can I scan you
will be a sentence you will hear more often during the SteemFest in Bangkok

Means, you scan the QR code at the badge from someone and he might scan yours. That is easy, but the folx who did the app build in some smart gamification.

So, you get some points (at least at SteemFest3) wheneven you scan each other BUT between this two scans it has to be a time difference of at least 2 minutes.

Two minutes to talk to each other, 2 minutes to explain what you do and 2 minutes to have a chance to meet a new friend.

Use this to grow your friends, to learn and to have fun.

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Scan manual or with the build in scanner

You might even just add the steem name of someone

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Some special advice

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At day 2 there will be a session starting at 15:00 until 16:10 where you have the chance to listen to the Steem-Engine creator @agroed for a while and after this to a session from @detlev.

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Day two is at this location

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The #BeerSaturday

Many of you know that I'm running a weekly challenge since more than 2 years called #BeerSaturday.

Back at SteemFest Lisbon, the wonderful @arcange was asking if we do a little club crawl on the SteemFest saturday and this "little little idea" ended up in something massive. You will find a lot posts about this on steem

To make a long story short. Save some time on the Saturday evening and you will some enormous fun and meet many people. We start around 18:00 with a drink and some food.

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More news about locations and so on will be in the SteemFest App

See you there and enjoy your travel


Enjoy your day,
Enjoy SteemFest4
and steem on!

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Detlev love steemit

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Enjoy & Engage Follow & Resteem


I updated the app this morning too. Looking forward to seeing you again, my friend! Cheers! 🍻

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Oh absolutely everyone at SteemFest should download and use the app. Would it be wrong to download it and use it to check in on events and fun if I can’t go this year? 😆

Fully agree

good reminder!! Are you going? If you are, see you soon!!!

Yes, look at the App Agenda at day 2....

See you there for a !BEER

ooooo yesssss see you there :)

Hey @travelgirl, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

Hey @travelgirl, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

I had to delete the old SF3 Krakow one as they don't co-habit.

I was quite attached to the old one.., was like saying goodbye to an old friend... sulk..

See you soon at Prince Hotel

Love to scan you

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