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RE: To Promote & Support the Most Fantastic Fest on Planet Earth, I am Giving Away a Ticket to SteemFest2!!! This Is YOUR Chance!

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After reading @saramiller' response about @qiqi-power, it is hard to consider there would be anyone who would add more presence to SF2 than QiQi. Even just the thought of it is expansive!!

I want to thank you for everything you have been in my life. For all the vastness of experience and consciousness I have gleaned through you. Though you've given me waaaayyyy more than a ticket to Steemfest, even your gesture of sending me last year was priceless, and the offer to give others the opportunity this year is one that may change someone's life--truly!!! Your presence at SF2 will undoubtedly up the it's even incrementally more awesome that you're making it a reality for others as well.

I still need a ticket to the SF2event, but it seems silly to ask you to send me again. I won my plane ticket to Lisbon through @theprophet0, so I know I will be going regardless to share the incredibleness and on behalf of the over 90 Steemit Artists that participate in the Collaborative Art Journey.

I will continue to make some Steemfest promotion posts specifically targeted to purchase my ticket or enter another contest as one arises--crowd funding really is the answer to getting us all there. I feel there is a great blessing here for someone who will be honored as I was to receive a ticket from you.

I would like to see @verbal-d at SF2, though have not yet received confirmation that it is possible that he could go even with a ticket. (Thought I'd better get my nomination in anyway, just to put him in the running in case!) He is extremely active in the music scene here on Steemit, including open mic. He is instrumental in the Collaborative Art Journey and is preparing an album with diligence to be included with my presentation of the CAJ at SF2. He is always super uplifting, encouraging and has a heart of gold.

I know this ticket is to be redeemed AT SF2 to be certain the recipient will use the ticket. I will consider others I feel are worthy of such an honor and make another comment.

Thanks for being you @quinneaker!



The vastness of this contest is now just starting to hit me.....So many Steemians and so many of them doing cool and helpful things.....

Yes hard to imagine someone more full of life and potential than @qiqi-power though not sure how realistic it is for her to go.....

Yes @verbal-d is a prime candidate and if he wanted to go he would be at the top for sure! His spirit is prime and contributions regular!

You of course are one of the most helpful and loving people I have ever known not to mention live on $1 day and bassicly never spend any money or time just for your self but instead help the cause every day!

You absolutely deserve a free ticket. I thought you already had one actually.... If you don't win one or get one donated then I will surely consider you.

Wow the choice is going to be difficult.....I may have to give away more than one free ticket.....

Thanks for sharing your perspective. I found it to be the most stimulating comment so far. Yet another reason you are so valuable. Never giving surface superficial comments, always depth and consideration.


It doesn't seem realistic for @qiqi-power to go, but we can dream and imagine and bask in the delight of the potential. We get to see people transformed all the time by her presence, so no matter if she is at home or at SF2, she will be touching many just by simply being.

@papa-pepper, @verbal-d....two primos!!! Indeed we would be incredibly blessed by either of these two choices--and many others. Steemit is full of incredible people. I'm glad you have to choose and not me. I know from experience at SF1 that it will be profound and I can't imagine how everyone wouldn't benefit from being there--a true soulful opportunity. It obviously comes down to how someone will benefit Steemit. Awesome criteria you have set and a really great way to engage the community and provide something of true value....AND promote the most fantastic fest on the planet. It will be....I have no doubt!!

I do indeed live off $1 per day--and ohhhhh so grateful for it. What a game changer for life itself. And, we get to invest everything else in creating a better world--feeding, housing and educating more people. Dang!! What a life! I again have you to thank for making it possible!!!

I feel any post worth upvoting is a post worth commenting on. I truly appreciate what you have to share and any support I can pass your way is support for the greater whole. Thanks for sharing it so prolifically, with such an exuberant spice for life that is contagious. Grateful beyond measure.

Yes well said yet again.

@papa-pepper has confirmed that he does not want to go this year so no sense in considering him. Have not heard from @verbal-d

Though so far no one is more deserving that you nor likely to bring more love, support and gratitude to SteemFest than you!

I'll keep doing what I do and loving it!!! (I'm sure that's key!!)

Just heard from verbal-d. He is going to check with his school and see that it doesn't interfere with his studies. I'm sure this experience will be way more profound than an exam--in my humble opinion!!!

Excited to see what comes of your offering! <3

Oh yea...I remember asking him about it actually and him saying he was NOT going because of exams... I didn't push it at all. Mans gotta do what a mans gotta do.

Yes indeed. He did tell me he was going to inquire. I think he can feel how awesome it's going to be!!!

Its going to be SUPER awesome!