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RE: Please Help Make a SteemFest Dream come True for @everlove

in #steemfest5 years ago

OH my gosh @richardcrill. What a beautiful way to make dreams come true, by helping each other. Thank you for your interest and kind heart of generosity. I've been nominated in four categories of the Golden Steem Awards and I want to be there to share the announcement with my new artist friends. I'm also going to put my henna in my pocket. Thanks for the gift richardcrill...just receiving the kindness you've shared is truly a blessing.


You're welcome. It is clear to me that you deserve it and it would be a benefit to many at SteemFest if you were there. I just hope this works to be big help in getting you there!

If it's where you should be it will all happen. Personally, if the Steemians don't do whatever they can within their power to get you there it's equivalent to slamming the door on your own foot. You are the most awesome and beautiful spirit woman I have ever known and so grateful and privileged to be your good friend. The Steemit community will forever be upgraded just from meeting you. It's worth it guys!! Do it!!

Awe @loveon. Thank you for your support in more ways than this one. I'm grateful to have people who believe in me and value my contribution. Yes Steemians, please do it!!!