SF4 - Predator On the Loose.

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This is a warning from the ministry of insect welfare on for all insects/spiders or to be more specific any creepy crawly.


It has come to our attention that along with all the normal food chain dangers that you may experience, there is a new predator who seems to have taken a liking to you. At this moment in time, we are unaware if there are any insects that are not in danger so until further notice it would be safer to assume that you all could be a target.

The predator was touring Bangkok about 3 weeks ago, or at least that is where he was last seen. The latest information is that he may have left however until confirmed it would be best to take the utmost precautions.

He was last seen in the near the Khaosan Road nightlife area in Bangkok and should be somewhat easily identifiable as he was the only person wearing a 3 piece suit the current hot climate.


We have recent footage of his devouring rampage which took place 3 weeks ago during an annual event they call Steemfest of which he is a member and is goes by the name of @anthonyadavisii

We warn you that some of you may find the viewing distressful especially if some of the recently devoured appear to be relatives who have recently gone missing.

below are some of the pictures taken from the video footage:

these have been identified as Harry, his brother Larry and their cousin Barry who went out to meet up with their friend Sam some 3 weeks ago.


Barry has gone down the hatch, the preditor seems to have quite enjoyed that.

this was Charlotte or 'Legsi' as her friends knew her, she also fell victim as you will see.


It is our intention to do everything to make sure this predator is apprehended and brought to justice and in this regard, we the department of welfare for the insect species are offering a reward of 20 Steem.

We need picture evidence (at least 3) which would confirm his current location along with something which verifies the date of when the photos were taken.

The first submission will receive 20 Steem, second will receive 10 Steem.

secondly - our appeal is to the organisers of Steemfest that they should as a matter of compassion let us know where the next Steemfest will be held so we can fair warn our brethren at whatever faraway place it will be held at next. :-)

check the videos on 3SPEAK

Written on behalf of the Anracnacouncil of Bangkok by the Goblin.


List taken shamelessly from @fitinfun

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Haha, that was pretty funny. I don't think I would have been able to eat any of those. I might try crickets, but that is about as far as I would be willing to go right now. He seemed to handle it like a champ. Was that you with the heavy accent talking in the background?

hi @bozz, .. i think you would need a good few beers to even think about it, and yes those are my dulcet tones which i actually struggle to recognise too, ... i blame the beer/rum.

So I am guessing you are not originally from England and it might be why you have such an affinity for Scotch? Or am I just a dumb American lumping all accents together?

hi @bozz, I'm from the UK parents are not maybe I get my twangy accent from them, .. in my defence tho, .. I can get a bit loud if I'm out and iv had a few....

I totally not gonna eat those... you can have them all... 😅

@elizacheng, .. you haven't tried them, .. you never know - they might taste better than fish dumplings :-)

Uhm... But they are still in their own form... Maybe can make them into dumplings form... 😅

That's hilarious! At first when I just started reading I thought you were going to tell us about some strange bug that traveled home with you lol.

alright @misslasvegas (MLV) (i just invented that abbreviation), ... no bug... just the missing Bangkok bug for me. :-)

Yes, of course, @goblinknackers...(gk, just invented that LOL) YOU invented that abbreviation. No one's ever come up with that before...🙄 Yeah, the missing Bangkok/Thailand bug has always been present here... Until I return.

@fitinfun is too busy to find out you used the list.

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