Announcing SteemFest Mobile application!!!

in #steemfest4 years ago (edited)

@good-karma: Man wonderful work! Thank you so much for assisting on this important piece of the puzzle :)! landing screen will follow asap.. sry for delay ..

Post earnings will be sent to @steemfest

we really are in need of a send rewards to user function at bottom of the submit section .. this would it make so much easier to "share rewards" - is this feature on list to be implemented @roadscape ?

My pleasure ;) Thank you for amazing designs! No problemo...
edit: yes it would be helpful to automatically send reward to other account.

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Built by @ontofractal

This is amazing! Well done!

thanks, credit goes to all those who is working behind the scenes for the SteemFest ;)

Epic! wonders never cease.. :) I hope I can I hope I can I hope I can... :P

This is awesome! Way to go! I hope all attendees will make use of this and it will be helpful for the organisers as well! :)

Thanks for doing this!

Thanks, that's the goal... Very welcome ;)

I will be having this! Excellent work and well done devs!

thank you! It sure helps when you don't have internet access so you can walk around Amsterdam with offline map feature and check SteemFest program.

Wow, this is amazing!
Thank you guys ☺

Amazing app, resteemed!

Wow this looks amazing, gotta update my phone now to the new IOS to be able to download applications from the app store now.
Thanks for making such contributions to steemit.

Announcement will be made soon with link to AppStores.

Awesome excited to download and check out this app.

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