A Hacker, Designer and Developer Wants To Go To SteemFest And Help Out

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After all this time here I haven't even written an IntroduceYourself post. I'm pretty sure I have one started on one of my disks somewhere, and even if not, I will write one at some point but for now, this SteemFest can serve as a prequel.

So Hi There, I'm Joe

And as you can probably tell, I want freedom :).


I'm a 24 year old guy with a huge interest in freedom and helping others obtain it, learning new information (I'm a podcast junkie, and I also devour good articles or books), experimenting, crypto-anarchy and crypto-currencies, traveling, creativity and creating things, and much more.
And currently I live in Prague, Czech Republic.

I'd like to join the SteemFest Minnow Competition as well as @steemfestdreams as the plane ticket is a huge price and I have experience surviving without accommodation, too.

I also want to join the Hackathon as that might be the biggest potential to help out.

I'm a member here for a year now being pretty active until I got a job at the beginning of this year. Then I stopped using Steemit for a bit due to lack of time. Though now I'm back and as I will be quitting my job later this year. Funnily enough, the plan is to do it at the end of October when the Steemfest happens so it's a perfect timing. I also want to keep contributing more to Steemit so it can grow more and make the users benefit more.

So let me list some of my skills :

  • Security and Hacking
  • User Experience Design (with focus on Mobile)
  • User Interface Design
  • Software Development (with focus on Android)
  • Health and Fitness optimization
  • and some minor things like video-editing, content creation, probability, statistics, psychology and being a fast learner

Damn, this sounds like some sort of CV. Well, actually I will need to make money somehow so ... Who wants to hire me? :D

Anyway, from the skills above here's what I think I can bring to the Steemfest and community.

  • Helping to shape the UX, especially for mobile which was mentioned as the biggest focus of near future (Hard-fork 20 or 21) and I think I have exceptional skills for that being both UX Designer for mobiles as well as Developer
  • Security, being a Hacker and Penetration Tester I can bring some insights in terms of Security of Steemit
  • I see huge potential for Steemit to help people with obtaining their freedom in life (from government, censorship or financial) and that's why I'm so passionate about it so I'd love to help with shaping it.
  • There's a big local crypto-anarchist community where I live now and I'd like to promote Steem to it as well as make it acceptable in a Coffee place here where they accept only crypto-currencies. I also plan on participating in the crypto-anarchy event here which takes place two weeks before Steemfest so that can be a great opportunity to promote it, too and gather more ideas from people like that.

That's what I think I can bring to the table.

Though for me participating in Steemfest would be an amazing experience as I'd be surrounded by people who want Steemit and other blockchain projects to succeed, it might help me generate some ideas and/or maybe introduce me to someone in this sphere whom I can help with something or even find someone with whom I can join up and solve a problem or two of this whole amazing community.

Basically I see this as a potentially life-altering crossroad in my life right now. I want to be involved in crypto projects and I also want to show people how they can give back freedom to their hands.

Okay, so here are the expenses. It turned out to be more expensive to get to Portugal then I thought so I can't afford it. And after all this time and reading about Steemfest I still didn't figure out if a ticket would cost something or how the hell would I get one anyway ...


163 USD just for the plane tickets (this does not include airport transport, public transport, etc.). This is surprisingly way more expensive than I thought. Though it's cheaper from the end of September prices I was looking at as I made a mistake with the dates.



Usually I tend to sleep outside or at some nice strangers' house but that usually requires lots of energy and time invested and as I want to have all the time and energy for the community then I think hostel would be a slightly better idea. From what I looked at it would cost 175 USD for the duration of my stay.
Though if someone who lives there and will go to the Steemfest would offer me a floor to crash at I'd be super happy with that.
Or as always, I can sleep somewhere outside though not sure how easy would that be in Lisbon.

SteemFest Ticket

Whatever the price for that is.

The Rest

Food, moving around, etc. I don't need covered as I'm an experienced traveler and I also lived a homeless lifestyle for 6 months so I'm sure I;'ll figure this one out or cover it myself as that should not be too much.


When putting it all together it would be 350 USD (added extra 10 USD for price changes, etc.) + SteemFest Ticket. That's more than I can afford and also way more than I expected as I'm used to surviving on two-to-four hundred USD per month when travelling (in Europe) and this is just a week. Not even including everything ...

Well, so this is my application and hopefully see you guys there.

If you want to know how I modify my Images with a quick copy-paste, check out my post about a tool I created

50/50 SP Posts

About the Author;

Hi, I am Joe and I love freedom.
Freedom of all sorts, social, financial, emotional, physical, freedom from your stuff or place.
My biggest passion is to show that it is possible to live life being free, work towards my freedom, and help others obtain their own versions of freedom.
I also love exploration and experimentation (of all senses).
My articles are about all of this (Freedom, exploration, experimentation)
as well as my own transparent and authentic experiences.


With my upvote, you now have enough money to buy a plane ticket to STEEMFest2!

"whoooooooAAA? " was literally what came out of my mouth when I saw that vote. I thought there was a glitch as I saw it at someone else's profile as they resteemed the post so I thought there's cleaaarly something wrong here.

Well thank you very much @theprophet0
With my full upvote you can buy a pint here in Eastern Europe :).


Cheers and again, thank you :).

Hopefully see you at the SteemFest2 ? I'd also bring you a real Eastern European pint :) (or any beverage of your choice)

And do you know if I'll need to get some Ticket somewhere at some point in time?

wow, that's pretty awesome ;)

Wow, thats an awesome upvote. You really support the community.. I hope to have your support in a year or so when I am also a bit further in the platform. started 11 days ago, made some post, see my latest one if youre interested https://steemit.com/photography/@rival/20-3-2005-my-daughter-was-born-see-what-my-friends-did

just hoping for some resteems to get it going.. and yes i am dedicated and love it.. thx.. and keep up te good community service

Hope you can go man and give some useful input.

Thank you :). Yeah, I hope I can be useful :).

Because I am a minnow, my vote doesnt cost anything, I sent you a small donation. Hope you get to SteemFest. Good luck @joewantsfreedom

Thank you very much, greatly appreciated :). I hope I will be able to return and double your favour with upvotes on quality content :).

make sure to put this in the comments section of the contest post.

Thanks for the reminder :). I got distracted by some other post I saw on the new page when I posted this :D.

I'll do it now :).

Ah, awesome, more like-minded people on here. Hopefully see you at Steemfest, currently working out if I can make it also :D

Join the mentioned competitions if you think you can't make it and maybe youd be the lucky one who will be able to at the end :).

And hopefully see you there :).

Good luck dude, this is a really nice entry!

UPvoted! I know that it is not much, but anything cost right! Hope you guys reach you goal. Post here if you do!

Thank you :). I will for sure.

That picture above was taken in Dundee...where you studied ethical hacking....lol

Well fuck my life :D. Someone have some pretty decent Information Gathering skills :). I do hope I don't have to deal with any Social Engineering in comng days and weeks?
The defualt Google Ad if they only know you are male is "Asian Soulmate" I believe, so that might work ;).

Or are you just a fellow Dundonian and I should feel safe? :)

You're safe. I've posted a reply on fascistbook where we are friends

You have very good work skills - I will try to contact you as needed.

Thank you Good Sir (Literally, Dobro means Good in my language :) )

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