Looking forward meeting you there @ned ! I´ll join on Friday :-)

Likewise. see you soon :)

Have a good and safe flight! :-)

Excellent choice of trip, congratulations and enjoy your flight.
Have fun at the steemfest

We're just minutes from boarding in Minnesota!

See you guys soon!

Have a good flight!

Have a safe trip

You're very welcome, by the way yesterday I finally received that customized music painted shirt your friend Juan Parker made. Thank you again.

You're welcome! I hope you enjoy it. He'll be happy to know it arrived!


What? Are you crazy? Didn't you know that the world could end? That Trump has been elected and all is now lost?

Have fun over there. Tell everyone I said hello. Maybe the next SteemFest can be in our own hemisphere? Perhaps somewhere a little warmer?

Maybe the next SteemFest can be in our own hemisphere? Perhaps somewhere a little warmer?

that's a great idea.

My vote goes towards a beach event.

Florida Keys anyone?

Cincinnati, Ohio really works for me too. You and Dan could totally drive here.

Florida works for me. I wouldn't have to travel very far.

Perhaps a little warmer could be in the Philippines :)

Have a safe trip @ned. Love to hear more on the journey towards the SteemFest

Dear Mr.ned.

My name's Khanh Son, My account's @tonyson on Steemit.

Please restore my account. It has been idle 122 days.

I would be grateful if you could attend to this matter as soon as possible.

how did you lost access to your account?

Hi noisy!
I'm playing BTC, ETH, etc... So I know the password is very important. When my password updated, I cann't login to my steemit account. I've entered the correct password, but I still cann't connect.


  • Before I set the password, I will write down notepad.txt. Then I copied into the textbox (pw).

  • I uncheck the box "keep me logged in" but I cann't login to my steemit account.

  • I used a different browser for testing( chrome, firefox, IE, etc...) but I cann't login to my steemit account.

  • I am not copying password with an extra space at the beginning or end.

  • I tried clearing me steemit cookies ( Chrome, firefox, Internet Explorer etc...) But I can not login my steemit account.

  • Do you know if the account recovery can't be used for owner keys changed before the hack? I here is having trouble getting logged in to his old account and I changed I owner key before the hack, but within 30 days.

My account ( @tonyson ) has been idle 122 days.

I send 12 email message to [email protected] 60 days ago and I send 2 email message to [email protected] 2 days ago but They did not reply.

I'm sorry, but technically Steemit is not able to recover your account right now, that feature hasn't been implemented yet. I believe there will be an announcement when it's available, but I'm not sure what time it will come. "They did not reply" looks not so good though.

//Edit: the feature is being worked on, please check github issue:

The lord of the rings. :)

Have a safe flight

Have a nice flight. And have fun in Amsterdam. We all expect some good news also.

Nice ring :)

Thanks for ta upvotes. @ned
Have a safe flight,
I will have a break in a meantime.

Have fun! :-)

Have a safe trip, and maybe think about staying there. There may not be much to go back to in America with Mr Trump at the helm.

Only joking.

Have fun. Wish I could go.

Resteemed and tweeted!

Have a safe trip boss.


Talk it up Ned!

Ha! Have an easy and fast journey!
See you there ;-)

Safe flight! Enjoy Amsterdam


Awesome Ned have a safe one wish I could be there dude.

@ned: do you know,who could help @hien-tran (take a look on comment above)?

Thank you very much, @noisy

Take a good care of yourself and steemains please. Even though I won't ever be able to go but seeing others going and watching them would be more than enough. Wish you a safe and enjoyable trip.

Thank you.

Enjoy your trip. Hope to see more about that. :-)

Look at you flashing your Steemit bling. LOL
Safe travels. Wish I was going to be there but it wasn't in the cards for me this year.

And just to make you laugh (maybe?) there have been a few of us batting about your head - in case you didn't notice.

Best of success to steemfest truly

Flying out tomorrow from Canada! See you soon :)


Have a good flight. GOOD LUCK!


Cool ring @ned ...Hope to see more updates from the Steemfest.

You are almost in Amsterdam! Hope you have a safe trip and see you at the Steemfest :)

have a great time, quite jealous! :)

You and that ring have been on one galloping journey this year @ned! Me too! All of us on Steemit have!
I'm flying Glasgow-Malaga on vacation tomorrow, so will miss this SteemFest, but I've already been petitioning for a SteemFest 2 location in 2017! I'll be there!! Safe travels my Steemit brother!

Wish I could have been there. It'll be an amazing experience

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I depart from Minsk after 16 hours!

See you soon!

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why does this say payout decline?

I propose Canary Islands for the next #steemfest. We´ve got the "eternal spring" here so absolute stable climate conditions as well as English and Spanish speaking people (main steemit languages) and very low costs (local tax / VAT is only 7%). Would be my pleasure to help you in organizing the next big steem event ;-) Cheers and enjoy Amsterdam!