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RE: To Promote & Support the Most Fantastic Fest on Planet Earth, I am Giving Away a Ticket to SteemFest2!!! This Is YOUR Chance!

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Hi @quinneaker - this is a very admirable gesture.
There are so many worthy and deserving people of this opportunity to go to SteemFest2 - but amongst the worthy I would like to commend @deimus who put long hard hours into promoting artists and musicians on Steemit - Each article would mention all the artists again and re-inforce them. He also worked with @starkerz and @patrickm doing a series of videos called D5 (Decentralize in 5) - these are very underrated episodes but in time I am sure that they will be recognised.

@deimus and @patrickm also hosted the first crypto training in Cyprus and had a whole section on promoting Steemit

Anyway the list goes on and being his mother, I can vouch for the many hours he puts into his blogs and writings. He is also in the process of writing a book to help Steemit users.

@starkerz is another amazing candidate as he is going around the UK universities and speaking face to face with the students promoting Steem. He goes armed with T-shirts - has his face painted and engages with the people. He is bringing many people to Steem.

Here is the latest article - there is an article for every day that they have been on this tour

Hope you enjoy their articles @quinneaker. We appreciate so much your lifestyle and what you do for people. My 25 year old daughter @edenmichelle has her own production company and has been ministering to the needy and feeding the poor in South Africa alongside a company called RAK events (Random Acts of Kindness). She had video'd the events for the last 3 years and also worked with Meals On Wheels - so we truly appreciate what you do.



What an amazing comment!

You are a REAL mother, the true mother consciousness of which I would wish everyone could have in their life. I would love for you to be nominated as we can never have to many real mothers in this world!!

In truth there is nothing I admire or respect more than a REAL mother. One who nurtures, supports, advocates, believes in and LOVES.

If you decline your nomination I will surely consider those who you have nominated. Regardless of who I choose I will check out these suggestions and share some love. Thank you for being here with us on Steemit and for commenting on this post.

Blessings to you and yours~*~

Aw you made me blush @quinneaker - honoured to be considered by you and thank you for your kind words - hope to visit your garden of Eden one day. My daughter has the most beautiful name in the world - Eden

Ahhhhh I see we are destined to meet~

I have created Eden so that not just children but people have the chance at a fresh start, a life of freedom, an opportunity to really live~*~