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RE: To Promote & Support the Most Fantastic Fest on Planet Earth, I am Giving Away a Ticket to SteemFest2!!! This Is YOUR Chance!

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My wife and I are going to be at Lisbon. We bought the flight and the hotel but not the tickets. I'm not sure we can afford it.
You ask to write why SteemFest would be better with our partecipation. That means commending myself, and I'm really not able to do it.
What I can say is that I'm working for the Art event at Steemfest, with @everlove, @opheliafu and @roelandp himself.
I also managed art contests on Steem since april 2017.
I also create a website to sell and buy art using Steem ( and I'm going to use Smart Media Tokens for it, as soon as it will be possible.
I posted on Steemit everyday in the last 9 months.
That's all.

Your giveaway is a great idea anyway!



Great to know you are going to be there regardless!

I will surely consider your entry. Did you know I have made available the MOST items available for steem of anyone in the world?

Maybe I could help your market and you could help me move items via steem.

thx @quinneaker!
I'm going to re-launch my website, since it's not working, and I will appreciate your help and suggestions.

Ok let me know whats going on and I can help you!