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RE: Please Help Make a SteemFest Dream come True for @everlove

in #steemfest5 years ago

@everlove is without a doubt one of the most caring and helpful I have ever met. If anyone deserves support it would be here and I am also quite sure people at SteemFest would be very glad she was there!
If big boys going to SteemFest are reading this I would advise just giving her an all expenses paid trip and everyone at SteemFest will be grateful for it!
A truly loving, beautiful, helpful focused, productive, creative soul improving all environments she is in.
Best Wishes~*~


Your vote @quinneaker actually means the most to me as having your support in this endeavor adds much power to the overall adventure. I do believe I can add value to this trip on many levels, and am SUPER excited to share the amazing possibilities of community. Thank you for showing me how simple, abundant and connected life can be. I will pay it forward! <3

Blessings on the way~*~