[SteemFest Dreams] Wanna go to Lisbon Portugal? We'll Crowfund your Plane Ticket!

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Dreaming of going to SteemFest 2 in Lisbon?

Not sure how you're going to make it?

@steemfestdreams can help.

If you have the drive, it doesn't even matter if you have any money for a plane ticket yet. We are 5 months away. With the rewards from this post, and your SteemFest posts, and all the funds that @steemfestdreams is able to raise, YOU will go to SteemFest this year.

Last year, I made my dreams of going to SteemFest come true and I was so glad that I didn't miss it! @roelandp and many other great steemians supported @steemfestdreams last year and bought Steemfest tickets for several steemians AND even made donations that helped make it possible for @everlove to go to Steemfest!

This year I plan on doing something special with the @steemfestdreams account. The next few posts about the SteemFest Dream initiative will come from the @steemfestdreams account so follow it for your chance to win a paid trip to Steemfest!

Rewards from this post and all posts from @steemfestdreams will be used to send at least one Steemian to Steemfest.

There will be several chances to enter. Hopefully we can send several Steemians depending on the success of the project. Announcement for winners will happen well ahead of SteemFest to allow time to make travel plans, ticket purchases, etc.

Enter Now

Your first chance to enter is now. Make a post about why you want to go to SteemFest and what you would need to make that happen. Mention @steemfestdreams. Put a link to your post in the comments of this post before the 7 day payout period. You will also be able to submit an entry for each @steemfestdreams post.


This is awesome. I've booked a low-cost flight to Spain but there will be many more expenses. Will give a chance to this community project when I find some time to write a blog. I'm new here and I'm reading about first Fest so.. hope to enter this. :)

Great! Looking forward to your entry!

Oh how I love it when opportunity knocks. Sending my birthday wishes your way @richarcrill.


Thank you for the entry @everlove!

Thank you for the opportunity and for accepting it @richardcrill. You're AWESOME!! Planning to give you another hug this year!

Hey Richard, I already made a post, but I'd love to make another one if you'd like me too, here is my previous blog: https://steemit.com/steemfest2/@theprophet0/your-youngest-witness-is-crowdfunding-a-ticket-to-steemfest2

@theprophet0! I didn't expect an entry that quickly. this could be a qualified entry if it mentioned @steemfestdreams in it! You could update or make a new one. Up to you!

Eh, I will make a new one tomorrow or the next day! I am pretty damn close to my goal already! @aggroed donated $333 SBD (worth $700 USD) and I received around $400 USD from my other blogs, so I am about $500-600 away!

Alright! See you in Lisbon!

Sounds good brother! :)


Great Initiative!

FOOL! ;-)

Nice thanks

great initiative once again @richardcrill!

Thank you @roelandp!

Great initiative you've got here @richardcrill, good to give back to the community!!

Great initiative! I can afford it though, so I won't take part. I hope this will make one happy steemer!

Beautiful idea. I am happy to support a lucky Steemian. Whoever
the lucky Steemian(s) is going tobe, enjoy your time in Lisbon.

This is what glorious, heavenly, mouth-watering dreams are made of!

Are you an angel sent forth from heaven ? :)

Looking forward to enter, Steem on ! #MissionSteemFest

Nice project!

I live in Lisbon, so I don't need a ticket.

But I certainly want to contribute getting some more people down here.

Let's make this happen!

I have read your blog.
Amazing post brother, good luck.

Help me to share this blog.

That is mighty nice of you!

:) STEEMFESTTTTTT :) great post my bro, always thinking about the community i like that

ps, i really wanna go toooo hahaha

om it :) i didn't read a thing apart from the last paragraph :D and the title Resteeming and will see if I can put up a post :)

What a great initiative. I wish all entrants lots of luck. My dream is that the Fest comes back to Amsterdam. :)

Amsterdam was incredible. I would be down for that again after Austin, TX.

I can imagine that Amsterdam was great. I am being selfish as it would just be convenient. However I imagine that any location would be great because of the energy of the Steemians!!!

Richard Crill to the Information Rescue. I'm trying to balance answering emails with friends interested in steem with keepin my flow on here. Cause those Lisbon nights gonna be a blast. I'm talking to the local improv team in lisbon to see if they're interested in me teaching a class while there to help me pay. I'd teach a class to everyone in Steem. Gotta focus up and look into all these sweet details. Thanks again homie. Sharing this with the universe.

Great ideas! Make a post!


I love this initiative! The more, the merrier. Looking forward to see a lot of people at SteemFest. Hopefully this can make it happen :)

EDIT: Omg, its 7 cents!

Thank you for the entry @jumaidafajar!

Great idea..would be interesting to know on who will win! It's basically a week off..that's the hard part.

Good point. I will announce winners as soon as possible to give time make arrangements.

Thanks for the entry @fisteganos!

Thanks for the opportunity :)

Could you like to give your upvote to me?

Wow how cool. I found this from @theprophet0 post. I need to get busy with a post about how much I want to get to #STEEMfest2 and take @frobear with me.

That 's motivating realy! upvoted.do follow be back

OMG You guys ROCK!!! I was so blessed to go to Steemfest last year with the help of @roelandp, @steemfestdreams, @richardcrill and others who supported the magic that became Steemfest. I was so astounded at all the loving support and dedication given to make my dreams come true.

I for one have Portugal Steemfest in my sights this year as Steemfest 1 was an experience like no other! Steemians felt like family and the warm embrace was mind-blowing, even before I set foot in Amsterdam.

I encourage all Steemians to be a part of such an electrifying event. @roelandp was (and no doubt will be) the PERFECT host. A top notch fest -- how he will top or match up to last year's event will be quite the challenge. I want to be a part of that and feel it unfold.

Thank you @richardcrill for your kind heart and personal interest in helping others make their dreams come true. More hugs to you dear friend. I truly appreciate you!


@everlove!!! Thank you so much for that comment and for letting us be a small part of your trip last year. Look forward to seeing you in Lisbon!

You are welcome.. .. and that would indeed be my pleasure @richardcrill.

No opportunity to resteem this?

Well, I didn't require it for entering the contest, but it's always appreciated. I will be trying to get out the next crowdfunded dreams report on the @steemfestdreams account tomorrow or friday.

I would love to resteem but there is no resteem button!?!

How awesome you are doing this @richardcrill--really!! I was so blessed by your assistance last year--I really was blown away with your generosity. I know it takes a lot of energy to keep up with and contribute in this way--Steemit is better because you're here! <3

i already purchased the ticket for this fest, so excited and can't wait to be a part of steemit legacy!!! haha

I would love to go but have to take of family matters. Hopefully l will have the opportunity to do it in the future. Nice post.

great idea! I wrote you some tips for visiting lisbon in my entry post: https://steemit.com/steemfest/@ura-soul/steemfest-2-in-lisbon-2017-i-d-buy-that-for-a-steem-dollar

Thank you for the entry!

This is a great idea, we have recently started a podcast an interview format and would love to go and interview everyone at #steemfest looking to plan my way there. Thank you for the inspiration.

This is great, you are doing it again. You are a very generous person @richardcrill! Congratulations!

hey richard, nice to meet you in steem audio today

It was nice to meet you. I'll be following you're blog and hope to catch you more on discord

o yes, i shall be a regular in the steem audio lounge

richard. to go to steemfest would be my wildest dream come true.

whatever i need to do in this competition, i shall do my best.

Thank you for everyone's efforts. All the best to all the entries. Hope to see you in Lisbon.


Thank you for the entry, @jacobts!

Hi @richardcrill
Awesome, great work.!!
So interesting, thanks for sharing.. ^_^

Very awesome idea! I would like to resteem right now!

Thanks for sharing! A link to your post was included in the Steem.center wiki article about Steemfest 2. Thanks and good luck again!

Just resteemed!

Well, we are screaming about the STEEM Boost for almost a year now! Maybe many of you will start joining the #steemboost current and we will see STEEM at $25 in 4 months. We will all be able to go to SteemFest!

Thank you so much for making a move on this!!!

I would love to go to this on my home country. Unfortunately, this will not be a good time for me to be away from work. But I will support the initiative of course. Resteemed!

Thank you for the awesome entry!

Thank you for being so generous and sharing your success with others!

Loved steemfest 1... hope we can make it to Portugal too!

that's extremely generous :O

this community is just the best, so kind and with so much generosity! I def need some help with the trip, last year I saw everything trough a screen and ain't no fun :( haha now I so do want to go :D Gonna wdo the entry for about tomorrow

Awesome! but why not this year?

Well, if it was possible to make the time and the problem is money, that is exactly what @steemfestdreams is for! Next year it might be in Austin, TX. Either way, this project will be here as long as STEEMFest goes on and ANYONE can come if they really want to.

That sounds wonderful @steemfestdreams! Thanks a lot for the info!

"steemfest was the best weekend of my life"

Id like to go to portugal but iam short in money i would be nice to have some cash.

Hi, I would really love to go. But live in New Zealand, too expensive flight...

Well, its still 5 months away. Where there's a will, there's a way.

Definitely want to go to Portugal.

Great idea!

What a cool concept. Kudos to you guys for providing this funding vehicle for those in need.

@richardcrill you certainly have the multiple irons in the fire. Keep up the good work! Following this.

Are you serious? Lisbon? It's like the most beautiful capital city in Europe. I can only hope that next year I will take part. Until then I want to get to know as many steemers as I can so I won't have to awkwardly drink alone haha

Spain-happy fishing

your all post always good many many thanks sir.

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