SteemFest³ Updates - First names announced - Ticketshop open - Let's fire it up!

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Smok Wawelski on Flickr
Smok Wawelski by Mariusz Kucharczyk on Flickr

Hey hey! I am heading to Kraków this weekend for venues inspections, meetings with all suppliers and to put some bears in cages.

Prepping for the third iteration of SteemFest is well underway and with help of great sponsor's managed to get the plankton/minnow ticket price IMHO pretty affordable again. SteemFest is not an event for making profits, but an event for the community. Sponsorship funds go towards lowering the entrance fee for the plankton & minnow ticket, but I kindly ask you, if you have some Steem to spare, or did well last year's December (remember, remember those days in December?) to not abuse the plankton/minnow price and opt for a higher levelled ticket price closer to cost price.

Ticket price dynamic schedule - you know what price you get:

Last year 1/3rd of the bookings of the event came in the last 7 days prior to the event. That literally brought in unnecessary stress and costs because of last minute changes with catering and transportation logistics. If it is just up to me it is totally fine to book last minute, however the Chefs and such want to know prior to the event how much food they need to order :)

So this year, to force you into planning ahead, and hopefully preventing last-minute planning a dynamic schedule is implemented.

Current pricesfrom now to Friday 21st of September - 23:59 UTC Ticketshop
Increase 121 September - 19 October20% of costprice increase
Increase 219 October - 6 November20% of costprice increase
Walk up rate7 - 11 November20% of costprice increase

Please visit the completely updated SteemFest website which includes first program details, map of the venues, first speakers (many more to be announced) and links to the ticket shop / integral crypto ticket buy mechanism.

Btw. as a tradition, just like past 2 years, @knozaki2015 immediately when the shop opened. Pretty bold!

SteemFest tickets starting at € 277.77 until 21 september 2018

This year's minimum ticket price is a bit more expensive then last year, but still (IMHO) very attractively priced - The raise of € 66.66 - € 111.11 is due to forecasted & confirmed less sponsorship income, caused by bear markets.

That said, the 'Plankton Ticket' € 277.77 is priced at about 1/2 of the costprice of your attendance, thanks to the support of and the sponsorship of, @steemmonsters and @smooth, who like the idea to have an event to be as inclusive as possible. Please thank them! - @SteemFest is still open for sponsorships btw.

@T-R-F - Travel Relief fund for SteemFest go-ers

Be sure to also read more on the @t-r-f page about the Travel Reimbursement Fund, I've just donated 1000 Steem to that account which gets distributed after Kraków to all applying attendees. Anyone is free to donate some to this community driven travel fund dedicated to SteemFest go-ers.

What's included in this price:

  • opening drinks night
  • 2 days of conference incl lunch, dinner & drinks
  • 4 nights of social events
  • closing dinner incl unique tour
  • tbd some activities in the weekend
  • swag.
  • livestream & recording for people who can't make it

I kindly ask, if you can reasonably afford it to look into options of buying another 'Ticket Type', for example the 'Regular Ticket' priced at 100% of the cost price of your attendance or even higher levels. Check out the SteemFest site's ticket section to learn more about all ticket types. Note that all tickets are equal by means of what you can do with them. Everybody is a VIP, it is just a matter of how much you contribute towards the event.

Buy your ticket with crypto or fiat.

Like last year you can buy your ticket again with crypto. This year the options are SBD, Steem and BTS through SteemFest site's ticket section or with BTC, E-banking and Credit-cards via the SteemFest Paydro ticketshop

Manual Crypto Payments done through the SteemFest site in SBD / Steem / BTS are processed minimum every day at 10 AM CEST and 22 PM CEST by checking our email inbox and validating the incoming transfers on the @steemfest wallet (and the @steemfest wallet on Bitshares). Then we mail you a coupon code to claim your ticket. (you still need to claim your ticket after we mail you the couponcode!)

First Names SteemFest Kraków:

I'm happy to announce the first names for the 2018 edition of SteemFest:

  • @ned, USA - CEO Steemit
  • @oliviadejeu, RO - Content creator and founder of Oh Kimono
  • @dollarvigilante, MX - Anarcho-capitalist, libertarian and freedom fighter against the state & central banks
  • @joeparys, USA - Online instructor with 350,000+ students, entrepreneur, world traveler

Presentations, workshops and performances will generally last about 20 minutes max, unless more in-depth time is required. Yes, also this year's event will be streamed live.

(Many) more names and location updates to be announced soon. Expect more frequent updates from now on :)

Don't forget to book your SteemFest's Hotels Package for € 55 / room / night including breakfast via the options below

Win tickets & accomodations to SteemFest 3!

Well, that's it for now. I'm about to pack my bag and hop on a plane to Kraków!

Have a nice weekend!
Greetings from Amsterdam,


Liquid rewards from this post will go to organising @steemfest

SteemFest's ticket reductions are made possible by generous donations from:

@steemit @steemmonsters @smooth

Over the last 2 months I've saved a grand total of 405 STEEM in my 'savings' wallet, just enough to cover for a ticket. Phew!

Thank you to the names covering the additional costs, I would not be able to make it without you!

let's hope markets recover a bit to may levels...

That would be very welcome to all, especially those of us funding the whole trip and the last 358 days via Steem. Cheers!

FYI i've just donated 1000 STEEM to the @t-r-f Travel Reimbursement Fund - this fund is open to any community donations and will be distributed after Kraków to all attendees who applied for a piece of the pie.

That is very kind of you Roeland :)

Last year we didn't apply for this as I felt our trip was one of the shorter journeys and I had some fiat banked. I'll see how things are looking come November as to weather I can leave the pie untouched.

Based on the past few posting days I've had enough of pie!

Yess... That would mean I could go. For example. =) But I will be happy support other people if that does not come to be the case.

Also, I have never been on Poland, but I would prefer to go to a steemFest when there will be Summer! =) Maybe when steemFest comes to the other side of the world, like New Zealand =)

I'm going to have to buy some warm clothes for this trip for sure :)

New Zealand?! Can you imagine the reaction of certain whales if that was announced as the next destination! haha

Maybe if the market recovers again... who knows =) always keeping the door open.

I guess this means you will be drinking that beer for me! Congrats!

You have twisted my arm @cecicastor, Na Zdorovie! (apparently!)

Na Zdorovie! 🍻

Na zdrowie! - this is how we spell it

Thank you for pointing this out. It is not my native language.

Exciting to see progress in what I likely to be another EPIC time with great people!

I like that your doing early discount tickets and expensive late ones as I remember last year the crazy amount of late buys. Atleast if it goes that way again it will cover it self with the extra cost. Good move!

Thanks for alll you do for this community and the world. You really are a stand up guy making great things happen.

To SteemFinity and Beyond!

thx mr Q, burn on! 🔥🔥🔥

Does anybody know or @roelandp if the promocode for the INX Design Hotel is still valid? Because it does not seem to work says its invalid?

Hi @Simonjay! Please use the "BOOK INX" button on the website, to trigger an autofilled email to open up.

(This booking needs to go through email - I've asked them yesterday when I visited them why, but it was some IT problem)

There are still some rooms left, but you are exactly right to book now tbh!

Thx @roelandp for the update. try to be there this year.. but still struggling with my daytime job to get some days of.

Cool cool cool.... let's see you in there Steemians!
Peace V!

see you there Leo!

Happy to have another excuse to return to my homeland, quite a good reason ! The Wawel Dragon will hopefully welcome everyone with open arms! :)

See you there! :)

Thank you for all of the updates @roelandp!! I’m so excited for those that will get to attend this year. My husband and I plan to make it to a SteemFest one of these years. Maybe I’ll still get to participate if you all do an art gallery again this year!! Us needleworkers from #NeedleWorkMonday really enjoyed participating and supporting the event from our homes :)

There we go! No savings whatsoever, a huge loan to pay back to people here and to top it all off: I am not a damn plankton anymore! (first time someone ever dislikes that lol). BUT, I made up my mind in Portugal last year, I am GOING, nothing will stop me. So gearing up to sell anything of value (no, not the kids...) and work non stop to make this happen. Thanks again @roelandp for making Steemfest happen!

WOW i like your spirit @misslasvegas!

Congrats, you made the #steemitminute for today!
Click the Image Below to see the Video!

Awesome - I love the 'trapped ticket prices', makes it possible for everyone to look in their wallets and see what they can miss :-)

I might contact you about the 'tours' and such in a few weeks to see how 'mobility friendly' they are, I'll probably walk with a cane / will be limited in walking, maybe we could arrange some scooters/smart transportation for those moments for those who need a bit of support like me.

(If it's an awesome tourist bus tour with open roof and unlimited bar I'll shut my mouth of course :'))

(If someone reads this and also has mobility issues please contact me, I'd love to know of I'm alone in worrying about these things :D)

See y'all in November!

Hi @soyrosa thanks for contacting, would you mind either emailing [email protected] or my telegram (just search the obvious)

No, I don't mind! Will do!

No excuses! Remember if you get tired or it hurts you'll piggy back ride me!

Oh yeah! Time to buy a ticket or two for the winners of the SteemFest Dreams contest! Now I'm going to have to make another update! Thank you @roelandp! This looks awesome!

great pls connect with me for obtaining those tix. [email protected] or my handle on telegram

Finally the details are out! Thank you for your great effort in organising steemfest3! We (@jrvacation is owned by me and my wife, J and R) will see you in Krakow!

see you in Kraków!!!

finally its out! Thanks to the sponsors the tickets are lowered because coming from Australia is going to cost me a bit. and its great you have the trf program which will help people from coming overseas. great work team!

Excited... And at the same time need some serious planning and budgeting to get enough for the trip! Coming from Malaysia is going o cost me a bomb...

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Nice first line-up, Roeland!

@joeparys flying in from the US, how cool's that?!
I thought there were no flights from America going to Europe, or did I misunderstand something in the comment thread of the last update post...? 🤔😜😆

Celebrated and resteemed

there are some :P

Thanks 🙏🏻 Roeland, for organizing and for adding 1000Steem to the travel fund!! I’m sure it’s going to be epic again!

Me and @nathanmars would be going to Karkow on 27th and 28th August. We are hoping to explore the venue of the Steemfest, the hotel, nearby places to visit and do some reviews so people can benefit from them before coming to Krakow.

If anybody has any particular request about the city or Poland in general please do let me know so we can check it out and even include it in the reviews.

A lot of people would be traveling to Poland for the first time and we were just hoping to bring some useful information on the table that might help folks to have a better experience during the steemfest.

I'm in Kraków my self then, maybe we can meet somewhere. Use my username on telegram during those days! I'm pretty busy obviously but maybe for a drink at night or something.

Holy shit! That'd be so cool.
I don't want to be too forward but I think if we are to meet than exchange of numbers might be required. I am using [email protected] to communicate info for all things Steem.

I'll be preparing my Krakow city guide on Saturday and maybe Sunday. Catch me on steem chat if you'd like to meet!

Man that would really good. Would you be there on Monday-Tuesday?

please join if you would like to meet and hangout with Polish Steemians while being in Poland :) There is also a separate channel with Steemians, which are from Cracow: :)

That's really cool! We are also trying to do a little meetup in Warsaw on this Sunday to get to know the Polish Steemit community :-) We'd be honored to be able to meet any of you guys. Any suggestions????

please ask people on, who would like to meet :)

Nice one @hashcash

Be cool to get some info the city before the masses arrive. I think i'm OK in suggesting that you should use the first two tags in this post for yours, cheers!

I will do that man! Thanks for putting it out there. I actually was wondering about the tags since new ones might get the traction that old ones have and using old ones might look like trying to rip-off of the people who started it.

This looks really a great meeting!!!

Awesome buddy

That's going to be too far away... again. But I will keep supporting everyone else that wants to attend to this.

Please spread the word and if you know about any good speakers, let the organisation know about it.

I am sharing this on my linked in to create a bit more of awareness.

It is very interesting but I can't be in this time in Poland. I wish for all the best fun. See you next time 😉

Hi,@roelandp Very intersting post, nice

Fest 😍😍

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Hi @roelandp,

counting already the days to go the SteemFest 3 to meet all that wonderful people.

I will look to organize a cool #BeerSaturday club crawl on that Saturday.

Need to have a chat with you whenever you have a moment!

you know where to find me? :)

Was looking for you at the Kitesurf Worldcup 2018 here at Fehmarn Island but I guess you are this weekend in Krakau.


You get an Email instead.

Hi @roelandp any of these steemfest happening near Singapore. If not then any future plan to schedule here.

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looks like fun

I don't quite get what's de deal with the tiket types, why are they a percentage ? who covers what's left up to 100% in case you buy a 60% ticket? why would anyone buy a 200% ticket?

Hi Cala! SteemFest tries to be as inclusive as possible and wants as many as possible to attend regardless of income, status, origin, beliefs etc. Not everyone has the same income. SteemFest believes in people doing good, people being honest. This is why thanks to sponsorships we can offer a ticket rated at 50% of the costprice of that attandance. However we count on honesty of the buyer. If you did well, we ask you to kindly opt for a higher priced ticket, because, to be honest, we can't pay 50% of the budget with sponsorships (because at current sponsorship income forecast we can pay about 100 of the cheapest tickets, and then we also need the rest of the people to buy a 'Regular / Break-even ticket'.

Why would anyone buy a ticket at 200%? Because you then sponsor the attendance of someone else's ticket completely. By buying a 200% ticket, you fill up the missing costs of 2 Minnow/plankton people and sustain the event.

Up till this year this all worked out pretty nicely. Ofcourse if everyone would buy the 50% discount ticket we would have to take measures but up till now, people are still very kind and honest and it seems to be working out.

Thank you for taking the time to answer in such a complete way. I thought the price might be linked to how much steem you have in your account ( i.e if you are a whale you can't buy a plankton ticket ). Also I didn't imagine we had such a wonderful community which doesn't try to abuse the ticket system. Really impressed to be honest.

Well that's idea indeed. Could obviously put in automated preventions but still going out from people's own judgement. So far there has not been cases of abuse.

It's great to see the regular updates about the SteemFest. There should be some contest for the newcomers too who can participate and win.

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Thank you for doing this all for all of us !!!

Спасибо Вам, что делаете это все для всех нас!!!

Hmmmn... Wish I could afford the cost to be there..

Can anyone tell me how to increase my steem ?

great post i will be entering. thanks @roelandp

So happy to even be in the city to meet all the crazy people haha :)
Thank you for pushing this event !


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Thank you for all of the info. I just would like to that the market would in better conditions. I am still happy for the steemit feast 🤗 Greetings

I wanna join but it is too far from my country, Indonesia.
Success for the SteemFest...

Great to see a new update :)

And a question... do I need to buy a ticket for my 2.5 years old daughter? :)

@roelandp: is there anyone who I could also ask in advance for a child-seat for a meals? :)

haha good one. we will have to count all babies and stuff :) But please don't buy a ticket for her :)

Hi @roelandp,

Are there going to be any gratis tickets or maybe some discount, for steemians who would really like to come to fest, but they are actually poor?

Those are high prices, for a standard in my country.

hi @nikolanikola please see the steemfest website - currently for minnow/plankton thanks to generous sponsor that first entry ticket is offered for 50% of the actual cost price

additionally please see the bottom paragraph of this very announcement for links to ticket competitions!

i suggest to join those and keep on following any announcements for new competitions!

Thanks for quickly answering, I'll certainly check out those competitions :)

It's so close, i am so excited!

This is awesome to see it coming together and the price for the 4 days is definitely affordable. Solid work Roeland