I'm Teaching Yoga at Steemfest!!! This Is My Campaign Launch

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 I’m super excited to announce that not only will I be going to
STEEMFEST in Amsterdam this year,
but I will be teaching YOGA
for Steemians there as well!!!

--->   It’s officially @roelandp approved!  <---


I do not request compensation for my time or service. This is my gift to the Steemit community, because I love this platform and want to see it succeed. I will facilitate yoga classes and offer private consultations for anyone interested in activating or upgrading their yoga game. I am really excited to dedicate my entire weekend at STEEMFEST to be in service to the Steemit community!

All I need is the plane ticket to get to Amsterdam.

I do not work for money. I devote all my time, skills, and resources as a full time volunteer at the Garden of Eden. I have been part of feeding 40,000 free meals a year, saving 350,000 pounds of trash from the landfill, and achieving a negative carbon footprint. I haven't spent a dollar in a year...but now I need to get a plane ticket. I'm so grateful that Steemit offers the opportunity to generate funds that not only bypasses wicked central banks but doesn't cost us users anything to give them!

I have full faith that this Steemit community can help me achieve my goal! 

(image source @benjojo)

I do not ask for anything for free, so I will be sharing a How to Yoga post every day until STEEMFEST, and I am simply requesting that you upvote, resteem, tweet, and share via Facebook this and upcoming posts during your regular social media activities. In these daily posts, I am sharing my years of practice, knowledge, experience, and training in India and other countries to benefit all! They are a taste of what I will offer at STEEMFEST. 

Normally, I donate my Steemit rewards towards helping others at the Garden of Eden, but for the next few weeks I will dedicate them towards this goal of getting to STEEMFEST to serve our greater community and develop relationships with other Steemians.

I need only the funds to cover the cost of a plane ticket (cheapest round trip flight from DFW to AMS is 970.20 SBD at current exchange rates). I do not need a food budget, as lunch and dinner are provided at STEEMFEST and I can take snacks while traveling. I will even forego a hotel room to keep my costs minimal (although anything in excess of my plane ticket goal may be applied to this end). I want only to get to STEEMFEST! 

This can be another miracle success in Steemit lore of this community's generosity, and a GREAT story to share at STEEMFEST!

(image source)

Steemit gives us the incredible opportunity to generate funds essentially out of thin air without costing anyone anything OR supporting the global military industrial complex, AND we can celebrate exchanging SBD for real goods and services. Again, I request upvotes, resteeming, tweeting, and Facebook sharing of this post and my daily yoga posts to achieve my goal of a plane ticket to Amsterdam.

Because curators get 25% of post rewards and the author's reward is divided evenly between Steem Power and SBD, I will need to acquire more than the 970.20 SBD for the plane ticket on my posts. And realistically, I need to raise these funds to purchase a ticket ASAP before the price increases.

I would like to set a timeline of 10 days from now to purchase my ticket to Amsterdam. In this time frame, I will need post rewards of 258.72 PER DAY. Accounting for curator's rewards and Steem Power payments, this will yield 97.02 SBD per day towards my goal to generate 970.20 SBD in 10 days.

(image source)

Woah, this is significantly more than what I am currently acquiring
...but this is incentive to create better and better posts! I am stoked for the motivation to increase my value added to this platform. I have full faith that the Steemit community can get me to Amsterdam in time for my classes! 

Perhaps I will be blessed with just a few whaley upvotes to fund this entire project. If so, I vow to offer a private yoga sesh to any whale and/or their significant other who upvotes me towards my goal when we meet at STEEMFEST in Amsterdam. 

(image source)

Please help me get to STEEMFEST in time for my yoga class by upvoting, resteeming, tweeting, facebooking, and sending me abundant wishes! I greatly appreciate your support!  

 ~ This will be great fun ~ 

Steem On!! 

💛  Sara!

P.S. Are any Steemians in Amsterdam interested in hosting me for some days (during, before, and/or after STEEMFEST) in exchange for private yoga classes?


I prefer BeerYoga. Let's practice it too at Amsterdam. :-)


My favorite is freestyle yoga jam with live music and ganja - would be great to swing that as well!

officially approved indeed :)

Thank you @roelandp, I'm super grateful for you!!

Yoga and steemfest.....wow what a life :)

So exciting!
Go Girl!


Steemfest keeps getting better!! I hope you get the support you need to get your plane ticket. I wonder if you could source a cheaper flight though.
The link above could be useful. If you tell me what airport you would be flying from I can do the research for you as I would love to see you there and get some yoga in for the weekend :)

AWESOME, thank you so much! I am definitely excited to get the best deal possible because spending money is not my jam (even if it is using these magically generated SBD ). I truly honor the actual exchange of resources and I weigh my actions with great consideration. I trust that I will have the perfect amount of SBD to snag the perfect deal at the perfect time!

I would greatly appreciate the assistance you offer! I'm flying out of DFW, and my dates are completely flexible and open-ended.

OK I did some research and what I found turned out to be no cheaper than what you've already found.

But here's what I found using the advice from @shenanigator's post

Since your dates are flexible you could start travelling on Thursday morning 10th November and take 3 different flights to get to Amsterdam by either 2pm or 6pm (depending how much time you think you need for the 2nd layover) on Friday the 11th.

The above link displays a connecting flight from DFW Dallas to YYZ Toronto and an overnight flight to LGW London.

This would have you arrive in London for 10am (take into account possible delays) and from there you could choose one of these flights with British Airways at either 11:40 (this might be risky if you have checked luggage to college and check in) or 15:45 which would get you to Amsterdam just after 18:05.

Flight costs

Dallas - Toronto $171.79
Toronto - London $261.66
London - Amsterdam $108.21

I stopped when I got this far because I realised it's not any less expensive than what it seems you've hunted down yourself. These flights are all a bit cheaper if you leave a few days early. A few days to explore amsterdam before the steem parade arrives could be worth it and your experience would be valuable to the rest of us just arriving as you can scope the place out before we get there ;)

I really hope you get the support you need to get your ticket soon, I will try reblogging your daily Yoga posts.

Thanks @beanz, I'm really grateful you used your time to research and help me out! I will be happy to arrive early to scope the scene and hold it down. I'm looking forward to getting our yoga on!!!

Depending upon how many bounces you can survive -- I got a round-trip of $550 from Washington DC and the DFW-Washington round-trip is $128 . . . .

I suspect that there are many similar deals through New York . . . .

Note: The prices quoted were grabbed from Orbitz right before I posted this.

Awesome, I really appreciate that tip @mark-waser! Saving money on the airfare is as good as a powerful upvote in my book!! I am perfectly comfortable with long travel periods if it decreases cost, so I will be sure to keep an eye out for the best deal.

I hope you reach your target and get to enjoy the meeting :)

Thank you! I trust it will unfold perfectly!

I hope so :)

Wishing you and all of SteemFest Great Success!

Here's the link to ticket info, hotel bookings, and latest presenters so you can come too! I'm looking forward to meeting all the Steemians in Amsterdam and getting bendy!

Way to go, Sara! It is a privilege to partake of your extensive knowledge and grounded, humorous, and supportive teaching style!

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Yay! Way to go Sara! This is so exciting!!! 😘

Thanks Claudia! I'm super stoked, this is a really primo opportunity to bring yoga to some people who can really use it!

Avoid short sighted archaic banks and wasteful, mind-numbimg brand-washing ads too! :-)

Be the change!

Thank you so much, my brother!

A yoga session at steemfest... I like it! :)

Thank you! I can show you some moves that will be of great benefit to your golf swing ;)

Upvoted and re-Steemed! Hope to see you there!

I appreciate your support @ericvancewalton!!

All the best girl. Exciting love xx