Quinn Eaker Sponsored My Flight to Amsterdam Where I Will Teach Yoga at SteemFest!!! I'm Overflowing with GRATITUDE!

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Steemit introduced me to the exciting world of cryptocurrency and the revolutionary potential that it represents, and I am totally in love with this platform!

Every day, I am bringing information of great value to this site in thanks for the surges of inspiration Steemit catalyzed within me. I know yoga to be an incredible practice of limitless healing, so I offer my knowledge with the hopes that all Steemians will be happy and healthy!

Now, I am blessed with the incredible opportunity to participate in Steemfest and teach yoga! I get to celebrate everything that Steemit is and all it could become with the extended community, and I am dedicating my weekend to be in service by sharing yoga with one and all!

I am in awe of the fact that I will be able to travel across the world to share my passion for yoga and this cutting-edge platform, and the entire trip will be made possible with the wonder that is the Steem Dollar!

This is a whole new paradigm!!

As a full time volunteer at the Garden of Eden, my resources are dedicated towards building a better world for ALL; I do not use USD nor do I have income. Ten days ago, I launched my fundraising campaign and pledged to dedicate all SBD generated from my daily yoga posts towards procuring a plane ticket to Amsterdam. I set a short goal of raising the funds in 10 days for myself so I can get a ticket ASAP before the price goes up.

While I enjoyed great success in some ways (more followers than ever, more upvotes than ever--more upvotes even than followers!, more comments than ever, and genuine support/encouragement/assistance for my dream), but my daily post earnings were not as high as I had hoped they would be to fund my travels.

By my stars, even better solutions presented themselves!!

I am blessed to live with a genuine yogi and master of solutions @quinneaker at the Garden of Eden, and he presented a genius algorithm that will save tons of money on the cost of a ticket!!

Further, he is sponsoring my flight!

I am thrilled to announce that because of @quinneaker’s unending generosity and inspiration, I AM GOING TO AMSTERDAM!!

@quinneaker is the actual vortex of abundance. He has provided everything I need and more than I could even imagine, and he asks nothing of me but to constantly evolve as a person.

He founded the Garden of Eden to showcase how easy and enjoyable life can be when we come together to help each other, and he holds this space for me and thousands of other people who have come through. Through his vision, we feed 40,000 free meals a year, save 350,000 pounds of trash from the landfill, and enjoy a negative carbon footprint.

Honestly, a plane ticket is the least of things I have to thank my hero and mentor for. For a few years, I have watched this super being offer genuine and generous solutions to not only me but an entire community of people on a daily basis. He literally manifests dreams come true with the greatest of ease, yet he never asks for anything in return. I am most blessed to know and learn from you, @quinneaker! THANK YOU!!!


And THANK YOU @roelandp and all of your support for organizing this whole Steemfest for all of us to enjoy! You are extremely helpful and energetic, and your dedication to this community is inspiring and quite beautiful to witness. I’m really looking forward to watching your festival creation unfold over the weekend! I’m especially grateful you’re giving me the opportunity to share yoga, because it’s my favorite thing ever--may all beings be happy and free!

Money is useless for repaying miracles, so what can I do to express my sincerest thanks? Genuine suggestions are very welcome in the comments of this post...

To sum up, I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity to offer yoga at Steemfest! All the pieces have fallen into place with the greatest of ease.

Would you like to come to yoga class on Sunday, November 13 at 8:30 am at Volkshotel with me?

--> Please sign up to join! <--

I'm looking forward to meeting you all there and getting our OM on!

Thank you, LIFE!

💛 Sara!


Steemians will be blessed by you as you were blessed by @quinneaker. What goes around comes around. Quinn is definitely a benevolent being--digging deep within to better the world on a moment-to-moment basis. His vision is reaching far and wide in ways that will have ripples of evolutionary change. Your contribution to the @gardenofeden does not go unnoticed. Steemfest will be blessed to have you and the gifts of yoga you so graciously shower upon yourself and others. Thank god for Sara. And definitely, thank god for Quinn!!

What a fantastic testament to the truth and love Quinn shares! So excited you're going out into the world to share what you are most passionate about. Bring in the choir, we gon b singing some fuck yeahs!

LOL it is so great to spread the love!

Awesome!!! And yet another reason to be grateful for Quinn. What a life!

WHAT A LIFE!!!! Thanks, Quinn!!!

Awesome story - I'd certainly join the yoga class if I'd be in Amsterdam. Unfortunately, I won't make it though I'd love to {sigh}
Have fun there and congrats!

Thank you! I hear that Steemfest will be livestreamed, so maybe you can partake of the class from wherever you will be.

That's good news for all of those who can't come to Amsterdam.

Awesome result - a testament to the kindness of the creator of Garden of Eden . Enjoy your yoga sessions in Amsterdam, I'm sure they will be well supported

Thank you! It's super cool to get the opportunity to go to Steemfest, but it's an even larger blessing to learn true consideration and benevolence from Quinn on a daily basis. I hope to serve others to pay forward the immense gifts he has shared with me!

Sarah! This is amazing!!!! I am proud of you and eager to see your adventure in the future :)
Oh gosh Sarah, this is a blessing! I love you and safe travels.

Thanks Rissa, I love you too! I'm so excited--this IS a blessing indeed!

That is SO awesome! I would come in a heartbeat if I were there. Spread the yoga lifestyle for peace and contentment.

I'm very excited to share the yoga love!

Jealous. Maybe I should go there and teach taiji (taichi) :-)
Seriously, glad you make it. Have fun and enjoy yourself.

Taichi is another powerful, healthy practice; would be great for you to share your skills with this community!

Someday, I hope to but it's more difficult to put together instructions in English from learning and practicing in Chinese several years.

A beautiful thing about exercises is you can still demonstrate and people can follow along regardless of language. The body is benefitted even without verbal discourse.

Benefit from the exercise, yes. However, it's not the same if you just follow the movement and get grasp the benefit of having the chi energy flow which is difficult to instill in some of the students I help to teach. I think will need video and some form of instructions.

I Am So Happy For You!
Quinn Is A Great Guy!

Thank you!
Quinn is the BEST~*~

You are quite powerful!

This is true~

So stoked for you. Enjoy your journey and embrace everything that is steemfest. I look forward to reading your reports from the event.

Thank you! I'm so grateful for these epic opportunities, and I'm looking forward to sharing!!!

Boom! Explosions of love everywhere!

We're totally surrounded by love bombs!!

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