STEEMFEST 2019 x CMMerch GOLDEN Mystery Box Give Away.

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The What
Here @cmmerch we decided it would be a great idea to have a little giveaway. We brainstormed for awhile on how to achieve this and finally we came up with a solid plan. We are going to be shipping a few other things to STEEMFEST and decided to add in a mystery box. How this goes is simple.

The How
100% Up Vote, ReSteem & leave a Comment with your steemit handle and what excites you the most about STEEMFEST this year. At the end of 7 days we will announce the winner and have one of our good friends deliver the mystery box to the winner at steemfest.

Clear Rule Set

  1. Upvote @ 100%
  2. Resteem
  3. Leave your steemit handle and what your most excited for when it comes to Steemfest 2019.
    One random winner will be chosen on the 28th (Maybe more:D)

The Box




Good Luck to Everyone!


I wish everyone who will make it to the STEEMFEST journey mercies! And successful 🙌 deliberations!

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Looks like something pretty epic, Mystery boxes are the best!! Good luck to everyone!

I'm not attending in person but pretty excited to get the items we're putting into the goodie bags out to the participants.