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RE: To Promote & Support the Most Fantastic Fest on Planet Earth, I am Giving Away a Ticket to SteemFest2!!! This Is YOUR Chance!

in #steemfest4 years ago

@quinneaker do you mind if I share this article to my blog off-site? I would run the first paragraph and link back to your article on STEEMIT and your profile. Let me know.


Go for it~*~

Thank You so much. If there are any others you wouldn't mind me sharing, please let me know. Here is a linkback. Nothing special yet, but I am putting a lot of money into promoting, hopefully with some time it will bring more attention to steemit.

Is this your entry to the contest?

No I wish, but I couldn't go even if I won. My life is a mess lol. I just went through hurricane Irma and two babies in two years. I couldn't do that to my wife even if I could get a passport haha. Maybe next year.