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RE: SteemFest³ Updates - First names announced - Ticketshop open - Let's fire it up!

in #steemfest3 years ago

Awesome - I love the 'trapped ticket prices', makes it possible for everyone to look in their wallets and see what they can miss :-)

I might contact you about the 'tours' and such in a few weeks to see how 'mobility friendly' they are, I'll probably walk with a cane / will be limited in walking, maybe we could arrange some scooters/smart transportation for those moments for those who need a bit of support like me.

(If it's an awesome tourist bus tour with open roof and unlimited bar I'll shut my mouth of course :'))

(If someone reads this and also has mobility issues please contact me, I'd love to know of I'm alone in worrying about these things :D)

See y'all in November!


Hi @soyrosa thanks for contacting, would you mind either emailing [email protected] or my telegram (just search the obvious)

No, I don't mind! Will do!

No excuses! Remember if you get tired or it hurts you'll piggy back ride me!