[Crowdfunded Dreams Report] 1st Winner and 3rd Chance to Enter!

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We have a winner! The contest was so close! The winner won by 1 point after tallying all the scores from @theprophet0, @aggroed, and myself. Each post was given a score between 1 and 10 and then all the scores were tallied. There was a 3 way tie for second place!


Winning Entry


This is by far the biggest winner ever for the contest!

Congratulations to @jacobts! You are the first winner of a SteemFest Dreams payout for SteemFest2 in Lisbon, Portugal! You will receive all of the rewards from the first post. and all the liquid rewards from the second post.

632.479 SBD with a current USD value of $1,062.56 has been transferred to @jacobts

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 2.59.41 PM.png

Another 151.831 STEEM (SP from the first post) with a current USD value of $335.54 will be transferred in 2 days after it is powered down from my account - @richardcrill

This brings @jacobts's winning payout to a current value of $1398.10!

Congratulations to @everlove on winning the @theprophet0's contest

@theprophet0's contest had it's first winner as well, but there will still be chances to win his contest so checkout his blog to enter. @aggroed's contest is also still ongoing so be sure to check that out, too.

Don't worry If you didn't win, you still have a chance

All entries have been saved and will continue to be considered for future payouts. However, I will need to know the dollar amount that you will need to make it to SteemFest2. Usually this is the price of your plane ticket.


Top Upvoters

These are the people making SteemFest dreams come true.
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Enter Now!

As always, make a post about yourself and why you want to go to SteemFest2. Mention @steemfestdreams in the post and put a link to it in a comment on this post.

I've realized that @steemfestdreams will likely have enough to send a few Steemians to SteemFest this year, so I need to know exactly what dollar amount you need to make your SteemFest dream a reality. For most people, the plane ticket is the #1 expense and what is needed to make the dream come true.

From now on, all entries must include a screenshot of the price of a roundtrip plane ticket or whichever form of transportation you will be taking.


It we can send as many as possible, it will be great. Congratulation for the winners.

Congrats to all winners...Really a Good Job

Congratulations @jacobbts and all the winners!!!

@jacobbts Accept my congratulations !. You worked hard for victory, now is the time to partake of the fruits of your labor.

This is awesome!

Congratulations @jacobts for winning the contest. Hope to see everyone on Steemfest2, too! ☺

So excited to see this working in such powerful ways. Thank you @steemfestdreams for making it happen. Resteeming to spread the word.

Thank you @everlove!

My pleasure indeed @richardcrill. Thanks for all you do.

Thank you for the entry!

That's awesome, upvoted and followed :D

Congrats to all you guys! You put a ton of thought, time and energy into it and it paid off....if I was your fathers, I'd be damn proud of you!! :)

This is so great, @jacobts is the one that first told me about steemit (and cryptos in general) and got me to join. He's an excellent dude and I'm so happy you all have decided to help him get to steemfest. He deserves it!

Good stuff. Keep up the good work guys! Making dreams come true.

this competition is really amazing . and congratulations @jacobbts and all other winners.

Thank you! Very glad to see you enter it here!

Incredible name! Altcoin Jesus HAHA followed!

Richard this is just fabulous!

You've got an awesome winner there! Jake is top notch!

So here's my entry :)

It got all you need and why I should come :)

A Hacker, Designer and Developer Wants To Go to SteemFest and Help Out

Wow such a great project!
Love seeing this, one of my favorite parts about Steemit!
Keep up the great work!

Wow, awesome project. I would love to go to steemfest again this year. I will make a post soon for an entry into this contest. Thanks.

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