Crowdfunded Dreams Report and 2nd Chance to Enter

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SourceCurrent Dollar Value
Remaining SP from last year$172.83
1st SteemFest Dreams Post(Estimated not yet paid out)$402.55

This is a great start! If we keep getting support like this we we will send several Steemians that would not make it otherwise! Please give your support by upvoting this post!

Top Upvoters for the first post(still time to upvote!)

These are the people that are funding your dreams
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Contest Entries so far


Rewards from this post and all posts from @steemfestdreams will go to support the SteemFest dreams of deserving Steemians.

This will be a weekly post. Announcements for winners will happen well ahead of SteemFest to allow time to make travel plans, ticket purchases, etc.

Enter Now

Make a post about why you want to go to SteemFest AND what you would need to make that happen. Mention @steemfestdreams. Put a link to your post in the comments of this post before the 7 day payout period. You will also be able to submit an entry for each @steemfestdreams post.

Please help by resteeming. @steemfestdreams only has 31 followers so far!


This is my entry I made it in spanish but a very basic spanish so you can translate it with google translator and sure there won't be any problem! Thanks for your support to the community!

Thank you for the entry!

Took me way long to post my entry way too late. I hope I can still make it.

Thank you for the entry!

Thanks for posting all this information!

Geez... At this point in time, one of my dreams would definitely be to go take part in this event with you all this year, especially now that the STEEM is increasing in value so much...

All for one and one for all! Namaste :)

I love travelling and meeting new people. Steemfest will afford me that opportunity to meet with amazing steemians, especially members of my team, whom i have been chatting with regularly and have enjoyed their support. I'm really looking forward to the event. Lisbon here I come! Thanks for the post. Read and upvoted.


Crowdfunding travel? Sounds like a good idea. I could use a vacation.

Make a post!

I did. We'll see what happens. I'm new to Steem so I'm not sure how it works. But, I gather that upvotes are the thing. Right?

lol, I just saw it. Thank you for the entry, but I expect there to be quite a few more good entries so feel free to make a more detailed post to increase your chances. I think there may be so many good entries that I will have to have a voting contest on the entries. Just to see who wins.

Upvoted and resteemed

Thank you for the entry!

My pleasure. :)

Voted and read!


WOW! Thats incredible I wish I can be "resteemed! like that! I wish you the best!

This is the community showing what it is capable of. Amazing. People that will go will still have the opportunity to post about their experience at Steemfest, and be able to reduce the expenses.

Exactly! There is no reason ANYONE couldn't make it to SteemFest and even get more rewards along the way!

Making dreams come true.

Appreciate everyone's help with this. Wishing everyone all the best. Hope to see you Lisbon in the fall.

Thanks for the information. Upvoted.

Great idea thanks @steemfestdreams - I love the innovation that happens on Steemit every day. Upvoted, followed and can't wait for November!

I have re steemed and upvoted you, please upvote and follow me

I like it

Have fun with this Rich! I hope it can help a lot of people. I'm now following.

Great initiative, up-voted and resteemed.

Can I post in spanish?

I will have to use google translate to read it, but yes! Please do!

Sorry for the late response! I am trying to keep up with all the new developments. I will try to respond sooner than that, but feel free to ask questions and let me know any way that I can help!

NONONO, thanks to you for answer me. I can speak english but it's not my best. So I prefer to express myself better in spanish. Thanks for the opportunitie.

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Good job!!!

This is really helpful and thanks alot for it.

OH so much to love about Steemfest!
I'm dreaming of a Lisbon Birthday!!
Thank you for the opportunity!