It's Time to Decide the Winner!

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We have finally purchased a ticket for SteemFest in Krakow and it has your name on it! Actually it has @steemfestdreams name on it, but it will be awarded to one of the Steemians listed below!

We also have over 100 STEEM left in the account, plus the liquid rewards earned in this post, and the last power down that will go to the lucky winner for travel expenses!


If you are on this list, please give a comment to let us know if you are still planning to make it to SteemFest. If you are not on the list, but submitted an entry before today, please let let me know in a comment ASAP! We will also reach out to any serious contenders to make sure you still plan to attend before awarding the ticket.

The judging process will begin by the 3 judges now and the winner will be decided by the time this post pays out.



Official Steemfest Info:

Official SteemFest Website:
Official Travel Reimbursement Fund:


@freedomtribe Witness Proxy

Freedom Tribe is a community of Steemians that promotes life, freedom, truth, love, and happiness. We support witnesses that support our values and our projects like @steemfestdreams.

The witnesses that @freedomtribe currently votes on are:

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To set @freedomtribe as your proxy:

  1. Go to
  2. Scroll down to the bottom, where it says: "You can also choose a proxy that will vote for witnesses for you. This will reset your current witness selection." Underneath that, type "freedomtribe"
  3. Click SET PROXY and you should see this screen:



Please Upvote and/or Resteem for Visibility!

As always, all rewards are used to help contest winners Steemfest dreams come true! Visit the steemfest-dreams-chat in the Freedom Tribe Discord if you have questions or want to chat with other SteemFest Dreamers! Thank you for supporting the dream!

Join us on the Freedom Tribe Discord to learn more!


Delegate 50 SP 100 SP 200 SP 300 500 SP 1000 SP 2000 SP 3000 SP 5000 SP to @freedomtribe


Hi, I submitted an entry but I'm not on the list @steemfestfreams. I'm planning on going, because of some amazing steemians who have helped me raise 90% of the funds I need!

Or randomly bought me a steemfest ticket just because they want me there!!!

I'm so touched, and I've hustled HARD to not disappoint them.

And I only need about 250 more steem to reach my goal and cover the last part of my expenses!!!

Ok maybe more like 300 because I don't have a pair of actual shoes, only flip-flops. And it's freezing in Poland haha. I'd need to buy some and also some warm clothes because I don't have any. But I should easily be able to get it for cheap because I'll buy used.

I've raised the rest (with help of steemians promo-ing and supporting me, of course) by doing some crazy things.

I've created friend making steemfest tshirts, raffled/ sold off steem monsters cards, offered logo design services...the WORKS to get there.

Please include my entry! Here's the link to it to make it easier!

I even made a steem dress! You can also click on the picture of my steem dress to get to my entry from 25 days ago!

steemit dress.jpg

This last bit would mean everything to me!!!! Seriously!

Thank you so much for hosting this contest. It's much apprecited @steemfestdreams!

that is an AWESOME steem dress! hehehehe i hope your entry gets added - and way to go working so hard to get there!!! :)

Yay thanks!! I'm glad you think so, because I sketched the design on a napkin haha

Many great ideas have been started on napkin sketches!!! Lolol I think it's one of the signs of genius! 😉

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haha thanks!! I'm gonna roll with that

Whoops! Got it added! Thank you @nomadicsoul!

No, thank you @steemfestdreams!! Appreciate it!!


My choices are as follows: (assuming 10 is the high value score here and 1 is the lower value score.)

I based my judgement on who I thought would bring the most value to steem and the steem ecosystem by supporting them. These are the folks that I can see add value based on my best judgement. No one specifically addressed this question. No one gets a 9 or 10 from me. This is about my best ability to see how I think folks could make contributions that add to the overall ecosystem. Good luck everyone and thank you for your participation on Steem towards @steemfestdreams!

@por500bolos -5
@mrprofessor -6
@joshuaky -5
@robertandrew -6
@diebitch -5
@emjoe -6
@romafedorov -6
@neopch -7
@raj808 -8
@coruscate -8
@bboyady -6
@katrina-ariel -7
@felix.herrmann - NA
@aaronleang -6
@amalinavia -7
@danieldoughty -7
@fieryfootprints -7
@waybeyondthai - 7
@nomadicsoul - 7.5

Oh dear god, anxiety levels reaching 11

Hi @aggroed & @dynamicgreentk I've not been online since the weekend and haven't had the chance to look at discord since early last week.

I just wanted to say thanks for inclusion in the competition but I won a ticket in pharesim's competition and so I'd like to remove myself from the mix. Just in case I did end up winning, I think it is important that those deserving and with low opportunity get more of a chance.

Cheers and massive props for running the @steemfestdreams!

My entry is not in the list:
I also have entered steemitblog contest. Winners of that contest will be announced in october 22nd. If I would win that one I would like to use my entry in your contest to win a ticket for @reinhard-schmid. But my chances of winning your contest are higher. So if I will not win steemitblog contest I want to keep my entry for myself.

@steemfestdreams I already got my ticket so I will give a chance to other STEEMians 🤗

Thank You very much for contests like this! 🤜🤛

Good Luck Everyone! 😎
See you in Kraków! 👊

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Yay! I'd love to go! Please count me in. 💞

see you in Poland hehehehe

I don't think my entry is on the list either :)

Here it is !

I am not on the list but I also already have a ticket so no problem.

Oh! Congratulations! Glad to see you already won a ticket!

I didn't won it unfortunately, but I got some help to buy one at a contest.

I am ever ready to attend if given the opportunity. I can imagine the effect on the Popularity of the Steemit platform and Steem if I attend from Africa.

I wish all the contestants the best.

Possibility for All Expense Paid Trip!

"Optimistic expectations three months ago"

We have started powering down the @steemfestdreams account to make sure we are able to pay for the ticket well before SteemFest. Depending on support, we will also be paying travel expenses, up to and including your plane ticket!

Oh mates!! How much I wish you could have been able to raise enough funds to cover all travel expenses. Including the plane ticket too. Honestly, the plane ticket is the hardest and most expensive part to cover for someone like me being so far from this wonderful and promising destination in Kraków - Poland to truly revolutionize SteemFest3 with my humorous & extravagant presence. }:)

I will keep my fingers crossed hoping that you have succeeded with the entire fundraising goal to cover all travel expenses. And if so, I officially declare through this comment that; I'm in the list and I'm still planning to make it to SteemFest!

So, the best I can do so far to contribute to our cause is: Upvote this post with my almighty rickety vote of $0.02 cents at 100% of my VP and give an exuberantly seductive resteem to this post to spread and share my dream with my handful of followers in the quest for further support.

Cheers!! :)

I wish we could have raised more too @por500bolos. Thank you for the support.

Thank you @steemfestdreams. :)

Yeah mate, I know, I know!! I'm well aware that traveling from expectations to reality, this not always takes walking thru a straight line. Unless... we can find some lucky wormhole in our path. };)

I'm ready to meet all the other cool steemians, if I'll win that'll be a dream comes true :)

Thank you for making contests like this @steemfestdreams

awesome, i am on the list. I hope to win the paid travel expenses and most importantly the flight ticket, as the flight from borneo to krakow will be damn hefty. Yes i am still planning to attend.

Woooooooop wooooooooop, I'm still interested.

I'm finishing the last papers and will buy the cheapest plane ticket to Europe which will take me more than a day to get there. Plus I'll go without a SF ticket if I don't manage to find one, but it'll be epic anyway.

Epic indeed. I hope we both get a ticket and that I get to meet you there! :)

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I did not enter this contest sadly but just booked my flight from NY and my Airbnb!!! No ticket yet though!!! 😜

Gosh I don't envy you judges.. would be so hard!!

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Thank you, I am in the list..

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Good Luck for all!

Woohoo can't wait for the results. Hope to make it to Steemfest. But no matter who wins, it's still awesome that something like this is possible

Congratulations to the winner and have a great time Steemfest. Planning to go there next year.

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I just saw the post) I'm still going to Steemfest))

@steemfestdream is more than a dream for me...having imagined been the winner ,makes me feel a dream come through...

It taking to long and prayes that i dont wish for another disappointment this year , it almost finishing and wining this contest will make it the best memory in this whole year..

Am not giving up on this

I cant quit my @steemfestdreams
This must be my dream come through.

Man, too bad I didn’t get include in the entries.. again. As I reminded on every single post that my entry was not included. Sure would have been helpful to actually be included in a contest you entered. I guess there is always next year...

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