Please Help Make a SteemFest Dream come True for @everlove

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Hey Steemians,

This is @richardcrill. You may be aware of the SteemFest Dreamers campaign I started. The goal is to help Steemians that need a little help to make it to SteemFest. You can see my first post about it here.

We are changing things up a bit now, to try to gain some more traction. We now have our own @steemfestdreams account! No rewards in this account will go to me(@richardcrill). This account is entirely for helping others make their SteemFest dreams a reality.

This first @steemfestdreams post is dedicated to one particular Steemian - @everlove. If you have seen any of her posts, you might already know that she is an artist, part of the @gardenofeden community, and she is trying to make it to SteemFest.

I feel especially motivated to help @everlove because she is someone who has devoted herself to volunteering so she does not have the funds needed to make the long journey. She has not given up though. I know from speaking with her in chat that she is still trying to make her SteemFest dreams a reality, but she still needs to raise funds to make it happen.

Here is the comment @everlove left on one of the SteemFest Dreamers posts:

What a generous offer. There is nothing like paying it forward to make the world go round in a joyous spin!! Seems I need to be checking out some of the community links you shared above. Steemit has so much to offer--it's incredible.

My beloveds @quinneaker, visionary and founder of the @gardenofeden, and @saramiller will be making the trek to Amsterdam. Sara will be presenting yoga, and I know her class will be waaaay better with live music of the Tibetan bowls, which I just happen to play.

I will be delighted to also play them under the moon, over the water, in the still of the afternoon shade, or in anyway for anyone who needs a free opportunity for healing.

I have art that will be submitted for sharing at Steemfest and I will be blessed to connect with others of like mind with valuable offerings. I believe my experience in living in conscious community can provide great perspective and inspiration for the development of the Steemit community. I will be sharing the power of living the dream and showing an example of what it means to be the change.

One of my greatests gifts to Steemfest will be my artistic eye in photographing the event. I'm truly great at capturing the moment, so I have much to offer this community and am grateful for the opportunity to be making a difference.

I am a full time volunteer at the @gardenofeden and hence have no income to purchase tickets, hotel, airfare, etc. It would be a dream come true to attend and participate in this Steemfest event. Steemit is a huge part of my everyday life --it's truly a dynamic exchange as it appears to be developing in alignment with my values.

I would be incredibly blessed to receive assistance in realizing this Steemfest dream. I admit it feels a bit weird to be asking for assistance for myself, as I live my life in service to others. I am accustomed to reinvesting all that is received into feeding, housing and educating people. As is in my nature, I will guarantee, without a doubt, I will multiply the gift and pay it forward.

Thank you @richardcrill and @lindseylambz for being who you are and for sharing your hearts and passion with others. I am grateful to know the fine sentiment of your offer, whomever is chosen to receive the present.

A bit more about me and my life of service.

Here is your chance to make a fellow Steemians SteemFest dreams come true. Please upvote for @everlove. All liquid rewards for this post will go to her.

Also, if you feel motivated and have the funds please consider making a direct transfer to @everlove as I know she would be very appreciative but would never ask for that herself. Also take a look at her blog if you want to see how much of a loving, kind, creative soul she is. Here is her introduceyourself post

To have a chance to have your SteemFest dreams promoted in the next SteemFest Dreams post you must upvote and resteem this post. Once you have done that, get in contact with me @richardcrill through steemit chat.

Also, this is a brand new account so please resteem and follow to help us grow awareness!


OH my gosh @richardcrill. What a beautiful way to make dreams come true, by helping each other. Thank you for your interest and kind heart of generosity. I've been nominated in four categories of the Golden Steem Awards and I want to be there to share the announcement with my new artist friends. I'm also going to put my henna in my pocket. Thanks for the gift richardcrill...just receiving the kindness you've shared is truly a blessing.

You're welcome. It is clear to me that you deserve it and it would be a benefit to many at SteemFest if you were there. I just hope this works to be big help in getting you there!

If it's where you should be it will all happen. Personally, if the Steemians don't do whatever they can within their power to get you there it's equivalent to slamming the door on your own foot. You are the most awesome and beautiful spirit woman I have ever known and so grateful and privileged to be your good friend. The Steemit community will forever be upgraded just from meeting you. It's worth it guys!! Do it!!

Awe @loveon. Thank you for your support in more ways than this one. I'm grateful to have people who believe in me and value my contribution. Yes Steemians, please do it!!!

Hope you all can make it! Great initiative! I was lucky to find a cheap flight from Bangkok to Paris. So don't forget to check out other close-by countries to fly to. Europe is so small and trains are fairly cheap and fast! Going from Cambodia to the netherlands was about $400 extra!

Thank you @amy-goodrich. I will be checking into other possibility as you suggest. Every little bit matters! I appreciate your support.

What a great initiative! Thank you @richardcrill, this is very generous! Best of luck @everlove -- I want to play with you in Amsterdam!!! You are incredibly deserving of having all your dreams come true!

Thank you @saramiller. I want to play with you in Amsterdam too--We're going to meet our new Steemian friends---what a blessing!

This has my vote, always happy to help out a fellow Steemian in whatever small way I can. Good luck getting to SteemFest @everlove ! Hope it works out well for you, and everyone else who wants to go. Great thing you're doing here @richardcrill . Followed.

Thank you for the support @cryptomancer!

Thank you @cryptomancer for your presence here. I appreciate all the support.

@everlove is without a doubt one of the most caring and helpful I have ever met. If anyone deserves support it would be here and I am also quite sure people at SteemFest would be very glad she was there!
If big boys going to SteemFest are reading this I would advise just giving her an all expenses paid trip and everyone at SteemFest will be grateful for it!
A truly loving, beautiful, helpful focused, productive, creative soul improving all environments she is in.
Best Wishes~*~

Your vote @quinneaker actually means the most to me as having your support in this endeavor adds much power to the overall adventure. I do believe I can add value to this trip on many levels, and am SUPER excited to share the amazing possibilities of community. Thank you for showing me how simple, abundant and connected life can be. I will pay it forward! <3

Blessings on the way~*~

Resteemed, fantastic post.

Thank you @opheliafu. This is a fantastic post - @richardcrill is the bomb!!

Thanks @richardcrill for this noble post and for the other many people you encourage and support here on Steemit!
You are indeed a valuable contributor to this platform and we need more people like you!

Agreed all around!

You are too kind. We need more people like you @quinneaker!

Hahahahaha well I certainly agree with that ;-)>
Glad you said it not me hehe

Richard, once you meet our Shellie @everlove you will find that it was a time investment well made. Super grateful to your assistance.

No doubt in my mind!

Enjoy Amsterdam my dear!

i hope that enough funds will be raised

I hope so too--blessed simply thinking about it!!

You've got my upvote @everlove
I wish I could donate more. A small token from many adds up!

Grateful for every little bit. It does add up! Thank you!!!

Great post! In fact, it was so good that we decided to feature it in our latest newspaper. Read it here:

Yay! I'm really excited about this. I hope EVERyone who sees this post reads it and can feel how much I want to go to Steemfest and then feel awesome themselves for helping me. I love how giving is receiving.

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@steemfestdreams and @richardcrill!!!!!!! Thank you for supporting me in my quest for Amsterdam. I am in awe of your generosity and beautiful spirits. I'm inching closer EVERyday, breathing in sunny air and fresh possibilities. I am honored to have received your dedication of the first dream in the making. May this activation dreams for many. So grateful!!

Nice gesture

Upvoted, I support you journey to steemfest. May you be ever abundant in all that you wish to attract into your life. Hope to see you at steemfest ^_^