Thank You for the Great Contest Entries So Far! See them all here, and there is still time to Enter to Win a ticket to SteemFest!

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We already have some great entries to the contest, but don't worry there is still time to work on your entry and get it submitted before we stop taking them some time in the next few weeks.


If you didn't see the contest announcement please see our last post for contest details:

Steemfest Dreams 3 Entries So Far

If you have entered and don't see your post here please let me know in the comments or the Freedom Tribe Discord

The judges (@aggroed, @dynamicgreentk, and @richardcrill will not begin the thorough review process until we stop taking entries. We won't do that for a few more posts so we have time to power down more and hopefully get some more upvote support!

A Huge Thank You to Everyone who Supports SteemFest Dreams with Upvotes!

Top Ten SteemFest Dreams Supporters from Last Week:

  1. @postpromoter(@richardcrill)
  2. @gtg
  3. @geoffrey
  4. @steemexperience
  5. @everlove
  6. @aircurator
  7. @upboater
  8. @destinysaid
  9. @poeticsnake
  10. @coruscate

Official Steemfest Website:
Official Save the Date :

Please Upvote and/or Resteem for Visibility!

All rewards are used to help contest winners Steemfest dreams come true! Visit the steemfest-dreams-chat in the Freedom Tribe Discord if you have questions or comments about the contest! Thank you for supporting the dream and dreaming the dream!


I soooooo love that you are holding space for this opportunity to manifest for someone to experience this once-in-a-lifetime epic event. I have no doubt it will be another over-the-top gathering that will go down in history! Thanks for doing this and for getting people excited and hopeful about their own participation. Good luck to everyone!!

I really wish that @emjoe wins... He deserves to attend the steemfest more than anybody...
A sout out the awesome dude... @emjoe

Good luck to all of us :)


Hi - i would appreciate, if you add my Video for the contest.

Oh yes! Added. Thank you for your entry @felix.herrmann!

Excellent @steemfestdreams Team. Good luck to all of us!!

¡Upvoted & Resteemed! to continue capturing the good ones. 👌

Such a great contest! ♥️

You got a 7.35% upvote from @postpromoter courtesy of @richardcrill!

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All the best everyone. Thank you for accepted the entry.

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Great entries it is

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Thank you once more for being awesome @steemfestdreams

I wish I could do more to increase the pool and I would pretty buch do it if I wasn't one of the broke dudes hahaha.

Lots of positivity and a great weekend for everyone.