Win a Free Ticket to SteemFest in Krakow Poland! (And Possibly an All Expense Paid Trip depending on Support for these Posts)

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That's right! SteemFest Dreams is back again this year, giving away at least one free ticket to the Steemian that wins the writing contest! We will begin accepting entries starting TODAY!

Save the Date!

The official SteemFest announcement has been made by our amazing party host @roelandp! Please refer to the official @steemfest account and his post:

Possibility for All Expense Paid Trip!

We have started powering down the @steemfestdreams account to make sure we are able to pay for the ticket well before SteemFest. Depending on support, we will also be paying travel expenses, up to and including your plane ticket! All liquid rewards from these posts will be used to fund these expenses for the winner! The more eyes and whale support we could get for this the better so upvote and resteem in case YOU are the contest winner!

Wish You Could Make it to SteemFest 3?

You could! To enter, use the steemfestdreams tag and link to this post in your post. The post should be about why you want to go to SteemFest and how winning a free SteemFest ticket and/or travel expenses could help your SteemFest dream come true! Put a link to your post as a reply to this post to make sure I see it.

The winning entry will be decided by 3 judges, @aggroed, @dynamicgreentk, and @richardcrill.

Please Upvote and/or Resteem for Visibility!

Visit the steemfest-dreams-chat in the Freedom Tribe Discord if you have questions or comments about the contest! Thank you for dreaming the dream!



Good idea, there are those who cant get there and this is a chance

Steem fest!!! @richardcrill what time is the Dodge Mahall picking me up? :)

lol, I wish we were shipping @thedodgemahal over there. Maybe next year!

Hey there @steemfestdreams, hope I'm not too late for this great opportunity!

Here's my entry post:

Good luck to everyone who participates and myself too! See ya'll in Steemfest 3 🙌🏻

Here's my entry

All the best to me and all other participants!!! See you at Krakow!

This is aweeeesome! I sure will join in. Not sure if there's no deadline mentioned in the post or I missed it somehow. ❤

Accepting entries until further notice!

Thanks for answering! :) ❤️

Awesome contest
Should the links to the writing be droppped at the comment box of this post?

Thank you. Yes, that would be a good idea to make sure I see it. Added

Thank you. Yes, that would
Be a good idea to
Make sure I see it.

                 - steemfestdreams

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

@steemfestdreams!! Once again supporting the beauty and connection of this community in very valuable ways. Every year you help to change the lives of people by providing opportunity to be a part of an incredible, epic event. I can't imagine missing Steemfest and I hope others are inspired to make a point of getting there too. Thanks for holding space @richardcrill. Poland or bust!!! I'll be writing my entry for this super deal!!!! <3

Thanks for giving me something to appreciate @steemfestdreams!

Shared and voted I hope many people can join this initiative, greetings and good luck to all

Great initiative, re-steemed, congratulations to whoever wins this awesome prize.

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Amazing contest once again, this is gonna be epic!

I hope more people go this year.

How many people are you looking to bring tk steemfest3?

As many as possible! But all we know for sure we will have the funds for at this point is buying a ticket for one person.

awesome!!!!!!!! hey sis @evlachsblog... you interested? Poland it is... :)

Haha!!! I am interested, but I can't afford to do any trip this year. LOL!!!

Poland is a gud place

Oh! I almost didn't see this because you missed the s on steemfestdreams so I didn't get a ginabot notification. Got it now though. Thank you for your entry!

Wow, this is such an incredible opportunity that you are offering to Steemians!

Here is my entry. Thanks for checking out. <3

Thank you for your entry @coruscate!

Hey guys thanks you for this awesome opportunity !
Here is my entry :


Thank you for your entry @romafedorov!

@steemfestdreams Thanks for sharing this post. Poland is one of the great places I wish to visit. Hope to be the lucky one! ❤

PS shared and upvoted! 👌

Oh my dear god, this could literally change my life, I'll give my soul to write a great text.

Thank you for this initiative!

Haha, love the passion!

This is my second most important text of all time, the first one being my graduation thesis hahaha

THIS is community! Love that you guys are at it again to get people who otherwise would be unable to attend an opportunity to come and share the STEEM love!

Wish I could play, but work responsibilities will have me traveling, just not to Krakow. Bummer! But happy to resteem and spread the word about this opportunity for some lucky Steemian to come join the fun!

Thank you for your entry @raj808!

I we'll all make it to Krakow, I'll very much like to meet you in person.

Thank you for this opportunity!

Thank you for being a judge @dynamicgreentk!

I resteemed this article. I want Japanese people to know this information.

Thank you @yasu24! We want Japanese people to know about it, too!

And here it is my dear friends. My entry for your splendid community contest.

Already Upvoted and Resteemed your post for greater Visibility!

Cheers!! :)

My pleasure mate. I hope that at least you have some fun for a while reading it.

Cheers!! :)

Re-steemed this for you, hope it helps you reach the dream!!!

How to get this

Enter the contest

Well thats interesting.
Two birds with one stone? :D
#dont throw stones at birds

Upvoted, resteemed, and omg this is an awesome contest! Thanks for the chance, and for inviting me to dream. :) Here's my entry:

Cool, sounds great. I will enter here in the next few hours. Thank you for this opportunity of a lifetime :)

Please send @mrprofessor, please please please.

aww wow this is amazing and really showcases the generosity of this community! I'll start working on my entry! <3

Sure - Resteem. What will be the price this time? 334$?

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This real generous of you guys! Already excited to come to steemfest3, but free ticket would make it perfect! Will drop my entry soon enough.

Artakush brainstorms in the bush...

is very interesting and good news 11 November is my first year in steemit

I already reesteem so people can join too :)!

Your welcome I hope you can reesteem my story to about my condition .Thank you!

I'd be super thrilled if I have a chance to participate in this steemfest! But I can't travel along, I'm too young... T_T

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just pick me as the winner already. lol

lol, just enter already!

Sounds like an amazing idea!

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Thank u for this news

You're welcome!

hey guys, here is my entry.. hope I am not too late. Thanks so much for the opportunity!

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Poland? The greatest statue the inhabits of your planet have ever crafted is in Poland.

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I only just found this contest today, so I couldn't resteem this post :( However, I did upvote and resteem your newest post about the contest!
Anyway, here's my entry:
Hope I'm not too late! This is truly an amazing opportunity, thank you!

If I’m still on time I shall also test my luck with my contest entry.

I hate duplication of information and I said everything there is to say about me and my motivation in that video, that’s why I’m sharing it on multiple Steemfest contests. I hope the judges will understand:)

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@steemfestdreams, Here's my entry! A full two months later, I decided to go for it! Thanks so much for the encouragement @anomadsoul!

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