1Ramp at SteemFest 3, Kraków -- #WeAreOne

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✔️ Tickets to the @steemfest
✔️ Flight tickets: New Delhi to Ukraine to Kraków
✔️ Hotel tickets
✔️ Visa for Poland
✔️ #WeAreOne goodies
✔️ Presentation Slides 😱

That was an insane and dream-come-true checklist for the 1Ramp team. By the second week of October we had no idea if we'll make it to the SteemFest or not and all of a sudden, this happened 👇


@vikonomics at SF3

This is an update on everything we discussed at the SteemFest and what's next for 1Ramp.

We went to the event with 1Ramp's mission of bringing all the creators at one place, building an open space right in the platform for people to form micro-communities, and enabling engagement and growth through competitions and collaboration in the Steem Network.

We are putting most of our resources and time in two projects for now: WeAreOne-Community and Competitions on 1Ramp. Let's talk more about them in depth.

1. WeAreOne

It took our team six months to figure out that Steem needs a community-based model. Close communities of creators with human connections are essential for the growth of a social network. But we believe that the communities should be open for all, reachable, easier to discover, and somewhere unified inside the Steem Network.


We are in talks with some creators on Steem and creative communities outside steem as well who would like to have a dedicated home address for them, here, on Steem. As depicted in the screenshot above, the 1Ramp platform will be ready for onboarding pre-identified communities soon. These hashtags are the community-specific tags that people use to share a particular type of content. As of now, hashtags are the way to group together the content, people, and on similar lines, communities.

These tags will take you to the relevant content and more details about the micro-community such as members list, moderators, number of posts, overall payouts etc. If you are interested in collaborating with 1Ramp to bring your community on the stage or you've new ideas for the WeAreOne, please join our Discord and talk to us, we'd love to work on them as well.

2. Host Contests on 1Ramp

Looking at all the exciting contests that people are hosting on Steem, we realized that Steem blockchain is the best framework to host online competitions. Contests are cool, they keep us engaged and competitive, and improves the overall value of a network. They also help us discover the best of creators and hidden talents.

Keeping all that in mind, we introduced the "Live Competition Pools" on 1st of Nov. 2018, this feature makes hosting, managing, discovering, and participating in contests a cake walk.
Bringing real@3x.jpg

Contests on 1Ramp

We tested out the feature by running two contests, each in photography and writing category and distributed 50+ SBD in prizes so far. New features are always a work-in-progress and we are working hard to improve this feature.

Now, we are coming up with 1Ramp Sponsored Contests. If you are interested in hosting contests using 1Ramp's platform, we'll sponsor 100% of the contest prizes. The access to create contest is given to limited accounts for now and to request access please fill up this form or talk to us in the our Discord.

To learn more about the "contests on 1Ramp", read this: Introducing 'Competition Pools' on 1Ramp

3. Wait for the Surprise!

SteemFest was a plethora of connections, partnerships and brainstorming opportunity for the 1Ramp Team. We are working on content ownership embedded on a non-fungible token which is represented through a gamified system of digital collectible cards, which can be traded, sold or gifted.

We are really excited about this new avenue which has the potential to bring Blockchain based Attribution and Content Ownership to a level which can enable mass adoption of the technology. The plan is to introduce this unique concept for the artist and creative communities.

We see SteemFest as the mecca of collaboration for communities, individuals and creators in the world of decentralized apps. We have a strong feeling that this event will help and lead a broader audience in the future from various decentralized ecosystems. You can literally feel the saying "Revolution will not be centralized" looking at the scale at which this Steem carnival was organized.

WhatsApp Image 2018-11-30 at 6.07.36 PM.jpg

Thank you Steem community, @firepower, @roelandp, Huddle.work, and Nasscom for the support. We have more ideas and energy than ever to make magic happen!


1Ramp is a Steem Powered Social Media platform for creators. On 1Ramp, you can join communities of your interest out of the available eight: Art, Dance, Design, Fashion, Film, Literature, Photography, and Travel and earn rewards for sharing your work with the community. We are on a mission to bring all creative communities on Steem in one place where people can collaborate, grow, and inspire.
1Ramp is Available on Google Play and Web.

Join the conversation on our Discord or write us at [email protected]

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