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It was great meeting all of the wonderful people at SteemFest, but I know that some of you are staying in Amsterdam for a day, or several. So I figured we should organize an Afterparty to decompress a bit. Something like they do after Burning Man.

So, we are using #steemfest channel of to coordinate!
If you are there and have any ideas about what you would like to do, please pitch in.
If you require any assistance don't hesitate to ask, I am sure we would figure something out.
If you know someone who is staying in Amsterdam, please spread the word to them.

Photo taken from this post by @sneak.
My plan for now is to find some place where it isn't windy, buy a crate of beer, and hang out, but it is pretty bad as plans go, with the weather being what it is, so hopefully there are going to be some better suggestions.

Late night yesterday. Steemified that really cool typewriter. Or is that SteemFestified?

Anyhow, I really hope that SteemFests are going to become a regular thing, and maybe having an afterparty would also become a thing.


It was great to meet you everyone and have another nice days in amsterdam @xanoxt!

Yeah, this was a really inspirational event. Was glad to be there!

;))) was the best weekend!

Yup, and it is also a startof a really nice week. :-D
Still hanging out at the VolksHotel bar.

hhh oh really!! im at home now!! long day travelling1 ;!

Hey, please don't use my photography without credit.

Sure thing, sorry about that. I thought it was obvious where the photo was from. Anyway will correct the photo now. And done.

An excellent Steemit 'One Love' team photo there! I can just feel the luuurve flowing from the pic! <3

Photo is courtesy of @sneak. There was another taken with a professional camera, but it will probably take some time for that official shot to surface.

Next time I hope that there is going to be a group hug. &)

... mass group hug = SteemFest 2 :))

Yeah, both are officially going to be a thing.

In which city to hold it though? 8)
I heard a lot of jokes about that it should be in Moscow. But I think if it is going to be a city in Russia, it should be Kaliningrad, because that is where cyber*fund/Golos team is. ;)

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It was great meeting you in person! Thanks for sharing this post with us all! Next time I hope I will learn more Russian. I want to visit your country and hopefully will earn enough $ to ride through the length of it!

The feelings mutual! As for visiting Russia, that is something I've been thinking about after SteemFest. There was so much interest in visiting Russia, so I am thinking about maybe setting up something like it the village next to Moscow.

Thats one of the things I am gonna research, and post about.

I think that would be pretty cool! Looking forward to more details if and when you do this! :)