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With our living situation stable and the talk at SteemFest behind us, Im relaxed enough to post about it.

The people are really wonderful.
Here are some photos from days zero & one. Or rather from day one, since I was to busy socializing on day zero, to take any photos. I realized the fact only after I started selecting the photos to upload. Also, now that I've made it to Steemfest, I can do most of my posts as 100% powerup!


So, we're not staying at the Volkshotel, and we were really late to the talks, but it is only one kilometer walk from the Amsterdam Centraal, which looks absolutely fantastic. I've seen a fair share of Train Stations, but this one beats all that I've saw hands down!


The talks were amazing, and here is a photo of one of them. You probably already know all about what they were about, with live online translation of the day one and all the Steemians at the event, so I'll only post one picture.


One of the reasons I came to SteemFest was to network with interesting people both for myself and on behalf of the efforts that I am part of, and here is William Mougayar! :-D


I know that there is a bounty on photos of @ned, and while this one is a bit fuzzy (my camera isn't all that good when the lightning conditions aren't that great), but he's here with one of our top witnesses, as well as BitShares people. I am not all that good with names, but I think thats @svk. I remember seeing him talking in one of the videos about BitShares.


After the end of the evening at Tobacco Theatre we walked towards Muidreport via the center of town, and we stumbled at a coffee shop called Rusland. So we had to take a photo!

Anyhow, have to dash now, to be on time at the ending of the final day, but you can expect a post or couple really soon!

If we saw eachother, please leave a comment! :-D I'll go and roam your posts too.


Was great meeting you and our chat on the first night.

Yep, the impression is mutual!

I'm glad you had a great time!

I am really glad as well! Did I see you at the Fest? A bit high amount of people for me to process! :-)

But everone is really cool!

I think I asked you for direction to a tour once.