And The Winner Of The Free STEEMFest2 Plane Ticket Is...

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Congratulations @everlove! It was a very close decision, @steemfestdreams, @aggroed, and I all gave the entries a rating on a scale of 1-10 (individual scores will not be released) and it was a very, very tough and close decision. Believe it or not, with all of our scores combined together, the lowest score was a 16 and the highest was a 27, which was @everlove!
Believe me, this was a very tough decision to chose from all of the great entries, but, I have some good news! If you are a minnow and you entered mine, but did not win, you can still enter @aggroed's and if you entered mine, you automatically entered the @steemfestdreams contest as well! And, I have more good news...
I have decided that I will run 1-2 more of these every month and the people who did not win this time will qualify for all of the new ones I will be doing, but, this time it will be a bit different. This time, to make it even more transparent, there will be no JUDGES. It will be decided by the people. I will announce the next one in the coming days, but, in the mean time, like I said, if your a minnow, be sure to enter @aggroed's all expense paid trip that starts on Monday!

The Entries


I Am Dedicated To The Steemit Platform - Help Me Get To STEEMFest2


I Want To Be The #1 Cinemagraph Poster On Steemit, For That Need New Camera So I’m Selling Some Of My Stuff ;)


Why I Want To Take The Wife To STEEMFest2


STEEMFest Lisbon -- My Birthday Wish


Revisiting My First Post And Why I Want To Go To Steemfest2


My Quest To Make SteemFest 2 A Dream Come True With @steemfestdreams


STEEMFest2 Plane Ticket Crowdfund Contest Entry


Steemfest 2 In Lisbon: This Is My Pay-It-Forward STEEMFest2 Plane Ticket Plan!!


Back From Camping, Being a Steemit Witness, And Steemfestdreams | D.A.C Vlog 29
Keep in mind, if you did not win this one, you still have many more chances to win! Thank you to everyone who joined and the people who will continue to join - also, keep in mind that I will have the new contest out within a couple days.. stay tuned!

Proof of Payment

@everlove mentioned in her post her round-trip plane ticket would cost about $600-700 USD! So, this $500 SBD ($800 USD) should help cover maybe a little bit more! Congratulations @everlove, and I hope to send even more people to STEEMFest in the coming days/weeks/months!

How to Vote For @theprophet0 STEEM Witness

1. Click Here
2. Scroll down to the very bottom of the page and click on the little upvote button next to my name, @theprophet0 - I am in 49th place.
3. You will be asked to authenticate with your active key, the main key may work also. Once you have done that, you just voted for theprophet0 witness! Wohoo, Thanks!

Please also consider voting @aggroed & @mckenziegary for a STEEM witness!

Lastly, if you need help with anything with STEEM/Steemit, this game, or PeerPlays or have any questions, feel free to direct message me on Discord @theprophet0, @theprophet0 or in the #help channel, or for PeerPlays, stop by here: - I hope you guys feel I am deserving enough of a witness vote, thank you!

thanks for the opportunity..cant wait for the next round! Congrats to @everlove, great post

Thank you for entering! Remember, you will qualify for my upcoming rounds and also you are still qualified in @steemfestdreams one as well!

These are awesome! I kinda wanna enter too but I can afford a ticket so I prolly should just pay for it...

Feel free to enter man!

Congratulations to your @everlove!!! Enjoy the ride and the fest, you deserve it.

Namaste :)

Ahhhhhh!!! I'm so excited--I am jumping!!!!!! SWEEEEEEET. Thank you for the acknowledgment @eric-boucher. I appreciate you.

Awesome!!! Enjoy the bliss and namaste :)

Enjoying it already!!!! Thanks @eric-boucher!

congrats to you @everlove , it was a pleasure being part of this contest and i will be repping the other one too.

thanks @theprophet0 @aggroed & @steemfestdreams for the opportunity.

Hey man! It's not over! Far from over ;) You still have a chance to win @steemfestdreams (if you enter @aggroed's, you can win his) and you are automatically qualified for the rest of mine until you win! :)

:D so many opportunities man i know lol..

i'll keep chugging along, keeping my fingers crossed...yo hope that c++ is coming good! peace bro

;) Haha, of course man, gonna dedicated 3-6 hours every night to learning it... :)

success is inevitable with dedication.


definitely :)

Thank you for the well-wishes @rondonson. I am so glad that this is not the only opportunity for free tickets--as it would be amazing if all who wanted to go could go. It is true spirit of community that makes this all possible, and people with big hearts like @theprophet0, @aggroed, @steemfestdreams and @richardcrill who put it on the line for others. I am truly blessed and grateful beyond measure. May your dreams to go be granted as well.

Oh @everlove how exciting to be going to #STEEMfest2 I hope I can see you there.

I am super duper d----duper excited !!!! I hope to see you there too @stephen-somers. Thank you for your comment.

Congrats! Should try to sell the SBD when it peaks at $2 again :p

Haha, I know... I was hesitant about doing this now, but the ticket may go up in value as the SBD does! So, it may be a good choice to just do it now!

This is a great way to help less fortunate folks get to Steemfest, good on you man! @randowhale coming your way!

Excellent, congratulations @everlove!!!! Shellie is an incredibly supportive, super generous, energetic, and playful spirit who has dedicated her life to building community by opening her home to people from around the world for close to a decade. She is truly exceptional and exemplary and will absolutely shine some incredible values at Steemfest, as she does everywhere she goes!! You selected a very, very worthy and deserving individual @theprophet0, @aggroed, and @steemfestdreams! Thank you for making her Steemfest dream come true!!!!!

Congrats @everlove. Hope you all enjoy the trip..Make lots of friends DS and take lots of photos😋😎 can't wait to hear more about steemitand and what it's about

I will definitely enjoy the trip---there's nothing else of value to do!!! I don't think I can stop myself from taking lots of pics--that's one of my passions....and I'll for sure share this great event. If it is ANYTHING like last year, it will be another life changing opportunity. Thank you for the comment @arthuralonzo.

Congratulations @everlove!

Thank you @mckenziegary!!!! I'm feeling so incredibly blessed right right--I think I'll go outside and just scream! <3

Great Opportunity and Great Idea. This is why I love Steemit. Hopefully I can join the next giveaway!!

Congrats to everyone for great entries. @everlove I'm super proud to support you and I'm excited to hear how it goes!

I am super blessed to receive such support. Thank you @aggroed for your support of me and for all you do for the community. I love all that you endorse and am grateful you and @theprophet0 are my witnesses!!

Thumbs up!


Congrats @everlove, waiting for the next Free STEEMFest2 Plane Ticket. I have being dreaming of lisbon of late.

Dreams do come true @digital-entrep!!! Living proof right here! Many of us will be receiving gifts....oh my gosh---what a life!!!

AHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I WON!!!! I am so overwhelmed with the beauty of Steemit. With people like @theprophet0, @aggroed, @richardcrill and @steemfestdreams this platform will continue to get better and better and we all will be more blessed than ever. I extend my sincere thanks to all of these supporters who give so much from the bottom of their hearts, who not only do this for others but are also engaged so deeply in making Steemit and the world a better place on a daily basis. It is obvious by the initiatives they support. I thank you for this ticket, for the happy dance I did here at sunset in the garden, and for all the memories that will be built through this Steemfest experience.

May more free tickets continue to flow so we can have a hugfest at Steemfest. Good luck to everyone on the next round!!

Feeling so blessed! <3 <3 <3

Good post and interesting to read ....

Awesome... Great to watch stuff like this happen.

Congrats! This is so awesome!

Hi everyone, please could you pass my profile and help me with advice to grow in this medium of communication and with your votes. Beforehand thank you very much @theprophet0

How can I participate in the contest I'm new here

Very cool!
Congratz to @everlove :)

@acromott thank you for the congratz!!! This is WAAAYY cool. I'm so excited and perhaps even more excited that they are going to do it again and again. Being at Steemfest is truly a blessing. May everyone who wants to attend have the support and opportunity to do so.

congratulations to you @everlove

Well done @everlove!

I will stay tuned for the next opportunity

Thank you @gmuxx. Continuing to take advantage of these amazing opportunities will be well worth your effort. Steemfest was beyond believable---I'm sure it's going to happen again. I feel the mojo already!

One way or the other I WILL make it to Portugal

Oh yeah!!!!! I love that you have such certainty. Perfect--so shall it be!

Congratulations @everlove - glad I met you on steemit to be able to say it couldn't have happened to a nicer person

Congratulations @everlove , have a whale of a time! 😁

@everlove that's amazing ! Not sure if I can make it but would be amazing if I could see you again

Its VERY cool of you to do this.

Sorry I missed this, I will look out for your next one.

Voted for you for witness anyway for your awesome contribution to the community!

Congratulations @everlove!!! Cannot wait for the next round! Cheers to everyone and may the odds be ever in your favor

really nice post, Look over me would be happy

Congratulations @everlove .. i now have to learn a lot on you for steemit. Whether the steemfest contest is special in your country and community only. Is there still my chance.

Dear theprophet...
@theprophet introduce my name is @ kurniaprabot. When the next steemfest is carried out. So I can join the festival too. Maybe i will learn from now on for a good post and aquality

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