Waterpark, boating or sightseeing - Here are a few things to do at SteemFiesta daytime!

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Here are just a few things you can do during daytime at SteemFiesta 2019. If you like, we have a lot more and will be adding them later.

Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 3.54.35 PM.png

SteemFiesta does not have any shill-platform during daytime, SteemFiesta has dinners at 19:00 at various high-end restaurants that ar happy to serve all of us, even with a discount.

We want all of you who come to SteemFiesta to be happy, see things, relax, whatever you want during daytime.

SteemFiesta usually starts at 19:00 at the dinner, and from there people can decide to go to Casino, Pizza Street, Taking a hush hush taxi to a hush hush place only open for gentlemen.

Last SteemFiesta had some afterparties that lasted until 9AM, a lots of fun.We will update this post with more cool stuff you can do in Lima during Daytime SteemFiesta, we have showed you almost nothing yet :)


wow !! What a great idea, you can enjoy a party, and at the same time have material to publish, while you have fun and earn money. Great this business model, practical and fun. Everyone to celebrate with the steem party.
Good vibes for everyone.

Thank you. We will display more options for daytime as they come. Is really over the top nice and with 1 year and 1 month until SteemFiesta, everyone has time to save up an join SteemFiesta.3

Will hopefully be in on this round!

looking very much forward to that, @klye

Voting and shared!

Hoping the price comes back in a year!

Until then HODL!

Besides the rest of Peru! Wow! That would be an adventure for me and doggo!