Proposals for Steemfiles

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Steemfiles is back up. Right now, I am looking for ideas that will be profitable for the site. I have benefited from being able to have a server running so I can service people who need help with theirs.

Please let me know what you think about these proposals:

  1. I can make Steemfiles a multi-user wallet creation and management for shared accounts restricted to certain rules. Such as a charity account, so all parties must sign off on each transaction. Automatic refund to the contributors if some threshold is not reached.
  2. I can make Steemfiles multi-user wallet that uses some third party that can use Google Authenticator for transactions.
  3. Bitcoin node/Lightning node for hire
  4. Port-scan users' machines for the full 0-65k+ ports for a small fee
  5. An alternative Editor for Steem which is more of the What You See is What You Get(WYSIWYG) flavour.
  6. Something else you may be interested in.

@steemfiles (care of @leprechaun)


Hey there @leprechaun,
You've got to get this query in front of people who know more than me! But for my two cents (well, 1¢ until Steem goes up again), #1 and #2 would be most useful and not existing anywhere else that I know of. I don't really know what 3 and 4 are. And #5 is at least decently covered by Steem Peak, though I'm sure more offerings there are a good thing!

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